Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 25 July 11, 2011

Hola a minha familia! Ta tudo direito?
Well, this letter is going to be a little bit shorter, and let me tell you all why:):):)
So, we have been working with a less active family named a familia G. They have always let us in to talk with them but to be honest we have not really had success with getting them to church, or making big changes in their lives. So its been tuff but we have not let down haha. We eventually got the 14 year old daughter N, to start coming to church and she has been loving it. Its been really good for her and we are seeing a really good change in her life. She is reading the book of Mormon and she is feeling something different aboout when she talks to us, comes to church, and reads the book.... hmmmm I wonder what that is? She is also already good friends with a familia P(the picture that I sent to you guys a while ago..
But anyways, Elder Maldonado and I prayed a lot about it and we recieved an answer that N G needs to be baptized this Saturday. We sat her down yesterday, at the chapel, and we talked to her about it. She was pretty much asking us why she hadnt been baptized yet hahaha. So pretty much we told her the answer that we recieved and we invited her to be baptized:) She obviously accepted and is super super super excited to be baptized, she will be baptized Saturday night at 8:30! cool huh?! We are doing the baptism so late because her dad doesnt get home from a game until 830 so it all works out. The cool thing is that she wants him and the mom to give a talk in Church before the batismo.
So this week is ALL ABOUT HER. Literally we need to teach her ALL THE LESSONS and prepare her for baptism in these couple days! Its going to be such a fun journey this next week and the batismo happens two days before the transfer. So, in the end of the transfer we are celebrating by having this baptism. What a blessing it has been to be here in Covilha. This baptism will be the first baptism here in Covilha in over 15 years.... wow the Lord is really blessing this area. That and the fact that we are having sacrament every week here, and that they are even considering making Covilha its own branch right now.
The spirit of God is so powerfull, even DRAINING, hahaha Dad I am sure that you know what I mean when I say that. We come out of lessons spiritually exhausted. So I ask ask ask for all of you to please say a couple prayers for us here in Covilha, preparando N a ser batizada. We need your prayers so much, and I know that the Lord will bless this daughter of God enter the water.
Funny thing..... because this area has not seen a baptism in such a long time, the baptismal fonte is absolutely terrible! It is so so dirty and needs a lot of work, so will also be preparing that. It should be ready by that day though. I cant believe how many miracles that I see each and every day here in Covilha, and the opportunity that I have had to open this area. Covilha will always always be so dear to my heart and I will always know that the Lord called me Daniel John Hatch to open and start this area up. What a blessing it has been for me to learn how to construct and lead the church here in Covilha, and even more, the relationships that I have built here with this people that I love so much! Want to learn how to love someone? SERVE THEM. Give up your precious time and help someone else out. You will find more love and more happeness like this then in any other way.
So, I realize that I need to start doing better with the letters and having more spiritual thoughts in them, so I will work on it haha. I wish you could all see exactly what is happening here in Covilha, I really do, and see all of the miracles, but its just so hard to remember them.
Brinda! I love you so much! Thank you so much for talking to I I! And talk to her, she speaks english (a little bit). Haha that includes you too Marcie Prince:) You all could have so much influence on a life over here.
Well, I love you all! You guys are the best, and I appreciate all that you are doing for me!
Love Elder Daniel John Hatch

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