Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 2 in Portugal January 24, 2011

Hey fam. How are all of you? This last week went by super fast and was really awesome. To answer a question right of the bat we do have Elder McConkie here with us and he is amazing haha. he was really cool and has helped me out a ton. We had big training type deal this week back in porto, close to the mission home, and Elder McConkie talked to us a lot. He talked about personal revelation through the Book of Mormon. How cool is that?! I can honestly say just about everything that I heard from him was exactly what I needed to hear. It was awesome. And I even recieved some great guidance that day while listening to him that I will for sure write in my O livro dos devocionais! its really cool the help you can recieve as a missionary. Stuff that I will treasure my entire life for sure. So sorry for not keeping you all very updated so I will try to do that right now. I am in the Gaia 2 area just south of the Douro river in the big city of Porto. Its literally just south of the river and goes down a ways. My area is super big haha. It goes from what I know from the douro river on the border of the ocean all the way down past a city called Espinho. Check it out and see if you can see it. The area is the Best! It really is such a blessed area. I have been running from lesson to lesson to lesson and have not had really any time to even do one door contact here yet. And after all of these investigators we have more behind them to teach so this area is super blessed. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. It really is helping. The members here are just as good. It’s a bigger ward for the Porto mission and the members are super helpful. They are fun to work with and we are getting along awesome. Tonight we have a family home evening with a family named the R’s and an golden investigator named M. It will be so much fun just going playing games and having a spiritual thought with them. M is such a gift to us. She came in as a reference who has been studying the book of mormon with a friend of herºs for a long while now. It’s so cool she is so prepared. It just shows you how some people are just literally prepared for this step in their lives. While other people really are not. I am interested to see how she progresses and how the lordºs hand in her life will work. We marked her on our first visit with her to be baptized on the 24th of Feveiro. Should be awesome. We have a women named F marked to be baptized not this Saturday but the next. She needs to be interviewed by President Walton and has a smoking problem but it should be great. We have a young boy name J who will be baptized in about two weeks who is just a little nephew to me, and a little 9 year old girl who we are going to mark a date with next meeting with her. She is progressing great. We have had a lot of fun lessons with her because she had a problem with not being excited about church...until I got here and said...well...lets make it fun. So Elder G and I have made it super fun for her to learn and she is ready for the big step. Gosh I love this gospel so much. We have a women named A P who has a smoking problem but we have marked to get Baptized the second weekend of Feveiro tambem. The Lord will definitely help her in her progress towards him. We have a lot more but those are the big and close to baptism investigators. I love them all so much and I have learned a lot from them. Iºll tell you all what, I have learned a lot from being out here. Its like the real world out here. There are very real problems and there is a real battle going on here. Satan is very real and he is trying very to hold back Portugal from being the Lighthouse of Europe. But our Savior is just as real and will always be victorious. All we have to do is lean on his shoulder and ask for his help. I plead to my family and those I love the most to please look to your Savior in times of need but also look to your Savior in the good times. Never keep your eyes of the real goal and never keep your eyes off of the Savior. The world without this Gospel is very dark and not pretty hahaha. I love you all so much. My companion se chama Elder M J Griffiths and is from Utah. He is such a stud and just about everyone that I have talked to has told me is probably the best elder in the Mission right now. I can tell you that that is so true. He is such a great example to me and is just a flat out cool Elder. He has helped me out a ton here in the mission. I hope I can make his last 6 weeks the best on the mission. So we are kinda on opposite ends of the spectrum because this is his last transfer. It will be sad having to see him go. I wish he could stay out here with me. He told me that time flies by so quick and he still feels like a Greenie haha. Such a stud. I live in a house of four. Elderes G, my comp, G, funniest guy ever, and U, my new african friend that is bomb at soccer haha he is teaching me. He could have been playing on the New Guinee national futebol team right now but decided to go on a mission. Such a stud at soccer haha. He is teaching me the coolest tricks ever that I have ever seen. He takes soccer to a new level. Super humble guy. We played soccer today at a cool soccer stadium thing and he just did work on us. But not to be cocky or anything but I am already taking my soccer skills he is teaching me to the court. I did really well and it was actually super fun. We played with this Portuguese man named G, an investigator. Was awesome and will be awesome learning how to do work in soccer de graca de Elder U. So president Walton and Sister Walton are just super awesome people. They love everyone and are so nice and humble. President Walton really does recieve inspiration for this mission and he is doing a great job leading us to a lot higher of a standard for this mission. we will double our baptisms from last year and just do awesome here with this new program that he is having us use. Mom, I love you to death and thank you for everything that you do for me. You are such a great example to me and such a great mom. The best! Thank you for sending me those pictures. I absolutely love them and will even use them to show my investigators. It will be awesome! Dad, I love you so much too. You have been the biggest influence in my life and I feel a part of who I am is because of you! Never forget that you are the best dad ever and always will be. And your little boy that used to just cling to your finger will always do that very thing. I will always be by your side no matter what. It sounds like life is great back in the big USA and things are going well. Thank you for all of your emails and all that you all do for me. Please keep the people of Portugal in your prayers and please pray for those Investigators in specific. I am doing great. I am healthy and everything is well. I have no room to ever complain. I am in Portugal hahaha my family is doing great and loves me, my best friend does, and I get to experience and see the Lordºs Hand in the lives of the people of Portugal. The church is so true and the work is too. I love being here and I love this experience that I am having. It is truly opening my eyes to the truthfullness of our Church. The Gospel is True, What else really matters? ;) I quote I heard from a very good friend of mine. Haha sounds like big D , Devin, is already planning his trip to Portugal. haha good.... all of you..... start planning haha. because this place is so beautiful and the people are too. Plan on going to Madeira too. I have just seen pictures and it looks like the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It looks like they literally filmed Jurassic Park there haha. I hope I get that opportunity to serve there one day. Mmmm.... One Day! One day is coming up soon!:) Well, I got to go. I love you all so much and look forward to answering your next set of questions. Love you and please write! Elder Daniel John Hatch

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