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November 13, 2010

Ola minha familia

Dear Fam and more,
Hey hey hey how are all you guys? wow I cant believe that its been... I dont know how many days hahaha. I guess today is Saturday aka my first mini Pday so 4 Days. Well its been amazing here for sure. I feel like I have already been in here for like ...ever. Is that not good? I gotta say with all the change and all the adjustment I have had several comformations that this is the right place to be and this is the right work to be doing. I have always been sure of that anyways but its kinda like a rejuvenation for me. p.s dont judge if I spell things wrong because I promise and testify:) to you that its going to happen. Well from the very first day we jumped straight into it no lie. My very first night here we all started learning Portuguese and when we first met our teachers aka irmaos they didnt speak english to us for like the first fifteen minutes. wooooo. intense eh? I think so. So I hope everything is going well for you guys. Let me know anything new that comes up K? keep me on the update. So seeing (Elder) Adam Ott was awesome! so cool that he could be my escort on my first day huh?:) He is still that tall big buddy but I can sense this place is kinda getting to him. He is very ready to serve! And that is good cuz he goes out Monday. So excited for the Elder. If only 4 days here seems like 4 weeks here I cannot imagine what 9 weeks is going to feel like. I have seen a bunch of my buddies up here such as Elder's Kolby Emmett, Mike Sharp, Eric Kesterson, and a couple more. So everything that they say about this place is true. The spirit is extremely strong here and the work is amazing. We literally wake up at like 630 and from that second on are constantly doing something. Whether it is language, Preach My Gospel, Comp. Study, Personal Study, or whatever it is we are non stop working. Dad and Mom thank you for teaching we how to work. So my regular Pday is going to be on Fridays but this week was an exception. I havent looked at any of my other emails that I have gotten yet so sorry if I have not answered any specific questions or written back to you personally. I have had so many tips about what to do here and how time flies by and stuff but this is how its been going for me. Fast. Is it confusing that I say it feels like I have been in here for four weeks but say time goes by fast? Thats because it does both. It really does, and its weird like that I guess. So my companhero is Elder McGary and he is a stud. He's short and a wrestler which is a good combo eh? He has already helped me out a ton, and when we do our comp. studies and can truly feel the spirit with us. So missionary work is a little bit different from exactly what I thought. But its definitly for the better. I can see how well every lesson we learn is constructed for the people that we will be teaching. So yep, one of the two teachers here happens to be my second cousin! Grandma, Brother Dodge is here and I am taught by him every single day! It was awesome, we were introducing ourselves and we all went around and told each other who we were and at the end he was like "Elder Hatch! You are my second cousin!" and he gave me a hug haha. I knew he looked familiar. He's like "We played Halo together remember?" hahaha. good times good times. So the language is hard but beautiful. Portuguese is pretty complex but at the same time pretty similar to spanish. So the whole conjugation thing is coming easy to me. So far we have learned how to pray in Portuguese and how to bear our testimonies in Portuguese. Is that crazy or what?! We have been here like 4 days and we have already learned how to do that stuff? I had no idea. Everyone here at the MTC is way nice and way polite. I have to keep reminding myself that Hey, they are here for the same reason too. So one cool thing that hit me pretty hard today has changed the way I think about my mission. Sometimes I find myself thinking of the solutions to all these people's problems by myself. I think that ya I know the doctrine and I know what can affect their lives for the better so I am just going to tell them. I am going to fix their problems and make them happy. But the truth is, I act only as a tool for my Father in Heaven. It is not me that teaches the lesson but the spirit of God. So I really need to rely on cultivating the spirit of God and letting the spirit bring the words to me. Does that sound weird? Because it was a strong feeling I had today that I wont forget. It's not my work but the work of God. And although I may be able to help people through my own thoughts it will never ever ever be close to what the spirit teaches. I just hope I can really learn to follow the spirit exactly as it needs to be done. but I have no fear that one day that will be possible. I love this work sooooooo much and I will never deny the spirit that I feel here. I have had the strongest confirmations of the truthfulness of this gospel and I cannot wait to share that with the world. thanks a ton and I love you all. God speed.
Elder Daniel John Hatch

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