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Week 28 August 1, 2011

Ola boa tarde familia!, Como estao? Ta tudo direito?
Well, here I am back at the computer working on my typing ..... and english skills haha. Its good to see and read and type a little english every once in while haha, that way I dont completely lose it. Sometimes its just hard for me to remember some words or how to say things. I may come back completely boondock.... or as Marcie always told me, normal Daniel haha. But hey, we all know that it will be super cool for you all to here what Portuguese sounds like, and here me talk to allllllll those portuguese people back in good ol Utah;)
Well, I feel like I have so much to write about, but just about zero time to do it. Is that the usual or what? Are you guys all sick of me saying that haha? Iºll try to get down to business and let you all know what I am passing here in the beautiful city of Covilha... aka my home:)
So this week, like I said in the subject, has been a week full of maricles... maricals.... gosh milagres haha. This week the Lord guided us to a old investigator that was taught a little bit a lonnnnng time ago by other missionaries. Her name is M S and she is the sweetest little old lady ever, minus my two grandmas and Devin;) This M S let us back in so easy and we sat down and talked to her for a little bit. She had so many questions and kept saying how confused she was because of all of the churches and all of the confusion with them. So we were like hmmmm..... we have a lesson that will answer it all, aka the Restauration of the Gospel of Jesus Cristo. We taught her the lesson and she just sat there soaking in the Holy Ghost. After we asked how she felt and she let us know that she felt that it was true:) This lady has about 70s:) So then we invited her to follow the example of Jesus Cristo and ser batizada by someone that has the authority:) She said no at first haha but it was only because she thought that we wanted to baptize her at the second. Once she knew we want to help her be prepared to be baptized she accepted:) Our next appointment with her, the Spirit told me that we needed to visit her on a day that she said she wasn’t going to be there..... but we follow the spirit, and she was home. We knew that we needed to teach her the Plano da Salvacao and when we got there we saw why. She had a lot of questions why she had never received a notice or a note from some friends that had passed away that they were alright. So we taught her the Plano da Salvacao and it all made since to her. She accepted and we reinforced the importance of her being baptized. The next time that we will go to her house we will mark her with a date, but before then, we need to do a lot of revelation seeking to find out what day it is that the Lord wants her to be baptized.:) Pretty cool how the Lord is helping this 70 sweetheart find the true path:) I feel like she is already part of the family hahaha, she is going to for sure want you guys to meet her and come over:)
Another miracle, back with me and Elder Maldonado we had been teaching this man named J A, and chain smoker with a TON of doubts about everything. It didn’t really work out because he never kept his part of the lessons and we end out dropping him a while ago. Then me and Elder Peacock got the feeling that we need to talk to him again and we did:) What did we teach? The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Cristo:) What happened? Gods hand came into our discussion and the Spirit told the truth:) This man, who is a man of complete logic and only like’s logic, knew that the Restoration made since. This time, it made since to him, and God answered his questions the way that was the best for J A, with logic. So the spirit told me during the lesson that J A now knew that is was the truth, so we invited him to be baptized...... he accepted. We then taught him the Plano da Salvacao directly after, and it made sense to him again. God was telling J that this is the truth. So next time me meet up with him.... we are marking a date:)
Another miracle, we have this man, one of my best friends here in Covilha, named J A, who is a menos ativo with a family full of non members. He was baptized as a jokester back when he was a teenager and just did it because a lot of people were doing it. We FINALLY got to sit down with him in his house, we started the discussion with him at 9PM:) He is pretty much like an investigator and he has TONS of doubts as well, especially about this church. He was just doubting everything about us, even though me and him are really good friends (funny thing is he is a Utah Jazz fan.... cool nao e?), and especially the Book of Mormon. He wanted to know why it is any more special than any other book if it testified of the same thing. It made me really wonder and have to think a little bit, and then the spirit hit me, TEACH HIM THE RESTAURATION:):):) hahaha so we did. We pulled out the restauration pamflets and he said NO put that thing away and tell me by your own words Hatch! Hahahaha so I did. I taught it by my own words and testified the entire time. The spirit of God was behind my words! I could feel it so strong, and as I looked into my good friends eyes, I knew that he could feel it too. After I asked him what his doubts were.... Joseph Smith?...... Authority..? and he said no, his doubts were about other things now hahaha.
Like tithing and the importance of Church and going to church. Oh my goodness I have not felt the happiness that I felt that night when I testified of the truthfulness of this church to one of my good friends J A. When we looked at our watches, after all the discussion and all of his questions, it was already 10:56PM hahahaha and we had not even noticed it. He knew that we had to be home at 10PM and told us that he was sorry. I told him that I would sit with him ALL night and explain to him all day if that is what he wanted. He told me he had one more question, and I told him that I would not leave his home until he asked it hahaha the guy is family to me:) We then talked about marriage and eternal families to help him in the situation that he is in right now. One day, he will have an eternal family, and he will be sealed in the temple :) We just need to work with him, step for step :)
Wow, the people here feel like family to me :) I have SUCH a great love for each and every one of them. They mean so much to me! I honestly love them so much and want the best for them. They know that I have a love for them too! Leaving this area one day is going to be one of the hardest things for me, but I know that one day, I will be able to see all these people again, whether in this life or the next, and we will just give each other the biggest hugs and remember the days that we spent together, side by side, standing up for the truth and the righteousness:)
Quick cool little note. This last week, me and Elder Peacock cooked up some francizinhas and they were DANG good! Man, I am so excited to get pro and cooking those up! They were seriously so so so good hahaha and I am just going to get better with them. If you don’t know what it is, just check out a picture of it on the internet:)
This week, we have a zone conference down in Coimbra so I am going to make a journey that direction. I feel bad that I will have to be out of my area for that long but, we will make up for it. We seriously need to have such a good week this week. I know it will happen if we keep THUPER obedient to the rules and stuff. Hardest part...... waking up hahahaha. ahhhh I just get sooooooo tired sometimes, but I am starting to run with Elder Peacock now, so ta tudo bem.
Today for Pday we went back up to the Serra da Estrela with Elder Peck, my good friend. Another good thing, I got a letter from my boy Elder Ott!:):):):):) Made my day so much! He sounds like he is in the same kinda situation that I am here in Covilha. Sounds like we got a lot of talking to do after the mission haha. He is such a stud!
Thank you for all of the pictures, love and support! I am such a happy man here in Portugal. The members here always tell me that I am the smelliest happiest missionary hahaha. Its cuz I love to laugh, love to have fun, and love to just laugh with the members! They say some funny stuff haha. Life is so good. Being a happy missionary is easy. I hope that none of my emails have ever seemed like I was a downer, because I hope to believe that I am the opposite. (Contrario). Hahaha I hope the members always tell me that I am the happiest Elder, cuz I just LOVE being with them! They make me laugh and smile and they make the sacrifices worth the blessings:)
Well, I hope you are all having such a good week! The best week ever! Don’t forget to make someone smile or laugh during the day. Make someone have a better day. This should be our hidden purpose throughout all of our days. We can go to work, but that is just to make someone there happy and smile, and feel the Love that our Lord and Heavenly Father has for them. Remember! You are so blessed for everything that you have! Share the light of what you know with the entire world. Let people know that you love them and care about them! That is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo important for us to do. God shows his love through so many ways, but I would say one of the biggest of them is through us! One more time, make someones day better every day of this week. My challenge to you, for this week and for the rest of your lives:) I love you all! You are the best family in the World; of this I have 0 doubts! You all mean the world to me! Let your light shine, and don’t let a day go by, without helping someone else feel loved:)
Love your son, brother, uncle, grandson, best friend, and more
Elder Hatch

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