Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 6 February 21, 2011

Well, I cannot believe it but one of my transfers is already gone! Time is seriously just flying by. I dont know how to feel about it. Its just going by and slipping through my fingers haha. But jeez life is so great over here. The church is true and nothin else matters haha.
So, along with a new transfer , it also means a lose the best elder in the mission, Elder G. Shoot he is just such a good example to me and such a good missionary to learn from. President Walton told me that I got a 5 star trainer and that is so true. He really is the best. I dont know how I am going to go on with the mission without him. He just has done so much for my area and everyone loves him. It will for sure not be the same. Haha I know his parents might not wanna hear it but i think he wants to stay here haha. I will for sure be losing a good friend and great missionary for the next rest of my mission. But the mission doesnt last forever, as he is showing me, so Iºll see him again. I really hope my next comp will be cool like him. There are a lot of great missionaries here but there just is not another Elder G. We said goodbye yesterday to a familia that he found and they cried as they said goodbye. I told him if he ever has any doubts about what he did on his mission to just remember how much he touched that family. The mother, will be baptized soon and the father, soon to be, will also join. I know it.
So, I get my new comp aka second trainer this thursday, but I find out tomorrow who it is. It will be fun and I am super excited to see who it is. I kinda hope it is Elder R, a good friend from the MTCºs brother here. They are a great family and definitely one I want to see after the mission too. Especially when it comes down to going down to the 2014 World Cup. They are Brazileiro.
So thank you for all of your emails this week. I didnt get a couple last week but it sounds like you sent them. I dont know what happened but they just didnt get through. No worries though, I know you are all behind me and supporting me. So thank you all for sending me those emails. I loved hearing from all of you and hearing how you are all doing.
Make sure Eric Adams gets this email and gets all of my emails. Eric, cus, thanks a ton for your email! haha I laughed when I heard about the language thing. For those who speak spanish, I heard Portuguese sounds like Sean Connery trying to speak spanish haha. But ya its hard sometimes but i really wanna be good with the language and soon. So I can be comfortable with saying what I want to say. Unlike right now when I cant think of English words haha. Pretty much here you HAVE to speak, cuz no one speaks English haha. So swim or dround..... Iºm losing my breath haha. But Eric, how is the family doing and how are you? What you up to? Please keep the letters coming. Love you Cuz
So this week I have a o batismo haha but its this Saturday at 6PM. She is such a miracle I love her! She brought her daughter to church yesterday which is awesome cuz we want to talk to her whole family about it. We will have a member baptize her. dev ser otimo! Should be awesome! I am super excited but have a lot to do before then to be prepared!
So the Lord is definitely blessing us here in Gaia 2. Definitely all because of my great companion Elder G, but I am loving it. We are just pretty much getting handed people aka investigatodores. It is so incredible how much this place is exploding! Really my zone alone is baptizing the same amount of people as the entire porto mission baptized in Jan. Let me say that again. The gaia zone is baptizing the same amount of people this month by itself as the entire mission.
Dang , i really really wanted to say stuff to mom and dad.... and devin.... shoot, i really got to go. Please be patient with me I just had zero time today. I love you so much! Thank you for everything! I love you all. Love Elder Hatch

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