Monday, April 4, 2011

Week 12 April 4, 2011

Ola a minha familia, and If Bishop decides this is appropriate for the ward, Ola brothers and sisters!!
I will write a paragraph later on in the email for the ward K? You will know when it is for the Ward. But wow! I cannot believe that I am writing another letter here in this little Indian computer shop thing. Today is very sunny and just about ready to get a tan just walkin around haha. I love the weather here. Its definitely different then good ol St. George, Utah haha, which means it is very very humid. Funny how I go from one extreme to another.... God must really want me here huh?
So this is oficially my last letter as a verdinho or aka a greenie. And it really feels like it has been a long time since I have been a greenie. Tomorrow night we will recieve calls from the President or from the APºs to know about where it is that the Lord knows we will make the biggest difference for the next 6 weeks. Aka I will find out about my new home for the next little while, tomorrow night. So if any of you decided that you love me enough to send me a letter or package (joking) please send it to the Mission Office just in case. I think that I will be staying in my area for one more transfer but we will see. I, personally would love to stay with Elder Imbuqui in my area because we are doing very well together and I am learning a ton from him. But, I will go where the Lord wants me to go and I will do what the Lord wants me to do, because he knows exactly where I need to be to make a difference.
Well, conference is officially over, and we are thrown back into the real world. What is it that we have learned? And how is it that we can better prepare ourselves, and become the people that we all know that we need to become? What are we going to do and what changes are we going to make to show the Lord that WE ARE READY TO FOLLOW HIM? I dont know about you all, but I absolutely loved the conference talks that were given. I feel like I have learned something essential for me, in every single talk. Now we will see if I want to be like Nephi and practice what I have learned or if I will choose to take the lazy path and follow my own desires like Laman and Lemuel. Please remember that the words that were spoken were directed for you specifically and that they were meant to help you and me repent and come closer to our Savior, and be more directly on line with the path that he has carved for the faithful. Take what was said, directly into your life and pray for the help needed to recieve inspiration for your lives. We can read in Nephi 10:17 that Nephi was in the same situation that we are in right now. He heard the words of the Prophet and he had two choices, try to just soak in HIS FATHERS (THE PROPHETS) TESTIMONY, or gain a testimony of what was said FOR HIMSELF. Lets make sure that we hear the Prophet and Apostles, which inspire us to change and repent, and find out for ourselves to truly gain that testimony of what was said. What an opportunity we have in front of us!
So here in Porto, our General Conference times were a little different haha. For example last night at 9PM the Sunday afternoon session started. We stayed at the Chapel in Gaia 1 until 11PM with just a couple members at our sides. Its all lot different haha. During the middle of the session we suddenly were alerted that Porto had just won the big game against its rival Benfica, through horns honking, bells ringing, people shouting, and all other kinds of crazy sounds haha. It was actually super cool to here, cuz all the sudden the entire city just exploded in celebration.
Dad, I missed standing by your side and by the sides of hundred other priesthood brethren. I must say it felt different not being by you. I have always remember the times that I stood side by side with you and sung, Praise to the Man, and The Spirit of God. Memories that I will always treasure in my life, standing side by side with you. But here it was side by side with 7 other missionaries, thousands of miles from home haha. I love this place so much! It really is growing on me here!
To My Ward Family,
Ola Ta Tudo Bem? I know that I can somewhat trust bishop with saying that because it is pretty close to Spanish. So the rest of my words will be in Portuguese and we will see if Bishop Thompson has been keeping up on his Spanish;)
Wow, its really diferent being on the other sides of these letters that are read to the Ward. I want to let you all know how much I appreciate what you have done for me in my life. I am so lucky to say that I grew up in a ward that really seemed like more of a BIG FAMILY. And now that I am in a place in the World where the Church is still at a young stage, I can see how special and BIG THAT FAMILY REALLY IS. I learned so many great gospel principles side by side with you all, and really learned more from the examples of all of you. You taught me things that cannot be taught through words but rather, actions. Albert Eistein said, "Example is not just the best way to teach, it is the ONLY WAY to teach." I am very happy and lucky to say that I learned so much from your examples and I continue to be blessed from what I saw and learned from all of you. It has really shaped me into the person that I am becoming. Notice I said becoming, you all know I have a long ways to go to be able to stand with the Spritual Giants that you all are.
I invite you to continue to do exactly what you are already doing, that is to be the example and be the light of the world. It is through that example that people will see a little bit of Christ in your countenance and recognize that what you have is more than just another happiness. What you have is the true light of Christ, shining through your every action, and the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. So let your light shine to everyone you come to see, and continue to be the Spiritual Giants that you all are! And remember we do not all have to be the physical Giants like Bro. Andrus to have people see that light. We are have a very special set of skills, specifically given to us. Please remember to use them to help others come unto Christ. Your Lord and Savior is depending on it.
Well, thank you for all of your prayers and support! Know that your brother, friend, and son is representing the ever so famous LV2 right now in the beautiful Country of Portugal.
Love Elder Hatch
Well, I hope that wasnt too long or too short haha. Prolly too long. I am sure Bishop will narrow it down for me haha. But ya, I guess I am almost out of time here. I love you all so much and I appreciate everything that you are doing for me. Mom and Dad, I could never be so grateful for the sacrifice you have made for putting me on a mission. I feel like my life is changing so much and my eyes are really being opened to so much more. Thats not a bad thing either:) It is bringing me so much closer to my Lord and Savior then I have ever been. Which is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life thus far. As I look back at my life I realize that all of my talents and all of my past has better prepared me to be here in Porto Portugal, to be a better tool for the people here. And what a blessing that is!
To My Mom, I love you so much! I love you and I am so so thankful for you. I am so sorry for all of the heart ache that I have put you through and for all of the trouble I have caused you. I, now, ya I know it is a little late, am seeing why you raised me the way that you did. So I want to thank you so much for all of the opportunities that you have given me to grow and to learn of the spiritual things of the world. Thank you for raising me to recognize the good from the bad and thank you for showing me how to love. I want you to know that you are a part of me. The way you taught me to be, and the way you raised me, is now, with the Spirit of God, helping others come unto Christ. Thank you for blessing the lives of People here in Porto!
To My Dad, thank you. I could not ask for a better Dad. You mean so much to me and I hope you never forget that I am trying hard to become like you. I work hard everyday and I am doing exactly what you taught me to do. Trust in the Lord, and Go and Do. To have that Fire in my eye, and have the determination to help others come unto Christ with absolute dedication. Thank you Dad.
Well Fam, the next time I right you all, things will have changed. I am not sure what it is right now, but whatever it is, it is of God and I will always go and do the things he commands me! I love you, I always will!
Elder Daniel John Hatch

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