Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 11 March 28, 2011

Hey Family:)

Well, I can't believe that I am back on the computer writing another letter to you all haha, aka that week flew by pretty fast. I was a great week, and we kept pretty dang busy. That usually how it goes when you're busy. You're busy, it goes by fast.
Well, we had the baptism of I. last weekend and it went really well. It's been such a fun journey working with her and her family. Because she doesn't have a husband we always have to have a member with us when we go to teach her, so it's been keeping the ward a little bit more involved with our work. Which is always really good. But just to make sure that you all know, I. is the mother of J., who was my first baptism here in Portugal. So that family has been a very special family for me and we are very close with each other. The day of the Batismo always seems to be a little more stressful than the others because as missionaries we do the majority of it, and some things popped up to try to stop it.... aka Satan..... but it went through and it was AWESOME!! The spirit was super strong, and I know that she felt something different as she entered the waters of Batismo. So we had planned to have a Brother named M. baptize her but he ended out being in another baptism haha, a mix-up with the members, so we had Bispo do the baptism. All in all it went really well and when she finally took that first step in the water I could just take in a deep breath and relax. And when she was baptized my heart was just so happy! I have been blessed to be a tool in God's hands to help Isabel enter the Waters of Baptism. What a blessing for me in my life!!! I loved that experience haha and even got to give a talk in her baptism, on The Holy Ghost.
So coming up soon is my third transfer here in Portugal! Wow its already here basically. We will get our transfer calls next Tuesday and find out what the plan is and do the transfers that Thursday. I kinda have a feeling that I will leave this area and go for somewhere new, but I am not totally sure. It will feel good to not be considered a greeny though. I feel like, I have lived here for a long time and I am just about comfortable with the language and everything. So I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for me with this next transfer and where I will be going.
So the beginning of the week was super sunny and really hot and stuff but now we are pretty dang wet haha. Serious the beginning felt like it was summer and I could get a tan, but today has been pretty rainy. So today for our PDAY activity we went down to the wine caves of Porto. Porto is pretty well known for having the best wine in the World so I figured that since it's in my area, I better see what it's all about before I leave the area. Especially before the combination of the two missions, cuz then I am pretty sure that I will be going down south to Lisboa or the Algarve. So it's down by the river, pretty much right next to the river and there are tons and tons of different wine caves to see. So us, being poor missionaries, went to the one that is for free and took a tour. Wow, It was super cool! I took a bunch of pictures and a couple videos of it all for you to see so Iºll have to send em some time. But when we went in to the Cave, guess who was in there? 2 Americans!! Where were they from? SALT LAKE CITY!!! hahaha what on Earth are the chances of seeing an American in Portugal, and seeing someone from Salt Lake City in the very Wine Port that we went to? It was two young people who had been backpacking the world for the last 6 months haha but they totally recognized us and talked to us for a while. So funny seeing them and talking in Ingles. Wow, I don't get to do that a lot. It's a small world huh?
So this week should be a really good one! I am so so excited for General Conference haha! I have never been so excited in my entire life. Even if it is in Portuguese. Iºll be able to understand what is being said so nao tenho medo. But jeez, talk about a change in me haha General Conference before the mission is not the same to me as it is now.
So to tell you a little bit more about the blessed land of Portugal and its people and to answer so questions. The Portuguese people are generally a little bit shorter then I am, about 5 foot 8 or so but there is still a lot of taller and shorter people. The majority of them have brown hair, for girls all long, and for guys there are not very many who have short short hair. Its more long, almost skater like, and curly. The people really do look like us but just a little different. They have a little bit darker skin and just look tanner. There is not a lot of BIG people, they are mostly skinny pretty fit. To them, I am big.... not a problem with me haha. There are some of them who wear just about the same clothes as we do in the states but at the same time that kinda got there on style. Just depends on the time of the year and stuff. The guys are really into the whole earing thing haha couple years behind the states cuz its not the diamond, I am a gangsta, earing but instead it's the old Michael Jordan loop earing haha. They think they are pretty cool with it. Next thing that Portugal will pick off of the states, tattoos for sure. They will be all over that in a couple years. It's like they are just a couple years behind us in the style thing. But the people are very animated here. Haha its awesome. When they speak they are very involved with what they are saying. And they take pride in the way that they speak haha. They take pride in just about everything that they do. They're Portuguese.
Well, I love you all so very much and think about you all all of the time. Thank you for all of my support and thank you for all of your prayers! It really is helping me here in Porto. I love you,
Elder Daniel John Hatch

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