Monday, May 23, 2011

Week 18 May 23, 2011

Fico aqui na Covilha
Ola bom dia meus!
Well, I guess that the subject of this letter kinda answers a question that you are all asking haha. Yup I got my transfer call and the AP was like, Well, I got bad news for you bud........ but you are going to have to stay there and finish Elder Maldonados training! haha so I am super happy! I am sticking it out here in good ol Covilha, the city on the hill.
To be honest, I wish I could stay here my entire mission. I would not be sad at all if I stayed here and worked with this place. I feel like being here is part of the reason that I was even called to the Porto Mission at this very time! Its awsome to know that you are a big part of the Church here in a town in Portugal. Its like, I will always look back and remember that I was the one who started the construction of the Church here in Covilha. Its my pride of my mission so far hahaha. But who knows, maybe I will be opening up other areas too?;) But ya, I would love to stay here as long as I can and just literally construct this area. Build it up and see the members start coming back to church, fill up the church house with those menos activos, then start going for the new game of investigators.
Its kinda weird to think about, but right now our job in Covilha is not really the same as with other missionaries in other parts of Portugal or even the world. We have to build it up from step 1, and then prepare the way for the work of investigators to happen in the future. Not saying that it is not happening right now in Covilha, but I am saying that our focus is getting people to Sacrament meeting. Thing is, if you bring an investigator to a church house that only has 3 members in it...... hahaha it just doesnt work. So first we need to get it so there is actually people there that the investigators will be able to see that this is real.
So, yesterday was easily the best sunday that we have had here in Covilha. The last 6 weeks we have had 10 to 13 people, sometimes less, on average come to church. But after working really hard the last six weeks, we finally brought in a good crowd. We had 22 people come, some menos activos, and an investigator. :):) So I am super happy about that! Its sooooo good to see progress happening here. Its really hard work being here and starting things off, but finally we are seeing some results to our work. I know its not our time but the Lords time, and not our work but the Lords work that is going on down here, haha but its still good to see those results, even if we are inpatient. So ya, yesterday was awesome! Jeez I wish you guys could meet all these people that I am working with! They are so awesome and I love them so much! Its incredible how much they are growing on me here. Its like we are becoming a big family here in Covilha. Hahaha its actually pretty funny cuz the majority of the menos activos and even activos are black, I LOVE IT.
There is so so much going on, and absolutely no way to share it all with you all haha. I wish I could, but its just impossible. Dad, I had cherries the other day at a members house that are known to be the best cherries in the world. Here in Fundao, another city really close to Covilha. And now I stand as a witness that they are the best cherries that I have ever eaten! They are so so so good haha.
The work is going good here, I am doing great, life is good. I so wish that I could just stay here for the rest of my time, and just work work work with the people, see the members all the time, get them back to church, build the church again, and just be here haha. Maybe I will talk to president Torgan about it;) Now, I feel like Covilha and its members are a part of me. They are my friends and family over here. This place is what is making me.
Just a cool little thing that we are trying to do over here. The Church house is an absolute mess, its dirty, the floor boards are coming up, the walls paint is going to heck, just about everything needs to be redone here in the church. So an idea came to my mind. Here it is....
So I have taken a bunch of pictures and videos of the Church house here, and gotten a couple members as witnesses, and I am going to present it to the Church to see if they will give us the funds to rebuild this church house. I am talking rippin up the floors, relaying the wood, taking off the painting and repainting the walls, getting pictures, and supplies needed for the church house and everything. Cross your fingers and wish me luck, because I am presenting the plan tonight. Hahaha I WANT THIS PLACE REDONE THE RIGHT WAY!!!! And the members here do too. We have already marked a day with the members to come back and work out in the back yard and have a bbq after:) It should be super fun. I will take a bunch of pictures and stuff of us two and the members rebuilding this church, and who knows, maybe we will make it to the LIAHONA;)
So, what do you guys think? Wanna fly over to Portugal and help me rebuild a church house? Sounds fun huh? I think it does, and I think it will be such a good opportunity for the members over here as well.
The mission is a fun thing!
Well, I am going to head out. We need to head back up to my birth place of Porto to get some paper work done for Elder Maldonado. It will be super sweet coming back to the mother land, aka LAND OF THE EUFA WORLD CHAMPS!!!!!
Did you guys hear? My boys up it Porto took it ALL THE WAY and won the EUFA!!! How sick is that?! Gosh I love that team so much. I am a diehard Dragon right now haha. and for life of course. Cant wait to go up to a game some day..... one day:)
I love you all,
Elder Daniel Hatch

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