Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 1 in Portugal January 17, 2011

Hey fam, Sorry this one is going to be a little bit shorter but week has been great. First, I love you all so much and appreciate you all so much. Well,,, the work is going on in Portugal. This place is paradise for sure. It is very green and very warm right now. The first couple days here were perfect. Sun shining and weather perfect. It rained a little bit yesterday and today though. haha dad, I dont think there is such thing as snow here. Way way to humid for their to be snow. But I love the humid. It feels good right now, maybe not so much in the summer. Ya the weather is awesome and the land is awesome. Definite cobblestone just about everywhere I go. Its like a cool mix of California, Hawaii and Europe. haha. Well on to the good stuff. We have five progressing investigators, 4 of which have baptismal dates for............ drum roll........... January 29th haha. Pretty sick huh? Its super good. They are awesome and I know that 3 of them for sure will meet that goal. We gotta work super hard though this week because satan is very real and does not want this to happen. We have seen acts of this already. So this was obviously like a trial week on the whole email thing so next weeks letter will for sure be longer. no worries iºll keep you all on the update. The language is beautiful and hard haha. super hard. I am doing good though. Pickin up on more and more every day. Well I will send you all my pics and hopefully that will tell you more of my story. I love you all so much and ask that you all keep the people of porto in your prayers. I am going to need them to recieve those blessings this week for sure. Love you all. p.s I am fine. losing weight for sure hahaha but fine. dont worry about me I am always doing good and the lord is on my side. No matter how sketchy of an area I go into haha oh jeez.


  1. Hey elder nephew sounds like things are going well for you! We really miss the letters from the days when we had missionaries out in the field so I'm glad that your mom is forwarding your letters to us! Keep up the good work and we wil leave you some comments here on your blog.
    Dave Adams

  2. Portugal sounds like a beautiful place and it sounds like he is finding success already. Thanks for sharing! shelly