Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 15 May 2, 2011

Hello Familia!
Well, here I am in the Big City Upon the Hill. Lovin it here in Covilha and life is good. It was super good to hear from all of you this week! Sounds like things are all going good. In Advance, sorry If I do not answer all of your questions. I am doing a really bad job at that haha, but I promise I will try to do better:)
So, a had a lot of questions about our buddy E:) The guy is flat out awesome.... and you are going to love this...... me marked him to be BAPTIZED on the 28th of Maio! We are super excited for him! The first meeting that we had with him, his buddy A was there too, but because it was raining I guess that A couldn't make it up, so we just had the lesson with E. We got there and he was waiting and ready for us, and we went into the living room, he closed the door so that there wouldn't be any distractions, and we started probably my favorite lesson, A Restauracao do evangelho de Jesus Cristo, or if for some reason you couldn't pick out what that is, The Restoration:) Dee, did you understand all of that? I know you have been working on your Portuguese, WHICH IS SUPER COOL!!! So we started it off and we taught up to the actual Restoration really well, the Spirit was building up. We then watched the Restoration movie and after we testified. (Sorry if I am spelling so many things wrong, its so much easier for me to explain this is Portuguese haha). While testifying the spirit was so strong that I actually let out a couple tears.... a lot...... and testified that he too could know for himself. We then invited him to be Baptized the 28th of May and he told us, TO BE HONEST, I WOULD BE LYING TO YOU IF I SAID YES, I WILL, BECAUSE RIGHT NOW I DO NOT KNOW. Which is like my favorite answer, even over just the flat out answer yes. Because it shows that they are actually willing to find out for themselves and that he actually wants to know for himself and receive that answer for himself. I do not feel very comfortable anymore baptizing someone who does not know what they are really doing. I have had bad experiences with that. So I responded ERNESTO, MESMO ISSO E OTIMO. PORQUE EU QUERO QUE VOCE VAI SABER ISSO PARA SI PROPRIO. PARA RECEBER AQUELA RESPOSTA FAZ PARTE DO BATISMO PELO FOGO. ENTAO QUANDO VOCE SABE COM CERTEZA QUE ESTE IGREJA E REALEMENTE VERDADEIRA, VOCE VAI SEGUIR O EXEMPLO DE JESUS CRISTO E SER BATIZADO? and For those who are not Devin and don't speak Portuguese, I said, Ernesto, this is great, because I want that you will know for yourself, to receive that answer is parte of baptism by fire. So when you know with certainty that these church is true, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized? And after he told us YES. Yes I will be baptized when I know:)
Well, :):):):):):):) This makes me so happy because I know without doubt that he will receive his answer. He has the desire and he knows how to do it. Now he just needs to follow through on his part, and read, ponder, and pray. The promise that we received from Moroni.
So the rest of the week has gone up and down. The work here is different than the work that I am used to. It's a lot about helping members get back to church, and pretty much doing it without the help of any other members. Haha, but it's all good, we have God on our side. Nothing is impossible. But along with the Church not being here in Covilha for over 13 or so years, also comes the part of going to members houses, who do not want anything to do with the Church and have even denied Christ in front of my eyes. This.... makes me cry. Probably one of the hardest things that I have ever done. Something that I won't go into a lot of detail about, but .... it's just hard. So ya, there are hard times and there are GREAT TIMES, and the great times make the hard times seem like they do not even exist.
So as for next Sunday, looks like I will be getting to PHONE HOME to the real world here pretty soon. so this is what we were thinking, because we really have no idea how to do it, and we really have 0 members that we can do it with. So no fears, we will find a place to do it, even if it is a pay phone. But we will be calling from the range of 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM on Sunday, and that is OUR TIME.
So, I think Utah is like 7 or 8 hours behind us which would mean that you will be receiving a phone call around 11:00AM to 3:00 PM. Hope that's not too complicated for all of you and truth is, if it were, there would be no way in telling me before then so...... please try to be available during those hours. I am super super super sorry if those hours take out some of your church time. But ya, if you guys could have everything like ready to go and everyone that wants, ready to go, I would appreciate it. Because we don't really have a big window over here haha and ya I don't want anything to get messed up so that we can't call again. Those phone card things only work once, (what I found out from the last time I called) so the first time that I call, will be the only time that I will call.... hahaha shooooot pressure is on huh? One shot, one opportunity, to talk with that one guy in Portugal;) Mom, I think Marcie would love to be in on the call, so could you talk to her about it and make sure she knows everything as well? Just make sure that everyone is all ready for the conference call thing, and whatever you do, don't hang up once you get on with me hahaha. Shoot Mom and Dad are you both super nervous? Joking with ya:) I am so excited to talk to you all, please write down any questions that you have.... do you have any questions for me about Portugal?;) I will write down some stuff to remember too. And as always, I'll be the last to hang up:) Love you all, I gotta go,I have another lesson with an Investigator chama se Bruno, comin up pretty soon. I'll tell you a lot more about Covilha next week. Love ya!
Elder Daniel John Hatch

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  1. I love Elder Hatch's testimony and his joy in teaching the gospel. Enjoy that precious time on your Mother's Day call!