Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 9 March14, 2011

Ola Familia! Ta tudo bem convosco!? Well, another week has gone by here in Porto, Portugal. It was a fun memorable week for me haha, one that I will never forget. So.... let me start off with how Carnival went.
So Carnival is a big holliday over here and its a lot like Halloween minus the innocence of children and candy haha. People pretty much dress up as crazy as they would like and they go party European Style... I will keep it at that. So we had a appointment with an Investigator named T. way the heavens out in Silvalde pretty late Monday night. On the way out on the train, we were with a ton ton ton of people who were headed out to Ovar, a couple stops past Silvalde. All of those people were headed to the party and all of them had decided to start the party on the train haha so lots of beer and lots of singing and dancing on the train. Hahaha some people thought we were headed out to the party too, dressed up as THE ELDERES haha nope..... we are the real deal meu amigo haha. But it was a new experience for me to see all these grown up people dressed, some unfortunately not enough, in weird stuff, just as happy as could be headed to the big party. So pretty much we ended out getting out there and having a good lesson with T. but they invited us to stay and eat with them.... it was already late but it was a humble invite that you cannot really reject. So we ate and we went back to the station to catch a ride home. Because its like 10 pm now and the rules are to be home at 10.... were super far away. So ends out the schedule is changed because of the holliday and the train wasnt going to stop in Silvalde, so we literally ran in the middle of the night down the tracks til we got to Espinho, one of my favorite cities. Well, Espinho was a big party too haha and the train station was absolutely packed to the limit full of people waiting to buy a ticket to get out to Ovar. So hundreds and hundreds of partiers were just partying in the station. 10 of which were dressed up as American Football players so I HAD to take a picture with them. It was sweet. But we got on the train and it ended out not stopping at our stop and went on to General Torres which is pretty far away... where we had to wait for a bus to take us home. During the wait we encountered many very wasted people haha but it was super fun messin with em. We ended out getting home about 12 am. woah.... night to remember is the night of the CARNIVAL.
But ya the rest of the week ran well and everything went good. We had some more good lessons with some new investigators, some of which is are families. I love love love love teaching families. So much. But ya, all is well over here. I got a hair cut today, pretty dang short. Katti I wish you were still cutting my hair. Iºll leave it at that.
Devin, my brother, I love you man!!! You almost made me cry when I read that story. You are such a stud and totally did the right thing with that situation! Keep praying for her. Man, iºll tell you what. I feel like my love for people has taken such a increase of a jump since I have been out on the mission. Because now I just absolutely am sincerely conserned for each and every person that I talk to. Dad..... I think I am starting to see the reason you are the person you are. The one who would literally give up anything to help someone else who you dont even know. I love people, and I love the Portuguese. They are different, yes, but I love them. I hope that one day I can have the amount of love that my mom and dad have for people. But ya, Dev, that is an awesome experience that you had. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.
Mom and Dad and Grandma and all those who sent me an email, Thank you so much for all of your love and support. I look up to you all so much and look forward to hearing from you all every single week. I loved those pictures that you sent dad, thank you a ton. And it looks like my studs of nephews are tearin it up with wrestling. Keep it up!! John I bet you are loving that!! Thats gotta be so fun to watch! I bet ya when I get home those two little guys wont be so little anymore haha. They could probably take me on with wrestling any day now. All the girls look as cute as ever!!
Family, let me just say before I leave, how grateful I am for all of you.! You all are such good examples to me and all of you have helped me reach the point that I am at right now. I have learned something special from all of you and a part of who i am is because of you. Each and every single one of you. I am so grateful to be with a family that is sealed together in the temple and will live together forever. I am so grateful to know that you will all always be there with me, every step of the way. I am so grateful that we have all that we will ever need.... the gospel and each other. My eyes are being opened to how special our family really is as I see people who really dont have much hope in their eyes. So please never forget what you have and what is the most important in our lives. Dont let yourselves get caught up in the world, its just not worth it and will never last. To all of my family, whoever you are, I want you to all have the best week ever!! I want all my brothers to let their wives know com certeza how much they love them! And my sister to know how much she loves her husband. And My Dad, I want you to let your wife know that SHE IS THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD!!!!! Trust me, I have seen a lot of the world so far and NO ONE comes close to her.
I love you all, and keep you in my prayers,
Your Elder,
Daniel John Hatch

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