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December 17, 2010

christmas time:)

Ola minha familia? Como estao? How are you all doing? Thanks a ton for all the letters that I have been getting:) I love every single one of them and I would love to always respond with long letters but I never have the time. They totally like to keep me busy here and especially as a zone leader. Speaking of which Elder McGary and I got to introduce the two new zones into our district. It was super wierd because I swear that was us like yesterday! But It was way fun and we spent a lot of time gettting to know them and teaching them. Yup we taught the new missionaries haha about a lot of thing from rules to obedience but I thought we did a good job. So you might notice that my spelling is getting worse haha. Probably becuase my ingles is getting worse and my portuguese is getting better:) I love the langauge so much its unbelievable. such a beautiful language. So this week we got to teach our first full portuguese lesson and it went awesome. We taught about the restoration and didnt say a word of english. I felt it went really well but there is still a lot to work on. I feel like my Portuguese is definitly going decent and the gift of tongues is so so so so true. It truly does exist. To explain this I will mention one thing. Today we were planning out a lesson for an progressing investigator and going into a ton of detail for what he needed to hear and the entire time I did not worry about how we would say it in Portuguese:) You gotta realize this is a HUGE step of confidence:) I was just like planning out the lesson with My district and then I was like " Wo, Elderes:) Do you realize that all of us are not even worried about how we are going to say all of this?!" Haha its so true though. I am not worried about it. I prepare myself as much as I can then the Lord does the rest. Its so so so amazing! So yesterday Elder McGary and I and Elder Jensen (acting as a ward member) had the opportunity to teach one of our Progressing investigators named Fabiano. He is real tough to work with and so far we have not been able to commit to baptizm because he is just not totally sure about it all. He has been getting taught for the last 2 months by elderes and no one has been able to break him. The previous week I got to teach him and he almost fell asleep hahaha. So this week I stepped my game up and wanted to really commit him. So yesterday in the lesson (all portuguese of course) we planned to teach him about families. He had a event happen with a family member and he was suddenly more interested. But I wanted to really pounce (yes pounce:) haha) on this event so I talked to him very boldy. I told him he knew what to do and what was right and he needed to just DO IT! hahaha bold but not overbearing. My companion did not speak a word for the entire 40 minutes becuase he is really struggling with the language so pretty much I had to take it upon myself. The Lord was definitely on my side and I recieved so much help. I couldnt have done a thing without the help of my Lord. So I commited him to be babtized this Janiero the 8th and HE SAID YES:)))) It was so awesome to hear a commited yes and to feel it. We take our progressing investigators very seriously and no one had been able to break him for the last 2 to 3 months and all it needed was some boldness:) I learned a very big lesson about missionary work yesterday and thats to not be afraid to tell people the truth:) Be bold:) Like my good friend Amon:) Well anyways how is the season? Jeez I really miss you all but this place is great so it keeps me busy:) Thank you for all of my packages that you have sent:) I absolutely love them! Tell me all about Christmas and tell me how it goes for you all. hahaha this elder in my district Elder Meadows gave me a red sweatshirt that says ' Merry Christmas Ya'll, Jesus is the Reason for the Season' hahaha I love it:) he's from down south so it makes it more epic. By the way the 22nd of December is the last day I can recieve mail and packages so if you love me enough to send me a package make sure you send it ASAP or else it wont get to me for like 4 to 5 more days. I dont know the exact details on all of that but Mom and Dad please let everyone know so that that doesnt happen. Thank you so much. Obrigado para todos as oracoas, eles ajuda-me muito:) Thanks for all the prayers they help me a lot. So other than that Its really hard to know what to write becuase everything is such a blur. I could honestly try to tell you what we do each day but I wouldnt succeed because we do a ton! Every day just blurs into the next and then the next thing you know a week has gone by and you dont even know how it went by that fast. Serious the last three weeks have gone by so so fast its weird. I wonder if that is what it will be like when I get to Portugal. Its got its ups and downs for sure. Its just hard to remember sometimes what even happened that week and what I learned becuase I learn SOOOOOOOOO much and I do SOOOOOOOO much. I am so so so so excited to be in Portugal I love it! The place sounds like a serious Paradise and the people sound even better. REal quick, The people love to talk to you forever once you break the ice and the take eating food as a big deal. Like seriously they spend a couple hours for dinner:) Oh and they all like to sleep in hahaha so I get to wake up like a half an hour later then the rest of the world:) Sounds like my kinda place eh? haha Well I love you all and I love your support. Please keep the letters coming and please keep me up to date. Princes, I met Elder Wheatley and he is actually one of my DL's now so I will be working with him a lot for the next four weeks. I am excited to get to know him. He will report to me weekly::)) Love you all, bye

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