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December 10, 2010

Eu Vivo!

Family!!! Hey how are all of you?! I am super sorry that I didnt email last week! Elder McGary and I had a perfect plan when to email because we rearranged our p day schedule since we can as ZL's:) So we had a perfect plan to write Friday night but right when we were about to President Braithwaite wanted to talk to us so we missed out on the chance. So sorry about that. We made sure that we would get it done this time. Entao (So...) how are the all of you? I miss you all and hope that you have all had a great last couple weeks. Time has TRULY flown by the last two weeks I must say. Its unreal how fast this last week went by. But maybe thats only cuz we are super busy with all of our work and our new responsibilities as ZLs. Being a ZL has been a blessing for me thus far and I couldnt be more greatful for the opportunity that I have to serve my branch in any way. Pretty much we have responsibility of all the members but really we focus on the District Leaders mostly. We interview them to see how they are doing and how their district is doing every week and then report the Branch Presidency. Its been humbling but awesome! I can see the Lords hand in my life more and more as I look at my schedule and realize how much I did. The language is coming along. As of this Wednesday we are NOT aloud to speak in english for probably 95% of the time now. Its going to be really hard but I know that I can do it with the help of my Lord. I'll tell you what... The Gift of Tongues is soooooo true! It really is. I have been teaching lessons in Portuguese and I feel the words just come to me! Its unbelievable! I just think and talk. Then I get done with the lesson and I am like "What just happened?!!!" hahaha I love it! I love it so so much! The language is so beautiful and fluent and sounds amazing. They made Portuguese for the purpose of having a language of Poems, Songs, Plays, and pretty much it is the true language of Love haha. Its still pretty dang hard but I know it will come for me. But up to now we were able to teach our lessons fully in English at the TRC ( a place we teach investigators that sometimes can truly be investigators....make sense?) and it has been going awesome. Our last TRC was definitely (....:) great spelling huh?) our best TRC because our hard work paid off. We really focused on being prepared and we nailed it. We taught about the plan of salvation and we used a lot of good materials to teach it. Like the crappy gum you gave me mom hahahaha. I realize now that you sent it for a reason;) I used it by having them begin to chew it at the beggining of the lesson and by the time we talked about sin I could tell it just tasted nasty in their mouths. The comparison I used was " This crappy gum is just like sin, It may taste good for a second but it will never lead to happiness:)) haha good eh? I thought so. And we talked a lot about the word of wisdom and tied it into the lesson perfectly. It totally taught me a lesson on the importance of being prepared. We also taught this investigator named Antonio who we have reading the book of mormon. As we answered his questions in Portuguese (Yup he only speaks Portuguese) I felt the gift of tongues influence my every word. And to go along with that I was able to follow the spirits promptings:) Such a great feeling. I felt strongly that we should pray at that very moment on our knees to know whether or not this book (BOM) was true or not. The spirit was incredibly strong as we all knelt down and Antonio prayed to know. I know that he felt it as well. Well enough about me! How are all of you?! You need to write me! You all have no excuses haha so write please. I love love love hearing from you all and I love to hear how you are all doing. As I am working here at the MTC my mind is being opened up by the power of the spirit and I am learning things that I have never even thought about before! And one thing that I have learned is that NOTHING IS NEAR AS IMPORTANT AS THIS WORK! Nothing comes close to the importance of helping our brothers and sisters return to our father in Heaven! This is the sole purpose of our lives! Do not get distracted by the things that do not and will not matter and remember what our true purpose is. I must say I have felt probably the biggest change of heart as to why I am here and what my purpose is. Family and Friends, the church is true. What else matters?:) Stay strong and work to strengthen your testimony. Never be satisfied with where you are at right now. Never let your faith platue (?) and never cease to grow. Do something that will bring you closer to your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Help someone. Help the missionaries! hahaha heck if you knew it was me that you were giving a referal to would you do it?! The missionaries out there are dying for people like you, my great family, to give them help. Anyways I have a minute left so i'll cut it up. I love you all so much and I love your support. I will forever be greatful that you all helped me get to this point in my life because my life has been changed already. If it were not for you I could have not done this. You are all great and I love you all. God be with you, and God Speed. Your missionary, Elder Hatch:)

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