Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 7, 2011

Hey fam how are you all doing? Its your brother/son/grandson/boy up north:) Well looks like this is the last time i'll be in this room emailing you all. Next letter you all will get will be from a foreign country:) Crazy huh?! So I talked to you all about my flight plans and such last week so you all know what time I will be at where and stuff like that. Most likely when I am in Denver I will be able to call:) So be ready for me k? haha oh jeez its going to be so awesome getting to hear all of your voices. Sounds like they are letting us talk for as long as we want as long as we dont miss our flight haha. Or at least that is what president Braithwaite (my bp) has told me. Which is awesome. I dont know how much is on those calling cards but I for sure use it up. He also said that we can talk to everyone so thats super cool too. Wow...... can you believe that it has been two months! hahaha its all a big blur to me! Serious this place (Maybe just definitly not me, I have a friend that is a time warp but not me;) ) a time warp for sure! I asked the lady who cut my hair if time is going by fast out in the real world and she was like ,"" hahaha so is it? Is it to you all? Hey by the way THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR LETTERS! you have no idea how much it means to me to hear from you all. and especially because I know how much harder it is going to be to hear from you alot when I am in Porto. So if you have something to say to me....:) (hopefully haha.) say it while it is cheap haha. Or just start emailing me a lot:) That works too. I have recieved all of your packages and life is good. Thanks Mom and Dad for the card. I had to make sure I had 100 bones with me for when I left for the airport, just kinda a safety rule. Well, to sum up my MTC experience, it has been more than I could have ever asked for. For all those people who said 'just survive through the MTC' I do not understand what they were talking about. This place is amazing!!!! Like no other place out there. The Spirit is strong here and the oppurtunity we have to spiritually learn is constant. We have had some great people come talk to us here and we have learned a lot. I have learned a lot. I feel my eyes have been opened and my heart has been changed. There is such a bigger perspective in life to me now and I cannot wait to just get out there and preach with the confidence of a champion. Dad remember when you always used to tell me after games " you just looked like you had a fire burning in your eyes to get what you wanted done." ...? Well I have that look right now! and I love it! Its like preparing for the big game:) The other day we learned something from Elder Baxtor of the Quorum of the 70. He said, " Be so strong that you have a light that literally shines out of your eyes that is from the burning that is in your heart." We taught a progressing investigator (Conner Dodge;) the other day and he was having some very difficult struggles. I was able to testify to him with complete assurance in my heart and after the district told had that fire in your eyes:) made me very happy to hear that because that is exactly how I feel and that is exactly how I want to be. I want people to look into my eyes when I testify and literally feel of my sincerity and my testimony of the things that I am saying. I want them to look at me and see qualities of Christ and want to know more about him. What a goal huh? I have a eternity to work on it:) Gosh I love you all so much. The best family in the World. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me! Cory:) Thanks for the letter!!! It was so awesome to hear from you. and the rest of the family as well. I love my Grandparents so much!! Thanks for everything. Well family ( I consider everyone who reads this to be family by the way.) , I am on my way to the game:) Got my pads on, helmet on, cleats tied, and my head is on one time:) hahaha makes me smile so much to know the work I will be doing. this is the best, happiest, funnest, greatest, work to ever be done! The gospel is so true! I love it with all of my heart and it will be the center of my life for EVER! Dad and Mom, I now see the reason why you have lived your life the way you have! This is the greatest thing ever! Gosh I am all over the place with this email hahaha. Ya'll sticking in there? I cant wait to write you all next week from a foreign land:) it makes me so excited to think that this is really happening. This is what I have prepared my whole life for. This is it! GAME TIME BABY!!!!;) HAHAHA. You all know me well enough to know how excited I get before the big game. Well times that by 10 and that is how I feel right now. Oh real quick, little miracle I experienced here at the MTC. An new Elder asked me to give him a blessing the other day. He was super depressed and was feeling like he wanted to go home. He asked if I could help him out so I said a short prayer in my heart and gave him a blessing. Immedeatly after he told me how great he felt and thanked me. The next day he looked SO excited to be here and to serve. He looked like a new man. He must have had great faith to do that big of a change of heart about his mission. I was lucky to have been apart of that! It just showed me a little lesson about faith. Oh and as I gave him the blessing I just felt the words just come to me with peace and ease. I loved that feeling. I guess you were right dad. What a great opportunity to help someone else out! Well, I love you all so much and cant wait to hear from you in a couple of days. Looks like I really am going to paradise after all! I will keep you all on the update and let you know how I am doing and such. Thank you so much for everything and I love you all so much. ..........:) Porto Portugal here I come:) Love your son, boy, brother, grandson and more.... Elder Daniel John Hatch:)

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