Monday, June 20, 2011

Week 22 June 20, 2011

Hey fam!,
I thought I would mix things up with the subjects as of late to see if I could trick you guys into reading my emails:) Is it working? ;)
So! Entao, Como estao? Can you guys believe that I am back in this Biblioteca writing another letter? Does anyone else agree with me when I say that this week went by SUPER fast?! Cuz it did, and so did the last 8 months of my mission. I cant believe that a year ago I was recieving my mission call, and thinking that it was in South America!!! Hahaha wow I was so insanly off on that. Hahaha I still remember that exact moment when I opened up the call, and all the people who were there to witness my stupidity haha. But all in all, time is going by quicker and quicker! Especially for me, here as a missionary, because as we get closer to the combination of the missions, we are starting to get more and more busy with trainings and stuff. For example, this week we are headed over to Coimbra to have the last Zone Conference in the Coimbra Zone, Porto Mission history..... woah we are making history!;) But that will take out like 3 days of our week this week, then we come back and we have thursday night, friday,and saturday to get all the menos activos to come back to church this Sunday. WE DONT HAVE TIME!! Or at least it is super short, it seams. Then we have one more week of uninturrupted work, then the next week the missions are combining...... what on earth?! Time is runnin out, time is runnin out,....time is runnin out (can anyone name the movie that has that song?).
On the 4th of July guess what we are doing to celebrate the good ol USA? We are havin a MISSION CONFERENCE in Porto. Yup, President is calling ALL the missionaries (minus those in Paradise.... Madeira) to come back to Porto and to have 2 full day trainings with our new mission President Torgan. So I am super excited for that because it will be way cool seeing all of my good buddies and just doing work with them. What I am hoping is that President Torgan trains us for a couple hours and they he just NOW LETS GO GET EM ALL!! (Like Pokemon) and we just run out of the chapel and find as many people as possible for the last day in Porto haha. Wouldnt that be sweet? We just find and we baptize!
So, whats going on here in Covilha? The suprise is...... I am still not allowed to tell you guys... i am sorry. I need to call and talk to President Walton about it all cuz it is still up in the air. But its cool to know that what we are doing is being discussed by the Area Presidency of Europe.... woah. Its really cool how involved our leaders really get with the work here. Like how one man, that was a complete miracle, in Porto had to get the approval of the First Presidency to be baptized. He is such a man. Carlos Braga, the legend! But here in Covilha, we had a huge activity the other day at the chapel, where all the members of Castelo Branco came up to the chapel here in Covilha and we had a huge BBQ, so that was super fun. We ended out having like 60 people there so it was pretty packed. I realize 60 people is like a typicall Utah Ward Primary number but over here its a really big deal haha. I wish I could just show you all what I mean by the church is just a little bit different over here. Its not different, like we do the same things and it is still the only true church on the earth, its just we dont got a 500 member ward, we got 22 actives. Its just a little different over here, and when I get back to the states I think it is going to confuse the heck out of me haha. But the BBQ ran really well and the members had a really good time. We had tons and tons and tons of meat and each person brought their own treat too so there was no lack of food. The thing was each person had to bring a treat from their original country so we had the States (represented well by the missionaries), Portugal (claro), Mozambique, Cabo Verde, Brasil, Inglaterra (England), and a couple more. Some dang good foods out there in the world, and some dang nasty ones too.
So the plan for this week is continue to teach and befriend the menos activos so that we can get them to come back to church. By the end of this transfer this area will be completely ready to just START LOOKING for the people who are prepared to recieve the Evangelho de Jesus Cristo instead of just working with menos activos all the time. That was my goal in the beggining and with all the help of the Lord, it is being achieved. You set goals, specific goals, and with the help of the Lord, if it is the will of the Lord, you will achieve them. Without doubt.
Being here has really forced me to learn how it is that the church is ran. How it is supposed to be ran and what things need to happen. So I have been studying up a ton to find out exactly what I need to do. I have no doubts that this will help me for future leadership in the church, so its pretty cool getting to know how it works right now. Cuz truth is I am doing the stuff that a branch president would be doing if we had one here. Which is like, intravistas (setting them up), teaching the priesthood what their responsibilities are and how to hold to their convenants, and other things like that. Its been such a good experience for me to be here and to do this work, and I know I will never be the same because of the work that I am doing here. This area has been a big change in me and has really allowed me to grow a ton, so I am so gratefull for the opportunity that I have to be here and open it up here.
Well, I am going to go visit a menos activo right now and make some pancakes....:):):):):) I havent had pancakes in forever! I am super excited. I love you all and I hope you all have the best week ever! I keep you in my prayers!
Love Elder Daniel John Hatch

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