Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week 3, January 31, 2011

Ola familia! ta tudo bem? Wow the weeks are actually starting to go by pretty fast over here in Paradise. They really are! I can't believe that I have been here as long as I have. I will start off by saying that I am fine, and life is good! Life is great! Otimo;) Ta bom, I will jump right into it because I got a lot to say and not enough time. First, you are probably wondering why I titled my letter ºThe Big Changeº. Well Its because we are going to have a big change here in Portugal very soon. The other day we had a leadership training with President and Sister Walton and they sat us down in a circle and told us that they are like our parents and they love us so much. Then Pres. Walton pulled out his journal and starting reading an entry from a couple of days ago. It talked about how much he loves his missionaries and how proud of them he is. How the mission is truly changing not because of him but because of the missionaries. Then he told us news that changed the rest of my mission. As of July 1st this year, The Porto, Portugal mission will be combined with the Lisbon Portugal mission into one big mission! Wow, haha its a slight change. My playing field just grew by a ton! haha so pretty much instead of looking at the top third of Portugal for my mission you can look at the whole country. Including the Azores and the Island of Madeira. He said something four times during this whole meeting that means a lot to me. to fill you in on the scoop Portugal was prophesied to be the lighthouse of Europe when it comes to growth in the church. It was prophesied by Elder Tuttle a while ago. Here in Portugal it has been talked about and rumored about for a while. The 2nd highest baptizing country in Europe last year I think was England with around 350 people. Our Goal in the Porto mission is to baptize 300 people this year. Doubling the baptisms from last year. The highest baptizing country in Europe last year was the Lisbon Portugal mission with over 500 people baptized. This year Lisbon or Lisbon has a goal to baptize 900 people! That is a very, very high number for a European mission. With The Porto and Lisbon mission combining and their goals combining, my mission goal for the year 2011 is 1,200 people baptized!!! Wow hahaha that is 4x greater than any other European mission. Crazy huh?! I am in no way boasting because I am in complete shock of all of this. I just feel amazingly blessed to be a part of the Forol, or the Lighthouse Prophecy. Our mission president, President Walton, told us 4 times in that meeting that this is the year of the Forol. The year of the lighthouse! This is the year where Portugal is going to be extremely blessed and really push the missionary work forward in Europe! And I get to be smack dab in the middle of it all. Hopefully in the trenches making it happen. This also means that President Walton will not be my president as of July 1st, and I will at that moment have a new president, President Torgan, who is down leading the Lisbon mission right now. But before my mission is over he will be released so I will have 3 mission presidents haha woo. A lot of great people to learn from. So pretty much I dont know where I could be serving now, or exactly the kind of people that I will be with but I do know that I will be part of one of the biggest pushes in missionary history here in Europe and I am excited out of my mind to be a part of it! So that was the big news and the big change over here in Portugal. Pres. Walton said that the First Presidency have received two confirmations in the SLC temple that the time was right to make this change and the year of the Forol was finally here! Well other than that all of our baptisms fell through but we do have a SET baptism this week with a little boy named J! I am so, so, so excited for my first baptism with this little guy I consider to be my nephew. It's going to be so much fun and such an amazing experience for him. I have been teaching him futebol americano haha and he loves it so much! We have been teaching English classes haha yup me teaching english, the language I barely know (no making fun Marcie;)) and it's been super fun! Haha we give them quotes and stuff like that to work with. Princes, I see this sign everyday by my house that says something that I kinda laughed at. Sister Prince you always say The Gospel is True, What Else Really Matters? and this sign says Love Fun, What Else? it made me laugh and cry at the same time cuz the world is such a dark place without the gospel. They have nothing to look to and they don't have the happiness that we have. It made me think how important this message really is for these people who are forced to think love and fun, what else? Well, we have the what else, and I am loving being able to share that with everyone that I can! Well, Family, friends, best friend, I love you all so very much and keep you in my prayers. Please keep the People of Porto in yours.
p.s. mom I love you so much and you're the best mom in the world! Dad you are the best example that I have ever had! Love you son, brother, grandson, missionary, friend, and best friend, Elder Daniel John Hatch

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