Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 17 May 15, 2011

Transfer coming to an end!
Ola a minha family? Ta tudo bem convosco?
So here I am, back at the computer screen, writing the best fam in the world. Thanks for all of your love, emails, and support! Although, I only got a email from Mom, Dad, and Granny Adams...... where are you guys? hahaha, joking, I know we just talked the other day on the phone. Should last for about another 18 months right?;)
So, life is like a rollercoaster here in Covilha. It’s got its ups and its downs. The ups will always outweigh the downs, but sometimes those dang downs try to rip you down. Let tell you all how the week went.
So Wednesday and Thursday we went up to Coimbra for a zone conference. A two day conference, which pretty much means 3 to 4 days taken out of the week because it takes forever to get there and back. So as for a really productive week in the field, it didnt really happen. Good thing is we were still able to visit a couple menos activo families and talk with them, but at the same time we definitely had our downs haha. Our marked Baptism E. dropped out. Which was really hard on the two of us. We were not able to get in contact with him for a while, and then we went to go meet up with his buddy A. to have a lesson with him, and he was there too waiting for us. He told us that he had made a personal decision that he needed to stick with his church and that was that. I asked him some questions about it and that’s what he stuck with. When it comes down to it I really feel like he did not read in the Book of Mormon, which is like the entire focus we had with him while teaching him. We taught and testified with the spirit, and the sad part is, he decided to deny it. But, I guess it’s just part of the missionary life. It’s really sad, but I know one day Ernesto will have a second chance to feel the Spirit. Somewhere down the road the missionaries will run in to him.
As I look back at the situation, I personally have learned a lot from it. I kinda wonder if the real reason that we found E. was to find his friend A., who is now a progressing investigator with us. Or maybe it was one of his 7 times that he needed to be contacted by the missionaries:) You never know, and the good thing is Ernesto still has O Livro de Mormon with him somewhere:)
But what I have learned from it. When one door is shut, the Lord will open another. I had an opportunity to whine and complain to the Lord about it, but instead, I thanked him for the opportunity that I had with E., and for what I have learned..... then we got back to work. That day, after our lesson with A., we went to a less actives house, had a great lesson and got a new investigator who was in their house with them. It was awesome! The Lord really blessed us with a new opportunity opening up when one closes. You put your trust in the Lord, no matter how dark it seems, and you go forward, showing your trust in him.
Wow, since I have been out here in the mission field I really have learned a ton! Of course back in the day I knew what was right and what was wrong and how to deal with situations, but sometimes I kinda feel like that was all talk for me. I knew the Church was true, just because I knew it was true. It was like a fact in my head that I knew, but now that I am fighting for it every single day, it is a...... gosh I dont know the word in English.... certeza, it’s a certeza haha in my HEART. I knew that the word of wisdom was a good guide for people to stay out of crap, but now that I am fighting for it every single day in a world of people who dont know, I KNOW THE BLESSINGS of following. It’s different to say things and know things to be true, then it is to pick up a sword and fight for it. Just like the President of the States will never know what it is like to be fighting on the front lines of a war. You really need to have testimony for what it is that you are fighting for. You need to know, and when you know, when you have a TRUE testimony, like we read in the scriptures, there is nothing in the world that will stop you from testifying. You look at sin and worldly things with sickening feeling in your stomach, because you KNOW that it is something that will stop you from reaching your true destiny.
I know how easy it is to be caught up in the things of the world and to not think a thing about the things that truly are important. I feel like a lot of my life has been in that rut of an easier road. A rut of things that really do not allow me to grow and learn, but just idle haha. I don’t know if any of this is making sense to you all, hahaha not sure if it is making sense to me, other than the fact that, we need to know our purpose and our destiny. We need to keep our eyes on the goal, no matter how distant or far away that it may seem. We need to remember that we are literal sons and daughters of God, and because of this we are really Princes and Princesses to a kingdom that is in our reach.
O jeez, I have learned so much about life, purpose, and the gospel of Jesus Cristo since I have been here. I love it, every single day and opportunity that I have to share it. Who cares if I get a door slammed on me, some random Portuguese man yelling at me, or anything else? It is nothing when compared to the joy of seeing a less active family come to church, or an investigator enter into the waters of baptism.
Mom thanks a ton for the pictures! I loved them so much! Hahaha I cannot believe how fast my nieces and nephews are growing. Jeez even Devin is growin up on me;) haha oh man I love my family so much! Dad, looks like the garden is doing super good! Doesn’t look like a typical garden back in STG. What you been putting in that garden? Its fun seeing something that you work hard for you bring up some fruit huh?
Well, I love you all! It was great hearing from you! If you have any questions about Covilha or Portugal, let me know!
Love Elder Daniel John Hatch aka Butch Sr.:)

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