Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Week 26 July 18, 2011

Hey family!
So I gotta say this week has prolly been one of the most intense weeks of my life haha. I dont know how I can even start explaining what we have been through this week here in Covilha, Portugal.
I already knew from past experiences that the week of a baptism is a full out fist fight between us and the devil, but this has been probably the most intense of them all. It has been an absolute rollercoaster and a fight to the very second that N G WAS BAPTIZED!!!
So let me tell you all about it...... in a sec:) Iºll start off with other info first:)
Yesterday we called President Torgan to talk to him, Elder Maldonado was talking to him and President just said, DONT WORRY ABOUT IT ELDER MALDONADO, YOURE GOING TO MADEIRA. hahahaha it was hilarious to see his reaction...... uhhhhhhhhh....... hahaha. So that is the transfer news that he got a day early. Usually we get the calls tonight but Elder Maldonado got his a little early haha. As for me and the transfer, I still don’t know and I will not know until Tuesday night. So to be honest with all of you, I don’t know where I am going, or if I am going.... but you will all find out next Monday when I am there :) So don’t plan on sending me mail or anything until I let you know where I am at. Ta bem?
So the Baptism of N G:) Well, Sunday we received an answer to our prayers that N G needed to be baptized on Saturday. So we tried moving the date to another day..... I learned a very important lesson because of this. As we tried to move the data do batismo I didn’t feel really good about it. It didn’t feel good to me and I didn’t know why. So we prayed about it and Saturday was the day that the Holy Ghost confirmed to me, the day she needs to be baptized, and I don’t know why. So we returned to their house and we explained that to them...... probably one of the hardest things that I have had to do, but what a confirmation that I had after. We sat down in their house and told them, I am sorry I G, but the Lord has given us an answer that it needs to be on Saturday, and we don’t know why, but we do know that this answer is from God, and he knows all things. The Spirit of God was behind our words, and I could see how it comforted him and his wife that is should be Saturday. Why? I still do not know, but I have learned a lesson that I will hold dear to me for the rest of my life. I WILL NEVER FEAR MAN, BUT ALWAYS FEAR GOD. Let me explain that.
I wanted to change the date of the baptism because I wanted to do what I WANTED, and what I THOUGHT, would be the best for that family. But my ways are not God ways, and I found that out fast. So I repented and I learned that I will never fear what a man can say or do to me, as long as I follow the answer the God has given me. No matter who it is, President of the States, or a star soccer player here in Portugal, I will not give in to the ways of man, but always follow the direct revelation of my God. I am so blessed to have been able to have that experience, and to be able to have learned from it. Although I still do not know the reasoning behind it having to happen of Saturday, it does not matter; I know that I followed a response from my Lord, who knows all things.
So the rest of the week we prepared and taught her ALL the lessons every single day to help prepare her to be baptized. The baptism was amazing! We had a good 25 people show up and it went really well. I P, a 19 yr. old member did the baptism (we thought it would be an amazing experience for him and prepare him to serve a mission) and we will have the confirmation this next Sunday. After the baptism we had this big luncheon thing in the church and a SICK atividade after. The members loved it hahaha cuz it was so much fun! What a good fun baptism we had.
One of the most stressful weeks I have had in my life. I honestly think I aged about 10 years in one week. Physically, but also spiritually. It is such a comforter to know that you are doing the right thing in the right place. That God is on your side, as long as you choose to be on his side. And when you are both on the same page, which a lot of times requires a lot of repenting and humbling on our part, life is so good.
I have had some of the best experiences here in Covilha, this place has made me into a new person, with a new start, and I love it! I am so happy serving the Lord and doing it with all that I have. I have sooooooooooooooooooooooo much to learn, and so much to grow to become the missionary that I know that I should be. I am really excited to learn the way that the Lisboa missionaries do it to have so many baptisms like they do, and I am excited to be a part of one of the biggest pushes in Portugal history.
I know this is the only true church of God. I know that the church is being led by his Son, Jesus the Cristo. I heard something the other day in a talk or something like that. It said PROBABLY ONE OF THE MOST SURPRISING THINGS THAT WE WILL EXPERIENCE IN OUR NEXT LIFE IS HOW FAMILIAR OUR HEAVENLY FATHER WILL BE TO US WHEN WE SEE HIM. It wasn’t said exactly like that but that is pretty much the point to get across.
Well, I am going to head out. I got a lot lot lot of work to do here, and a sit to resolve. I love you all so much! Thank you for the love and support that you have all given to me. Your prayers have answered so many of my prayers. Thank you so much! Ate proxima semana:)
Love Elder Hatch

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