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November 26, 2010

semana tres:) Livin the Good life:)

Hey FAM!!! How are all of you?! I cant believe this is my third letter to you all! Wow wasnt it like yesterday you dropped me off mom and dad? Jk I am very aware of time here. Time flies and goes by slow at the same time. But I love it for that. Wow what I week I have had!!! This place is so so so amazing! Its a spiritual learning festa (Party) here. I have learned so much and I have so much more to go! I am so glad to hear from the all of you! Thanks for the letters and support that you have given me time and again. Sounds like life is good back home. How did thanksgiving go? It was kinda different up here but I'll be honest with you. that probably was my favorite thanksgiving yet. minus the food. Why was it? Because I got to hear from an Apostle of God! Elder Jeffrey R. Holland came and talked to us yesterday and it was so so so amazing that I dont know how to explain it. He is one of my favorite to listen to because he is SO loving, So passionate, and So straight forward. A couple of days before he came we had watched a fireside he did here a couple years before and I can now say that it is my favorite talk ever given. So that warmed us up for seeing him in real life and hearing him up front. I cant believe how much I learned from him. It was like you could have honestly stuck that at the back of the book of mormon and called it scripture. Its more then obvious that he has a deep understanding of the gospel. He talked a lot about the atonement of Cristo and how we should be greatful for it! I will send you all my thoughts on it later but one thing that he said towards then end of his talk really hit me hard. He said "We are on our missions to serve the Lord so that Christ no longer has to do it by himself." WOW!!!! If thats not motivation I dont know what is! I am serving the Lord so that he does not have to continue to do it by himself. So that we can help him with his load. have you ever thought about that? Before he said that he had talked a lot about how Christ in the end had to do everything by himself. How the world rejected him, his friends denied him, and for THREE HOURS, at least, even the Lord was required to leave his presence. Can you imagine that? What more do we dare ask for? So I have a great purpose of being out here. I know exactly why I am here and exactly what I need to do. Since I have been here, through the power of the Holy Spirit, my mind has been opened to so much more! Not because I study a lot of doctrine by myself or hear from the words of great men, but because the Spirit of God has touched my life and testified it to me. Its amazing how there is such a difference between learning by yourself and learning by the Spirit. Ya you might be able to learn some good stuff when you study with your own thoughts and you might be able to make some choices that better you, but let me bare you my testimony that only through the Holy Ghost can your spirit be taught. By that I mean your true self can come to rememberance of the purpose of our lives. I say this only because I know it through experience. My thoughts have been changed so much and I feel I am finally starting to get a grasp at the true meaning of our lives. I appreciate all the help that you have all given to me to get me to the MTC. I cant imagine what my life would be like If I would have decided to not serve a mission. All the putting up with me that you have all had to go through has helped open my eyes and mind to a much larger scale. Thanks for the support. I now realize how much you all really did for me because I have seen the change in my life since being here. You are all such great examples to me and I look forward to spending eternity with you all!:) So to go along with all of this I have been called to a new responsibility:) Last sunday, my second sunday here, President Braithwaite took Elder McGary and I aside and sat us both down to talk with him. He said that he and the other branch presidency members had recieved a strong answer to their prayers that Elder McGary and I were to serve as Zone Leaders here at the MTC. I must say this was also an answer to my prayers because I was praying to know how I could fufill my Patriachal blessing of leading others in the church. haha he said I know its kinda overwhelming since its only your second week here but I know that my answer is from God. Wow... no excuses now eh? haha. The thing is my zone is the largest zone here at the MTC. most zones have about 20 - 30 members but at this moment mine has 85! haha so ya its a little overwhelming. But my trust is in the Lord. It always will be:) I cant wait to see how it turns out. Funny because the week before my teach took me and my companion aside after we had talked to a progressing investigator and told us out of nowhere that we were going to be leaders on our missions. That the sincerity that we had and the love that we showed was going to help us so much on our missions. He totally called us out haha. Elder McGary and I work very well together and I am so glad that I have him as my companion. He is a lot like me. We both know the importance of having the spirit with us in everything that we do and I have felt the spirit so much while we have taught people. Real quick, Brinda I loved your letter. I would say that you should try to get him into sports and away from the screen. I know it must be hard though. I was a gamer for sure. Love that kid so much though. I miss you all and I love you all so much. Thanks for all the support and I cant wait to hear from you. Please keep the letters coming:) Sister Prince you were right. THis is like trying to drink water from a fire hose:) Love you gtg:) God speed!

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