Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 27 July 25, 2011

Stayin in Big Covilha:)
Well, looks like the most of you got the news, I am stayin in the town that means so much to me. Yup, staying in Covilha, Portugal, for at least another 6 weeks! Pretty cool huh?
I have always known that opening up a new city would mean that the city would always be dear to me, and here I am, one lucky guy gettin to stay in this city. Crazy stuff huh? This is like the place where I grew up and learned so much! The place where I have had to really depend on the lord and go out and just get it done. Covilha will always be dear to me.
Mom, thats a funny picture you sent me of the chapel haha, because yup, its still our chapel. Pretty cool lookin huh? Its not your typical utah chapel, but it does the job. The second floor is where we hold sacrament meeting and the bottom floor is where we do the baptizing:) Its got a cool little front yard, and a pretty decent sized back yard too. Right now we are doing service every week to get the back yard into a fun place.... aka were trying to weed it, plow it, plant grass in it and then put up a volleyball net:) Volleyball night here in Covilha. Maybe even start trying to get like a legit volleyball tourney going to get more people coming to our church and seeing who we are. I have been reading in Elder Otts emails that he has his own bball teams going there in his little town, so it sounded like a good idea to get people coming. That and some english classes haha. Everyone here pretty much knows a little bit of english but it is all from England..... ya..... were going to have to fix that;) We figured that with the university here some students might be interested in learning english from americans for free. Nothing is for free haha.
So a couple things for you all to know. My companion:) His name is Elder Peacock and he is from St. George, Utah.... well at least he lived there for a while. I played basketball with him and against him, even gaurded him one game haha. Crazy how its such a small world. He is a stud though, and will be so much fun to work with. I have already seen him use the spirit so much and so affectively for the members and people here. He just seems to know what to share with the people, and he listens to that whisper we all know, very well. I cant wait to just work with him and start up the baptizing.
We are teaching one of N friends named C, and it is really going well. She came to church yesterday and liked it and tommorow we are going to teach her and invite her to be baptized as well. Its crazy how much the spirit is already changing her. We just need to make sure that we talk to the parents as well about this so that it doesnt look like we are teaching her behind their backs. Heck, we want to teach the whole family, so I am excited to meet the parents..... hahaha ah jeez this looks like I am going on a date or something. We will prolly mark her to be baptized in a week or two. Cool stuff.
So yesterday at church I was able to confirm N a member of the Church, and give her the Holy Ghost:) That was really cool, and cool to see the help that I recieved with the words during the blessing. In my patriachal it talks a lot about that so I am coming to see that it is very true. The words just come to me, and it is awesome. Good experience for me there. Oh wow, the other day I gave a blessing to this lady that is a investigator right now named H. Probably one of the most spiritual blessings that I have given in my entire life. Before the blessing she had talked about her husband who had passed away, and during the blessing I felt really strong that I needed to tell her that he was there and waiting for her:):):):) It was like a spiritual slap in the face haha. I almost starting crying it was so intense.
So as for the work here in Covilha, we have been invited by the President to make a goal to get 2 new investigators daily, and to mark someone for Baptism daily as well:) Wow, if he says that we can do it, we can do it. I dont have doubts.... let the baptizing begin:) So, you will all here a completely different than the usual story in next weeks letter. Should be some fun stuff looking all over this city to find the people that are ready to change and come unto Christ. A lot of people tell us that they are catholic and dont want to change..... that is an excuse that I am so sick of.
So last night I had a cool experience that I have never had before. I got this good friend named R that is investigating the church right now, and he had us over for dinner last night. He showed me his pet python and had me hold it... hence the pic... and it was crazy haha. The thing kept licking my hand and I swear I was just going to drop it...... hmmmm I am sounding like a girl right now haha. But then after he fed us snails..... hahaha actual snails.... and it was weird. You suck them out of the shell and just eat it. He told us that we couldnt leave until we had eaten them all, and it was already tarde de mais, so I just went to work and started downing them. After it felt like I had just got done from the ocean and had a gallon of sea water in my stomach.... ug.... kinda a sick feeling. Like the time where I got my face grinded into the sand and swallowed a bunch of seawater Devin:) Hahaha good ol Hawiia:) I think I am still sick from all of those snails though. It was me, Elder Peacock, R and his girlfriend I am pretty sure that I ate about half of all the snails by myself........ wow. Nah, he is a really cool guy though, and may come stay with you guys back in the big USA for a little bit (vacation) in the future so... I will keep you on the update.
Another fun thing, we had a waterballoon type activity at a family home evening this last weekend that was super fun. The family really liked it, and they learned about the scriptures so it was all good. Its fun to keep things going fun here, and its important to have fun:) So we keep things interesting and have fun every day. I love the mission:)
As for the situation that we had last week, all is solved, we have church every single week, without a tad bit of doubt, and life is good. I think that they will make this place into its own branch here in breve. N F at the leadership... this place is good to go. Some day I want you all to meet one of my best friends N F. I look up to the guy so much and hope one day I can have a family like he has. Such a good leader and good man. The picture is of his son and daughter:) So awesome:)
Well, I love you all! Thank you for all of your support and love! It is helping me so much. Literally every oracao helpls me! Have a great week gente! Love you!
Elder Hatch


  1. Another great week for Elder Hatch. I read his letter to his old MTC teacher, Spencer Slater at our reunion. He loved hearing about his old mission. Glad to see the growth in these young men.

  2. hahhahaha!!!!! thats us in the pic!!! omg! me you and my snake hahhahah EPIC :)