Saturday, January 1, 2011

December 31, 2010

Portugal Bound:)

Hey ya'll:) How is the best fam in the world?! Ah gosh I love you all so much. Its been such a good fun week this week and really did go by faster then any other week so far. Its so crazy how time flies by unbelievably quick. There is no way I have been gone for two months now! Well soon to be. GUESS WHAT?! I recieved my flight plans!!!!! O my gosh I really am going to Porto hahahaha Ah I am smiling SOOOOOO big right now. Its the real deal! So I know you all want to know the travel plans (or so I have been told haha.) So here you go. Enjoy. I know I will:) I report Jan. 11th to the travel office here at the mtc at 11:00am and my flight in Salt Lake City is at 1:40pm. I have no idea when I will be able to call you yet but no worries:) I will find out. Its going to be so fun talking to you all. I think it literally is only like 5 minutes though so dont be too bummed. I fly from salt lake to Denver and Arrive at about 3:01 (to be are never exact and you all know that:)) Then I get on the plane in Denver at 5:40PM and head for.....................drum roll please:)................Frankfurt, Germany!!!!! hahahahahaha ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! so so so so cool. So pretty much I'll be with my boy Elder Ott there for a little bit. Why we fly to Germany then backtrack? I have no idea but I am cool with it. Plus on the plane I can like corner someone and there is no real place to run so....:) Someone will definitely hear about the gospel on that deathly long flight! Gosh family and loved ones I am SOOOOOOO excited to be in Portugal its unbelievable! To be honest it doesnt feel real right now!!! So anyways I arrive in Germany at about 11:35 AM......wooooo.....thats long. yup someones going to get the whole plan of salvation on that flight:) hahaha gosh I love this Gospel so much its unbelievable. When I get back I will just want to talk about it all day with ya'll. Just go deep in to Doctrine:) I have learned so much and my testimony has grown so much. So we take off from Alemania (Germany) at about 2:30PM for the mother land. The land of all lands..... the country I know I will fall in love with.....the place I was meant to be..... Porto Portugal!:) I arrive at about 4:10 PM on January 12th. Ya so all of those times might be really mixed up becuase they obviously have different times then we do so I am not sure exactly what times those mean for ya'll. P.S. I say ya'll a lot because I use what is called the voces form in Portuguese which pretty much means ya'll:) Not going hick and ya'll dont worry. Wow I cannot believe that is it so close to being the real real deal so soon. My Christmas was AWESOME! Thank you all so very much for the packages that I have been recieving:) I loved loved every piece of mail that I have recieved from you. I am not to sure about the DearElder thing right now. I am thinking that the majority of the letters get through but some dont. Not sure. So we got to hear from Elder Nelson the other day. It was incredible. He went really deep into a lot of amazing things that one day I would love to share with ya'll. I am keeping track of all the Devotionals that I am part of and recording all the words I hear so one day i would love to be able to go through it and share it with ya'll. Grandma thanks so much for the blanket:) That along with some amazing (my favorite) sweats, have been keeping me warm. Oh real quick before time runs out, Mom Dad, I need my debit card and quick. I have no cash and I cant get it out of the ATM without Debit and a lot of things that I need to pay with will not accept credit cards.... why? I have no idea. Or maybe you can just send me cash? I dont know. up to you. But 100 bucks would be great. I need that for sure for the whole air trip to Europe. Thanks a ton. Well, :) Family I appreciate your prayers and your letters. They lift me up every single day. Devin I have absolutely loved your letters so much! Thank you for all of your support. I love love love seeing Layla's little hand print on cards and letters. soooooooooo cute! Gosh she is so cute! I loved the Christmas present you sent mom and dad:) Thank you so much! I loved loved loved the pictures! Gosh its good to see my family. I love you all so much. So please keep the DearElders coming while you can because soon it wont be so cheap hahaha oh goodness:) The work is so true. The gospel is so true! This is truly the best work to ever happen. Brinda please keep the letters coming. I love seeing your concern and thoughts. Cant wait to just sit down with you one day and be able to talk with you and John about our special situation. Katti thank you so much for the letters and I loved them. I love seeing those pictures of your little girls. Cory, Write me! hahaha joking.........but seriously I need to hear from my oldest bro! Mom and Dad thank you so much for your letters and for getting me here and raising me like you did. I have grown so much already since being here and it has really changed my aspects of life. So thank you so much. I love this place so much its crazy! Apostles come here and they tell us how special this place really is. I am going to miss it.....the devotionals and life long friends. Love ya'll. gtg. Elder Hatch

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  1. Enjoyed catching up on Elder Hatch and know he will continue to be enthused about the work. Elder Andersen will enjoy reading the updates, too.