Saturday, May 14, 2011

Week 16 May 9, 2011

Hahaha well, I am pretty sure i just got off the phone with you all, but MAN WAS IT GOOD HEARING YOUR VOICES!!! What a treat for a guy in Portugal to hear some english from the people that he loves the most! So, thank you all so very much for taking time out our your sunday to talk with me. It was super fun and i loved it so much.
So just a couple things that maybe I forgot to talk about.
We were talking at a members house named R P (haha I can just imagine all of you trying to pronounce that name), who is one of our few actives here in Covilha. She wasnt even there actually, she gave us the keys to her house at Church and was like DESFRUTA or ENJOY haha, so of course we took advantage of the situation and called over a party at her house with all these fun college students..... okay maybe not. But ya we were there at her house, which is a really nice house compared to most here in Portugal, and it was super fun talking with you all. Although I must admit it made me have more saldades for all of you. My heart was melting there haha, but wow, isnt it weird how long it has been since we have all talked? I feel like I could have gone on talking with you all FOREVER!!!! I look back and it feels more like a dream that I talked with you all. See ya in 6 huh?
So the car was takin away from us for a little bit to get some stuff taken care with it, but we should get it back this thursday, which is very helpful for the work here. It helps a ton, because we still have so many less actives to talk to that live too far away. And a family called A familia P that lives a good 30 minute drive that has a TON of potential for us here in Covilha. Two boys that could hold the Melch.
Sorry if I didnt really get to answer a bunch of questions that you all probably had, I feel bad about that. In 6 months Iºll do better:) But a couple questions that I have for you; Dad, how is the stake presidency doing down there? Are you liking your new call? How is it working with the college? Remember your working with kids just about my age and older, so I hope you have a bunch of fun with it. There are probably a lot of young families and people out there that really need your help, so like me, start looking for them. I wont fake and act like I know what college is all about, D and Cory might get mad at me, but us young people need some help haha. You never know how much of a difference you can make in a young students life by just doing something simple and giving them a priesthood blessing, or words of comfort. I know that it helps:)
Mom, thank you for getting my plaque up in the Church hahaha, now I exist again back in the USA THE BIG CIA. ;) Shoot, how is everyone doing back in the ward? Is anyone else getting close to putting in their papers, or getting their call, or going off to college soon? If so, what they up to? And where are they going? I guess the next would be C or K hahahaha oh jeez, Kyle Kravies Davies, I love that kid. Tell him hi for me the next time that you see him.
As for the BYU thing, I feel really good about it:) Devin, I know that your not too happy to hear that, but hey, with me there you cant hate it too much k? Hahaha and if playing football there works out for me, I might even get you to wear a little bit of blue....??.....!!!...? hahaha vamos la ver. But ya if it works out, it will be awesome, but I have another 18 months to think about that, so I wont stress it now.
I remember when I was just a little guy, getting around the family table and talking to my older brothers who were out in the mission field. I remember just thinking, woah, they are really out there huh? But hey i gotta a lot of time before thats me...... well... that time went by really fast, and now its me out there. I am the one talking about some crazy place called Covilha haha, just shows how time really flies by. Feels like time, keeps on rollin on, slippin through our fingers, the clock keeps tickin on;)
So today is going to be a good workout day for us here. We decided to use the day to just work out, so I am excited to get running. Since we have been in Covilha, I must admit, I am not as faithful to it as I was back in Porto. So, to be more faithful, I gotta buy a pull up bar. Is that okay with you mom and dad? They are not super expensive and I will use it my who mission. I gotta do something, and pull ups is where it is at. They get abs, back, wings, and ya.... you guys get the point.
Also, I am going to buy a MP3 player, and a small speaker, cuz I NEED TO HEAR MUSIC. Its like back in the MTC when we couldnt listen to music, and I am going nuts! Obviously just church music, trust me I am obedient, tem que ser assim, but I gotta have some music. So you will notice a wittle bit of money come out of my account. Sorry, this is to survive haha.
Well, what else about ..... oh ya. So hear in Covilha, because we are on the mountain, it has been raining a lot lately. Keeps things green, but kinda makes things harder for the work here. One thing that is super cool though, is we live up in the higher part of Covilha. So when we wake up we open our window on one side of the house, and it is like a straight cliff, which means some epic views. Just about all of the time the clouds a literally BELOW us!!!! So you get a cool sunrise sight with the clouds down below us. Something that you dont see a lot in life. Well, at least I have never seen it.
Well, I gotta go, I love you all so much, it was so good to hear from you all. Jeez everyone who was in on that call is like everyone that I love the most! :) You all mean so much to me, I keep you in my prayers, and I think of you all the time. Thank you so much for your love and support!
Love, Elder Hatch

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