Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 10 March 21, 2011

Hey hey hey, another week goes by here in the Beautiful City of Porto Portugal. Is time still going on back there in the Big USA? Its going by here. So when i first got here Elder G, aka Michael Jordan, told me that the time goes by like a drain. Maybe slow at first but then as every day goes by it gets by faster and faster and faster. Well, this week went by pretty fast so I dont know what to really expect for the rest of my mission.
Family, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT I HAVE BEEN GONE FOR 4 MONTHS!!??!! WHAT ON EARTH??!! Haha It seems so wierd to hear that I have been out for this long. I still feel like such a greenie hahaha. Or is this email a reminder that I am still alive and you all forgot about me? ....... Joking!!! I love you all:)
First, thank you for all of the emails and for all of the love and support. I feel like all of those prayers are working for me over here in Portugal so please keep em coming. Please pray for I in specific that every thing will go well for her and that the baptism THIS SATURDAY will go by well. Wow I am so happy to have been blessed to be a tool in this area for the Lord himself. If the Lord were not at the front of this work, WE WOULD NOT BE HAVING SUCCESS LIKE WE ARE HAVING!!! Haha no one can deny that. No one. No one can say that a church that has a loooonnnnnnnnngggggggg name that supposedly was started by a young 14 year old boy could be the FASTING GROWING CHURCH IN THE WORLD!!! Hahaha but I CAN. I can stand as a witness to you all and to everyone on this planet heaven, earth, and hell, that this is the True Chruch of Jesus Christ. That He is at the head of this work, and that he is the Lord and Savior of every single one of us. I can say that he is leading his troups here in Porto Portugal and that I know without a doubt that that young 14 year old boy restored the gospel of Jesus Cristo on this earth! Its true!!! haha and I love it so much! It makes me so happy!!!!!
Family, I hope that you all know how blessed we are to have grown up in this Church. To be apart of the church of Jesus Cristo. I hope you all know how blessed we are for what we have. Now..... we must show our gratitude through our actions. Let us be the light shining on the hill for our Lord and Savior! Let us seperate ourselves from the world so that THEY KNOW, WE KNOW, AND CHRIST KNOWS who we are. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and we are prince and princesses to throne of God! We cannot let ourselves be soaked into a world that will just stain our clean faith. Stay Strong Fam.
The reason I say that is because it is so so different here. I honestly feel like I am on the front lines of the biggest spiritual battle the world has ever seen. Both sides are going at it with everything that they have, and like always our Lord and Savior will come out on top. We just gotta stick to what we know so well. Here in Portugal you have to be especially strong to seperate yourself from the world. You have to do what it takes to make sure that you dont get sucked into the worldpool of WHAT THE WORLD THINKS IS NORMAL. My eyes are REALLY being opened to this haha. And I wanna make absolute sure that my family knows. Let me share a story that I had to help explain what we need to do to seperate ourselves from the world.
We have been meeting with a inactive member named M who has accepted us warmly into her house many times in the last couple weeks now. She has two little daughters, one of which can now be batizado. She lives with someone who she is not yet married to and has not been to church in a very very long time. the other day we went to their house without letting them know before hand that we were coming. Elder Imbuqui guided by the Spirit. When we got there we had dinner, ate and talked for a while. After dinner we sat down with her and her namorado T. With tears in her eyes she explained how much she felt the Spirit everytime that we came to their house and how badly she wanted to feel that more in her life. As I pondered what to say, I felt an overwhelming feeling of love pass through me. Like Christ himself was passing his love for her through my body. It was so strong that I had to hold myself back from crying as I explained to her as guided by the spirit to start over. There is a lot more to her situation that I wont talk about but I told her about this spiritual battle that we are in. I told her two things to do to help her feel that love more in her life and to help her begin to feel that Spirit in her life more. The very two things that I am about to invite you to do as well, two things that will help us seperate ourselves from the world, and become the light of the world. Not a secret to you all, but VERY ESSENTIAL to becoming that light. I invited her to read from the book of Mormon and to pray, DAILY. And now I am inviting you all to do the same thing. Read and pray every single day. Seperate yourselves from the world. Pray for help. Joseph Smith Jr. said that a mistake that we as members have is that we do not ask for enough in our prayers...... woah..... what? But its true. Our Heavenly father wants us to return to his presence at he is waiting for you to ask for his help.
Well, I had a couple other cool experiences but not enough time haha. I hope you all know how much I love and think about every single one of you. You are my family. I wanna and will be with you for time and all eternity. I hope you all know that I wanna be there for you through it all. I wanna help you through the good and the bad and I will do anything to do it. I am so proud to say that I am part of the Hatch Family. It means so much to me to wear that badge Elder Hatch and listen to the Portuguese people butcher it when they try to say it hahaha. I am part of a family that will never turn its back on one another, one that will always lift we up in the hardest of times and get me back on my feet. Youre the best family in the world, trust me, I am seeing it right now. Thank you for your examples and never forget that your son, uncle, brother, brother in law, grandson, friend, best friend loves you so much! And he always will.
Elder Daniel John Hatch

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