Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Week 30 August 16, 2011

8 Days Later
Well, here I am at the computer, how many times am I going to start with that line right there. But I just want you to all know, last week I told you all that it was the best week of miracles here for us in Covilha and that I would be surprised If we could beat that week..... well...... I think that I just had one of the most miracle filled weeks ever this week hahaha. And we for sure beat it:) This is getting insane haha, the miracles are absolutely amazing! So let me tell you all a little bit about it:)
8 days later is a book that I am going to write in the future hahaha. So you are all going to get a short 5 minute version of it right now (oh my gosh you are all so privileged right?;)) So last week I told you all that we found a lot of people and a lot of new potential. Well, that was not a lie:) 2 Fridays ago we met a man and a woman named H and J. Before we left to go do contacts we said a prayer (as always) and we asked the Lord to literally show us the area that we needed to be in. So he did, a very specific area came to my mind, so we went there to find out what the Lord had prepared for us there. We did a lot of contacts in that area, and we were just kinda walking around after and we saw some steps going up to who knows where. I had a feeling like we needed to go up there, so we did and we found a hidden door to some apartments. The door was shut so we started talking to people through the intercom. All were rejections haha. One guy literally yelled at us through the phone hahaha. But then we toked this door 4A, and a man asked us if we could come back at 7. So we agreed and kept working. 7 Came around and we went back to the area to talk to this person. I literally had written in my planner HIDDEN DOOR because it didn't have a number to it and it was hard to find. The man let us enter and we came into his house. Turns out he was a Brazilian named J... now one of my good friends! and he also had his girlfriend there with him, a girl named H. We ended out teaching them the entire Restoration lesson that night and they accepted the invite to be baptized too! Before we left H said an amazing prayer thanking God for answering the prayers that she had been doing. We came back and taught them the Plan of Salvation the next night, and on Sunday we walked with them to church. They were absolutely prepared by the hand of God. On Tuesday we came back to teach one more lesson before Junior would head out to Brazil. We taught them the gospel of Jesus Cristo and we brought two calenders with us to the lesson. After the lesson we talked about baptism and let them know that God had a date in specific that he wanted that they be baptized in his true church. We all knelt down and we said a prayer to find out what that day is..... J will be baptized on the 3rd of September in Brazil:) He had a strong confirmation with that. After we did the same thing with H and after the prayer she felt very strongly that she needed to be baptized on the 13th of August...... aka she is now a member of A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos Dos Ultimos Dias:):):):):) I guess that's the news for the week:):) We found, taught, and baptized someone in 8 days!!!:):):) We ended out teaching the commandments and doing an interview with her the night before the baptism.... woah that was intense!!!!
This is the work of the Lord, and his hand is in every corner of the world! We were guided by his hand to literally see the place that we needed to be in the time that we needed to be to find the people that he had prepared for us to baptize. I have 0 doubts that this is the true church of God on the earth and that he will build this church in all countries and in all nations. He loves every single one of us, and will help us achieve the biggest of miracles, if we only put our faith in him. God lives and loves us. We are his Glory:)
This week we have received guidance from our Lord that their is a jovem that we need to baptize this Sunday.... I will work every single day to make sure that I do my part to give this jovem an opportunity to accept the Lords offer. I cant wait to show you a picture of his baptism as well.
Well, I gotta go, we are teaching our newest member a lesson about her preparing herself to have an eternal family:) I am sure you guys will forgive me for the short letter and understand. I love you all!
Elder Hatch

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