Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Week 8 March7, 2001

Ola todos! Or Boa Tarde! haha. Ta Tudo bem? Pai se pode entender todo que estou a dizer de que nao tems um problema com as possaos ka e pode falar com Fernanda. Mas se ta a ter uma vez dificil, de que talvez nao pode escrevir Portugeus a Fernanda haha porque ela nao pode falar Portugues bem haha.
Well that was for dad to answer a question that he had about the language and how he and the rest of you will be able to understand the language when you come over here and if you can all write Fernanda haha. But thank you I really do appreciate your desire to help. there is someone that you can try to write though. Devin has the email of her ..... (that was a VERY PORTUGEUSE way to say that haha) and her name is M M. she doesnt speak enlish well so you will have to keep it simple but I am sure she would appreciate it. She is super cool.
So this week was a good, and kinda wierd week. We are being so blessed here in Portugal with having people literally stopping us to know who we are and what our message is. Its strange because all the missionaries who are a little bit older in the mission are not used to it haha. So our problem is not finding the people right now. Our problem (not really a problem haha) is having the time to teach them all. We do weekly planning and we pretty much have every single hour taken up for every single day! Its insane. This week Elder Imbuqui and I planned and it was like, hmmmm ..... do we have to do daily planning now? haha. But seriously we are so blessed here. Now we just need to get our part done and teach with authority and the Spirit.
So this week, officially starting today is CARNIVAL haha so so sweet! They have today and tomorrow off and its pretty much just like a big party. It is a TON bigger in Brasil but they still celebrate it here in Porto. Should be pretty fun and funny seeing people going around in ridiculous stuff.
So this morning we took the autocarro down to the beach and we ran. It was pretty legit. After we played some 2 on 2 ultimate frizbee and just messed around on the praia. Are Pdays have been getting weirdºer and weirdºer because of the new rules and because we really dont know what we wanna do until the night before when we plan. It sounds weird but we just really dont have the time to think about what we will be doing for Pday. We dont plan it out cuz we have bigger things to plan out. More important things.
So we invited to more people to be baptized this week! Guess who! Gosh I love this part of the story!!! The mother of J, and the daughter of F! Gosh I am helping Families come together!!!! Ahhhhh it makes me so happy!!! Serious what a great work! I am so so so blessed to be part of a grand plan for each and every single person that we are teaching. Its so awesome to know that this family will be sealed together forever so soon! Man the church is so true!!!!!
So we had some pretty crazy moments this week with other religions haha and we found 2 more families to start teaching!!! Wait... 3!!! Ya 3. Dang it is so awesome to be able to teach families. I am so excited to start teaching them all.
So, the langauge is coming along for sure. Like it blows me away how I am speaking Portuguese right now haha. I call people and answer calls on the cell phone and just talk to them blah blah blah and then I end the call and look up and I am like..... I JUST SPOKE TO SOMEONE IN PORTUGUESE BY MYSELF!!!! HAHAHA its really cool. I am so blessed its unbelievable and so grateful for all the help that I am recieving! I think by the end of this transfer I will consider myself comfortable with the language. I just gotta keep working hard with it. and having Elder Imbuqui as my comp. is helping me out a ton for sure. Because ya, I have to speak portuguese with him. Its a beautiful language!!! So beautiful! And fun to be able to speak. I cant wait for the day when I can just think in portuguese and not have to translate it in my head. Hahaha oh and its so so so much different from the langauge I learned in the MTC haha. Its like blurred together and you have to gain a ear for it.
So, Life is good here in Porto Portugal. I hope all is well back home. GRANNY YOU GOT OPERATED! How are you doing?! Is everthing going good? Are you feelin any better? I love you granny.
Well, the work goes and the gospel is true, what else really matters? haha. I love you all so much and think about you all the time. You are so great and I am so grateful for everything that you do for me. Dev, dude I guess I did screw up on the names haha I am sorry. You know what I meant. This whole name thing is KILLING ME over here in Portugal. Like you can have a Fernanda and a Fernando and a Carla and a Carlo and Just some weird hard names to say haha. I bet they think the same thing about our language. They all call me Elder Atesh over here haha. I love it. Thank you for all the updates and I hope you all have the best week ever this week. Please keep in your prayers I (mai de Jose) and C(Filha de Fernanda). Well todos, amo vos e sempre vou. I carry around the family album you sent mom and I show off my family to everyone I can haha. I love you all.
Elder Daniel John Hatch

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