Thursday, September 1, 2011

Week 32 August 29, 2011

amilia, amigos, e pessoas amadas,
Hahaha the subject kinda gives it away doesnt it? Looks like my beloved time here in Covilha is coming to a quick end. I could never possibly describe the love that I have for this city, this people, and the time that I have had to serve in Covilha. Its crazy how fast time has gone by since I have been here! Feels like yesterday I was opening this area up. Wow.... how do I explain my feelings for the time that I have had here? Its impossible.
This week was a good week, not the best haha but I am not sure how it could possibly get any better then Baptizing my brother E in a river at 9:40PM haha, but I am sure I will have more future experiences just as sacred to me. The week went by way to fast and was spent teaching and teaching our new converts:):) So it was spent exactly how I wanted to spend it. With the people that mean so so much to me! And they do mean so much to me!
Ahhhhh.... man..... I dont even want to start to try to explain how I feel about this area, its like its almost too sacred for me to share with the world hahaha. Its my memories that I want to keep dear to me and the people I spent the time with. I have become so so so close to the people here in Covilha! They are like literal family to me right now. Together we have seen the ups and the downs of a city being opened up to the Church of Jesus Cristo and the miracles that come along with that. I am super happy to know that the area will now have 3 hard working Elders to continue to do the work of the Lord here, in the city that I grew up in. I know that Elder Peacock and the other Elders will do a great job in this area and that the area will see so many miracles here in the future!
So, you are probably wondering where I will be going:):):) I have been called to serve in the Viana do Castelo area which is located in the uppermost part of Portugal, on a beautiful city on the coast. My new address is
Avenida Rocha Paris Nº (number) 79, 2º (andar) Esq (Esquerda) Frt (Frente)
Viana do Castelo 4900-053
You obviously dont need to write NUMBER or ANDAR or the other ones, that was just explaining what those abreviations mean. hahaha Portugal is a different world.
I will be serving with Elder Park, who I knew from the MTC (he was in my zone) and he also was in Castelo Branco when I came to Covilha, so I already know him and stuff. I am super excited to serve with him and see miracles with him! I have no doubt that the Lord has prepared and is preparing people for Elder Park and I to find, teach, and baptize! I am seriously a witness of this aspect of the work of the Lord here in Portugal. So I am excited to meet some of my future best friends haha. I consider all of the people here best friends and family, so literal family, you have a LOT MORE MEMBERS of the family that you need to meet, and they are all super excited to meet you all!
Well, I am not really sure what to write about right now, because i am honestly kinda with a couple mixed feelings right now. I am super excited to start a new adventure in a new land, but at the same time I love the people here SO much and they have all been telling me that I CANT leave haha some have even been praying that I wouldnt..... I LOVE THIS PEOPLE!!!! And the more I write about it the sadder I will get hahaha so I wont write about it. You will all just have to wait until I get home to explain what Covilha and its people have done for me and what we are for each other.
Well, dont you love it?:):):) Life always has new adventures for us just waitin around the corner. I am so so excited to be called to a new area and start looking for those people that the Lord has prepared for me! I am so excited to go meet new people and make that same friendship through my Lord and Savior Jesus Cristo. The Lords hand is in his work. I have no doubt about that. He is blessing all those people who are looking for his help and looking to him. He will continue to help and bless all of those people. I know that there are MANY of them in Viana de Castelo that I need to help. Its time I start baptizing weekly, and become the real missionary that I should be.
For all those people that think that it is hard to baptize in Europe..... just wait and see haha. It IS hard to baptize..... if you are trying to do it by yourself. But with the help of the Lord, and with his hand in his work, we will baptize weekly in Viana do Castelo. This really is the year of the Forol for Europe and Portugal. I cant wait to tell you all how many baptisms Portugal has had this month. I will let you know next week:):):)
I love you all, forgive me for a weird letter, my mind is not really here haha its on the members of Covilha...... I think you understand.
Love Elder Hatch

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