Saturday, January 1, 2011

December 24, 2010


haha ola familia! How are you all! MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you all got my letters of love. thats what I want to call them. Because I gotta say... I have the best family on this world! I love you all so much and Dad and Mom and Grandpa and Grandma, I am very proud to wear the name Elder Hatch:) I will make you proud:) I am so excited to be writing the best family on Christmas Eve! I love you all so much and hope you have a great Christmas this year. Remember like I told you all to center your Christmas on Chirst! With all of your young new families that you all have you have such a awesome responsibility to teach your family about Christ. And this is the time to really emphasize that! I love it so much. I swear my Christmas's will always be centered around Christ now haha. I have learned my lesson. Dad, thank you so much for those times that you made sure we read the story of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Those are some great memories. John, Brinda, Cory, Katti, Devin, Andrea, be sure to have those same experiences with all of my nieces and nephews:) I want them all to know the reason for the season and to know about their Savior Jesus Christ!:) Life is really good up here and the time is really flying by. voces, ya'll wanna hear something crazy about up here?! I get my travel plans to PORTUGAL next week........ what?! ah oh my goodness it went by too fast haha I dont know Portuguese well enough hahaha. Nah life is good I know I will recieve help like I do every single day:) The language is beautiful and is coming along perfectly. The gift of tongues is so so so true because hey, its been only 5 weeks and I know longer have to plan on how I am going to say things in the best language ever (sorry Dev). I just plan on what my investigator needs the most. oh hahahahahaha speaking of Devin. I think you may have thought that Fabiano was a legit man..... yeah.... he's not. But we take him very seriously and teach him like he is. Sorry about the super excitement. I wish he was:) Because if he was I would be getting wet this week hahaha. Elder Holland used the phrase 'getting wet' and I love it haha. Oh by the way he is MY FAVORITE man to listen to other then the profeta. I love him so very much and respect him so much. So guess what fam and friends:) Also please remember to help the Elders in any way that you can. If you know someone that can be a referal....get off your butt and do it hahaha. please... I would hope that my family would respect and love me enough to let me teach their best of friends when I have the Title and Responsibility as an Elder. Find the Elder that you trust and refer them to someone:) I gotta say my eyes have really been opened since I have been here at the MTC and I have really come to realize these really are the last and greatest days. We were sent here at this time because we were meant to be here now. God trusts us with this responsibility. This is not a time to sit back and watch as things happen. This is a time to prepare ourselves, our friends, our family, and everyone that we can to once again return to the presence of God. Use your talents wisely and do whatever you can to serve your Savior. This is a time to act. We have been blessed now let us act. Let us help bring to pass the greatest work that could ever be done. Devin, Cory you both get to meet new people every single day. Be sure that they see the Love of their Savior through you. Be sure that they notice something different about you. Be sure that they see that glow and NEVER be afraid to ask or invite. I know that sounds really crazy but do it. Like I said and Like I have heard from an Apostle of God, these times are times to act. These times are when all of the best of the best are on the earth. You are where you are right now becuase of God's hand in your life and now lets give a little back and serve:) hahaha well sorry for the pep talk there. I just am very sincere about this gospel and this message:) I love it with all of my heart and I know that I am supposed to be serving my Heavenly Father all of my life. I love you all and I hope you have a great Christmas. P.S I am fine, life is perfect, and things are going great. Love Elder Hatch

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