Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week 14 April 26, 2011

Hey familia!
How is it going back over there in the big USA? Sorry I didnt get the chance to email you all yesterday, it was a holliday over here that lasted for a while and.... well I guess it was a holiday over there as well, but ya all of the shops closed down yesterday and we were not able to find a place with internet.... ya we were pretty busy anyways haha.
So thank you for all of your emails and it is always so good to hear from you all. Sounds like you all had a super fun easter and did a little egg launching. Dev, those pictures look pretty fun haha. Man, its weird being away from the fam during a holliday, not being with you all just chillin like the old days. I honestly do not feel like it was even a holliday for a missionary over here in Portugal, other then I did get a couple chocolate eggs from one of our few active members haha. Bless her big heart.
So youre all prolly wondering what Easter is like over here in the motherland of Portugal. Well, if you know anything about Catholics, today was one of the two days that Catholics actually go to church haha so a lot of people were dressed up nice and went to some pretty crazy big cathedrals to say thanks to Jesus for what he did. Thats kinda the feeling I got over here haha, and prolly a lot of drinking after. But after our session of Church, we went over to a members house and had a HUGE dinner with her. One that almost compared to Thanksgiving back in the states, so it was super cool being fed to the absolute limit. I feel like that meal could have lasted me the entire week. We ate a lot of meat with potatoes, and rice, and other stuff. It was really good. Bom Apetite. (I always thought Bom Apetite was just a French thing but Portuguese people say it too).
So the work here in Covilha is going now. We have found a lot of the less actives and are setting up lessons with them to teach them and help them feel the spirit again. The spirit is such an essential part of this work. Without the Spirit, we mine as well be Jehovah Witnesses....... woah that was a little extreme hahaha maybe just Âșusual other missionaries hahaha. Gosh those guys really screw some things up. But along with finding the members we also went through a old list of ex investigators..... MONEY IN THE BANK!!! Just about all of them accepted us so perfectly and now we have a ton of lessons set up for this week and we have 12 new investigators!!! Crazy huh?!
Miracle of the week. Yesterday in the morning we had a lesson marked with a college student here named E. When we first met him we were actually searching for another ex investigator that lived in the exact same house. So we knocked on his door and asked, ARE YOU DJA (the name of the ex investigator) and he said, NO I AM E, and then we asked if he knew this Dja guy but he didnt. After I felt very impressed to talk to him about the Church anyways , figures right? life of a missionary, and he actually excepted us and told us to come back another day. So we did, yesterday, and he was there, waiting for us. He had read A Restauracao pamfleta that we gave him, and he had questions written down for us about it. He also had invited over his friend A, without telling us, and the two of them sat down and recieved our first lesson. A MIRACLE!!! They loved it and want to hear more! We invited them to pray to recieve an answer for themselves, and they will, I have no doubt in my mind that they will. We were literally guided by the hand of God to his house, and now, the Spirit of God will change their lives. I feel amazingly good about these two young men, and I know they have big things ahead of them. I ask that you all say a small prayer that their prayers will be answered and that they will recognize this church as the true and only church of God. But they are both from Cape Verde and shoot, I am so excited to teach them again, along with all of these other 11 investigators.
Well, shoot, I dont have much time. I dont know if I emailed my address in Covilha to you all but I actually forgot it. Shoot haha I dont know how to get it either.
This week, I am really starting to dedicate myself more than 100 percent to this work. I am really going to do the things that will make me a consecrated missionary so that this area can really be blessed in whichever way possible. I am really going to step my game up and focus everything and anything I got on the work and become the best missionary possible for the area that my Lord has sent me too.
I love you all, I appreciate everything that you all do for me, especially the prayers, and I ask you to please pray for the people of Covilha. I know that God listens to those prayers and blesses the people here every day, to be more prepared to receive his words and his church. Mom, I still haven't gotten the package yet, but its probably still up in Porto. Thank you so much for sending it and I am super excited to open it up.
Love you all!!
Elder Hatch

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