Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week 4, February 7, 2011

Ola Familia! e meus amigos. Como Estao? I miss you all and I love you all so much! This has been a great last week and the work moves forward here in Portugal. I know you all have a lot of questions haha so I will try to answer them. But first I need to tell you all a wittle bit about my week.
This week I had my FIRST BAPTISM!!! it was so so good, I loved it! His name is Jose and he has 9 years. haha sorry if I write like a Portuguese person, I need to practice more. but anyways he is like my little bro! I love him so much and I am so excited for him. I told him one day he will make a great missionary. One Day A lot of good things will happen:) But he is going to be awesome!
The work here is really being led by the Lordºs Hand! Its incredible!! At the Baptismo do Jose we had another investigator there chama-se (called) Fernanda. After the baptism she came up to us and told us that she is ready to be baptized and she wants it to happen soon. So we marked her for the 19th of this month! Gosh the spirit was so strong, and it hit her pretty hard. What a miracle!! We have been working with her forever and now she finally had that look in her eye like she really caught the spirit. Its amazing to see that look in our investigadores eyes. I love it so much!! So we will be preparing her to be baptized and she just went to the top of our list. Priority first.
So ....shoot what was I going to say.....? haha. oh ya!! so a little bit more on the big change. Something cool that I heard today from my good ol AP. He said that he had some information that I would love to hear about this year. Since I was the only one in the car at the time that would survive the full year here, everyone else will die. He told me to guess how many baptisms our mission and the lisboa mission will have by the end of the year, based on our numbers this last month.....1008 people!!! hahaha woah! I love it! I mean its nothing to do with numbers but it just shows you how much the lord is blessing the work here. He said that that number will definitely grow more when our new Family Missionary Program gets going. Gosh I am so blessed to be apart of this work here. So, to answer some questions. My mission President, Walton, will be done with his calling the very day that we make the change and he will go to his new calling .... which we will find out on thursday. I am super excited to find out what it is. President Torgan will stay the president down in Lisboa and take over the two missions.
We have been blessed here in My area of Villa nova de Gaia and we look forward to all of the future work. Shoot I don't have much time. The weather is great here in Portugal. We have not had rain here in a while and the sky is blue haha. The Portistas here say something about that. A Portista by the way is a FC PORTO fan. They say, What color is the sky?.... blue. What color is the sea? What color are my veins? hahaha I bleed blue through and through. They get pretty dang in to it. and now..... I do too. I am a Portista through and through. Which brings me to a funny little story. I lost a bet with Elder Umbuki who is a BenFicatista, the rival of FC PORTO, when porto lost to benfica. I learned my lesson about betting. I have to clean the dishes for a week and i had to buy him a Francizinha. Hahaha but..... iºd do it again.
Well, shoot I am sorry that this one was super short but I really gotta run. I love you all, Please continue to pray for the people of Porto. I will be fine. Mom, I love you so much, Dad, youre the best dad on this planet. ....shoot i need to tell you all about the people next time. And the culture and everything. gtg, Love Elder Daniel John Hatch

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