Friday, December 31, 2010

November 19, 2010

semana dois:)

My Fam and my friends,
Hey how are all of you? Thanks a ton for writing me. I love hearing from you all:) It always lifts me up to here from my fam. Mom and Dad:) Sounds like you are getting a little busy with out me eh? I see how it is. The second I leave the real party starts huh? Ya all those fake tears, I give you props you did well;) Joking with you. But it is good to hear that you already got some stuff to do. Dad good luck moving my brothers for the next two years hahaha. I swear I was a moving machine growing up with you all. I remember one time Cory and Katti moved into a house kinda by hurricane and I helped him landscape the yard.... a week later they sold it. My sweat and tears wasted;) haha love you all and miss you all. Katti, thanks for the letters and phone mails:) I am going to for sure miss you cutting my hair. The barber shop is the floor below me at my casa (home) but I dont know if I dare go in there. ya its free but hmmm i kinda feel like there is a reason its free? idk. Its better then some missionary like dad though cutting my hair for his first time haha. bzzzzzz yup that looks good. I just dont feel like I will get the same quality as I did before with the master of cuts La Katti the Barbehr. Hows My My and Lid? Those are kinda terrible abreviations for them but still, How are they? I miss going twiga huntin with My. She's so cute! Brinda thanks for writing:) hahaha no way Kaitlyn already likes the kiss in the play?!!! haha so funny. I can just see her blushing. Sean is still the master in disguise I bet and Jayden is becoming a true gamer eh? hahaha well let the games begin. How are you going to handle that? John its good to hear from you bro:) glad things are going well and give me the info on our trip to Rio as soon as you can. Keep me on an update on how things are lookin for our little festa (party) down at the World Cup. Devin and Andrea:) Miss the two of you. Dev who do you pick on now that I am gone? You got no one to play some NBA 09 with. I bet when you do though you really feel good about winning now huh? hahaha joking. When are you moving and did you find the house? I am very very excited for you to start up the big time. Tell me how your first day and all of that goes. haha man what are you going to do without me when it comes to moving? ;) Well I guess I get a two year break from the thousands of moves you and cory will be doing:) Hows the ankle? Mom and Dad again. I miss the two of you and I love you. guess what? I have to do my own wash and I kinda forgot how its done. I'll put my trust in the Lord though that they come back out white haha. My clothes are being done right now as I write. There is so so much to tell all of you but I really dont have the time. They shut me off after 30 minutes so I gotta put my typing skills to the test. Andrea, hows Mronkeys doing? Dang I miss her smile so much! She is so cute! Its going to be soooo wierd coming back to her running around. And whats the new hobby now that I am gone? I gotta say I do miss your cooking. The food here es nao bom. aka terrible. it all is starting to taste the same haha. Sometimes I come out of the lunch room and forget what I just ate. So I am pretty much FREEZING up here! I have no warm clothes at all so I am going to buy a hoodie or something. I cant believe I saw it snow up here!!! so weird. The Princes:) Thanks a ton for your letter and dont think that I would ever not respond back. I love the pictures that you sent up hahaha. Great times. Bro Prince good job on the race thats awesome. Still breaking records i am sure. Thanks for the words of encouragment also. They help me out a ton. Well I gotta hurry and tell you all about an amazing experience that I had. At TRC which is like teaching a real investigator me and my companion Elder McGary taught a man named Eric about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We had to talk to him for 5 minutes in Portuguese first and I felt like I did really well. Anyways we were teaching him and I had kinda planned out to bear my testimony to him after telling him about Joseph Smith. I had planned it out and it was going to be awesome! I was so excited because I just knew that was the perfect spot to bear my testimony and hit him hard. But during the middle of our lesson I suddenly had the strongest impression to bear my testimony at that very moment! I was a little confused at first because I thought I knew the perfect time to do it and I had it planned out. But the feeling was strong and the spirit was strong. So at that very moment I bore my testimony with all I had and the spirit was so strong. I had to fight back a tear as I bore my testimony and I could see that his eyes were watering. After I bore my testimony I had another strong feeling to invite him to pray about the things that we were teaching him and to get on his knees tonight and pray to know whether or not he had a living and loving heavenly father. Wow what an experience for me. I have been changed from that momenty. The spirit that I felt at that moment I will not forget. It also comes to tell me the importance of following the promptings of the spirit. Although I thought I had the perfect plan on when to bear my testimony the Spirit of God knew exactly when it needed to be done and told me exactly what to say. It is the Spirit that brings people to change their lives, not my knowledge of our gospel. And though this experience may have been with somone who already knows about the church, the spirit that was there was undeniable. I love you all and cant wait to here from you all. God Bless and God Speed Elder Daniel John Hatch

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