Sunday, August 14, 2011

Week 29 August 8, 2011

FAMILIA! Como Vao?!
Well, I am back in the good ol computer lab, with the rest of my gaming friends haha. This place is always packed full of teenagers just gamin it up all day. Remindes me of a kid I used to know.... I think his name was Devin? Not sure. But either way I am excited to be in here writing the best familia in the world! Let me tell you about one of the best weeks of my life here on the mission. I think the weeks just keep getting better and better:)
This week was an absolute week full of miracles. I know that I say that just about every week, but it is the honest truth. The mission just keeps getting better and better and I just keep seeing the Lords hand in this work more and more. People say that the mission is like a gravity game. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes by..... well, I am not saying that I am too close to the end yet, but I think I am getting sucked into a faster and faster water pool here. Because the days and the weeks and the months are just going by faster and faster! I cant believe it, but I think that I am about to hit my 9 month mark. I am about to have a missionary baby!!:):) hahaha gosh I do not see how women do it hahahaha nine months of that... you guys must really love us huh?:)
Well, let me tell you a little bit about this last week. On Tuesday we did a little olhos da fe (eyes of faith) and we found out where exactly is was that God had someone prepared for us to go. So we went to a newer part of the town and started up the knocking. Two straight buildings of rejections happened, but then we found a student who is letting us come back and wants all of his friends to be there when we come back so that should be a ton of fun. After that we knocked another building and got nothing. We were hungry (surviving off of a piece of toast) and decided it was time to go back and eat some lunch. As we were walking we see a door open, and took that as a sign from God that we needed to knock that door. Sure enough, it was a sign:) We met a 20 year old college girl named L who wanted us to come back, who had seen the missionaries before and was super nice with us. I felt good about her, so we are for sure comin back. Then we went down a floor and boom Lil W himself opens up a door. Nah, it was this African guy in his 20s who called his friend over to talk to us. So here comes this other African guy just sportin a ton of bling haha so we talked to him and he was like COME IN hahaha. We go in and there is a whole African family in there:) Ends out 3 of the people in there are Professional Athletes (they play for the team Sporting da Covilha) soccer and are all really new to the area. We asked them if they know O Paquita our member (N Dad) and they know him and love the guy. So pretty much we got a whole family there to go teach AND THEIR AFRICAN. I keep saying that because I have a serious love and respect for my African brothers who are always so open hearted to learn more and come closer to Christ. So we are going to come back and teach them and more of the family this week. He told us to come back when he could invite the WHOLE family over so.... we are excited. Then we go down to the next floor, get rejected hard by one door and go to the next, a lady who looked like she had been waited for the Elders to knock her door for along time:)
Later in that very day the Lord guided us to another family higher up in the city, ALL BRAZILIANS! They let us and and now we are going to teach the family. While we were in the house another random brasilean walks in and we get his name and number:) So in one blessed day we found 7 new investigators. Later in the week we found another 3 brasileans and all of which have let back and we have already started teaching! The Lord is blessing this area so so so much! A lot of these people have already accepted the Batismal Convite and we are helping get to church.
The random brasilean kid that we got his number and stuff, we had a lesson with him last night and I think it was one of the best and funnest lessons that I have ever had in my entire life! He started by telling us that he already knows everything hahahahahahahaha you guys should have seen his face as we taught him the RESTAURATION!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA this Brasilean was hit in the face with the Spirit! He then told us his lifes story and I think that I can officially say that this man is one of my best friends now! His name is Fabio, and he is a 30 Brazilean looking for an answer! How more perfect can it get?! He told us that he knew that we had not met by coincidence and that God had helped him meet us. Now we are teaching him every week:)
The work of God is the MOST AMAZING THING THAT I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!! I cannot explain the feelings that I have as I have been able to serve my Lord and Savior Jesus Cristo in his work. I have been walking out of lessons just exploding with the Spirit of God and looking up to the big blue skies saying GLORIA A DEUS!!!!! God is so great!!! His work is so powerful!
At the Zone Conference that we had in Coimbra, our President let us know that we are writing history here in Portugal. That we are fulfilling a prophecy from God that Portugal would become the Lighthouse of Europe and that it is happening right now. With the month of July Portugal had 115 baptisms in ONE MONTH. He told us that whoever believes that it is hard to baptize in Europe has a lack of faith hahaha because with that month we baptized more then a lot of Brasilean missions and Mexico missions. The work is moving forward here in Portugal, and it is decision whether or not we want to be a part of the biggest push:) Whether or not we will be a part of this work. It put SO MUCH MOTIVATION in me to know that I am helping the Lord in such a crucial time here in Europe and that this really is the year of the Forol. This mission is going to blow Europe apart:) Hahaha I am excited. Time to repent and get to some serious work!
Well, I love you all, and I hope you enjoyed the letter! I will be back soon haha and I will let you how this week was better then the last! This work is truly the work of God! Thank you all so much for the help that you are giving me every single day with prayers and love!

Love Elder Hatch

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  1. Hi Elder Hatch! This is Elder Peacock's mom!!! I really enjoy your letters/weekly posts and just wanted to say thank you for keeping me updated with all the happenings in Covilha when Elder Peacock forgets to write, or forgets to mention all of the great things you two are doing there ;)! I am so glad you two got to be companions -- I mean, what are the chances?! Okay, with God, anything is possible, and in this case, a true blessing! :) Any way, keep up the good work and keep an eye on my boy! Cuidado! ~Aimee Cluff