Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week 13, April 11, 2011

Ola Boa Tarde Minha Familia, Well,..... I dont really know where to start this letter haha. I guess the subject kinda shows that , Hey something changed, haha but First, thank you for all of your letters, love, support, prayers, emails and everything! I love hearing from you all so much and I always love getting onto the computer to see how you all are. So my official days of being a greenie are over, and a new adventure has started here for me. I ended my training about 5 days ago, in Gaia 2, and on Tuesday in the night I recieved a Phone call from President Walton, who wanted to talk about transfers with me. First thing he said, Bem, So you ready for a challenge? I told him that I am always ready for a challenge. He said, Alright, you will be training a brand new missionary this next transfer...... Woah.... haha. I hadnt even finished my training when he told me that. So far that has not happened in the mission field in a LONG TIME. Usually you train when you have a lot more experience and stuff like that. But its cool! My good friend Elder P who is the same age on the mission as me will be training a greenie as well. Which is always good to have that support and know that I am not the only one. But its a young mission right now, I was kinda thinking that I would be training really early in my mission.... just not THAT early. So after I said to President, Sweet I am super excited! Then he said, Good, I am too, but.... that is going to be the easy part. When he said that I was a little confused haha. He said, You and your companion will be opening up a NEW AREA in the Porto Portugal mission..... hahahaha woahhhhhh!!! He told me that no one had done that in a VERY LONG TIME, but he was confident that the choice was the right one and that the area was ready to be opened. So, to get to where I ALMOST am, Me and my new companion, Elder M from Arizona, will be serving in a town called Covilha. Its about dead center north to south ways, of Portugal, but very much to the East. If fact about 30 to 40 minutes away from Spain. I can see Spain from where we are living right now. So, thing is, we do not have a house in Covilha right now. We are currently in a city called Castelo Branco, living with the Elders there until we,.... mom and dad listen to this haha..... WE, meaning Elder M and I, find a house to buy for the missionaries. Yup, your boy is already growing up on you! Are you proud? hahaha. So we need to find a house up there. Thing is its about an hour away from Castelo Branco, and the buses do not go up there a lot.... so what does that mean? Yup, Elder Daniel John Hatch had to learn how to drive CLUTCH in a different country. Because the missionary car is clutch and I am the only one with a liscense over here. So hahaha what an experience that was. Can you all just imagine me, learning how to drive clutch, by someone who doesnt speak english, in Portugal, so that we can get back and forth haha. So thats what I have been doing a lot the last couple days. Learning how to drive in Portugal so that we can go to our area of Covilha and really start the work there. We have only been there one time so far, for church last sunday, and I LOVE IT!!!!! It is literally a city that is built on a hill. Haha and when I say hill, I mean like ski slope type of hill. You can prolly see pictures of it online so check it out. But we went Sunday, and the church had JUST reopened there, so we had a whopping...... 14 people there. 14 tops. 4 or 5 of which were from a different ward. So we have A LOT of work to do but the area has A LOT of potential too. There are 41 families that are members there that we are going to start working with a lot. So I am thinking the majority of my time will be spent helping those members get back to Church, which will also bring in fruits at the same time. Haha dad you will prolly laugh at this. Stick shift on a hill that I would be scared to ski down...... hahaha ya it was a funny experience the first time that we drove there. Many (close momºs eyes) close to death experiences haha but the Lord is on our side. Mom.... I am wearing my seat belt I promise. Dont worry. So the church is like at the top of this Giant mountain called Covilha, and there is a monster of a hill that I will have to climb every day to get there. Should be fun. But to be honest with all of you, I LOVE THIS!!!! This is such an adventure and I have no doubts at all that we are going to see so many miracles in this area. I feel it with all of my heart. This place is going to explode! We just need to get there, unpack our stuff, and get to some work! Dad, this place and this country really reminds me a lot of the old back country of Utah. Like around Loa and all of that. Its really green and its up in the mountains pretty much. But there is still really big cities like Castelo Branco and Covilha. And of course Spain is like 30 minutes away, which is pretty cool too. Well, I love you all! Have an awesome week and please keep me, my comp, and Covilha in your prayers. I am going to need them more now then ever. Love Elder Daniel John Hatch

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