Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 33 September 6, 2011

Ola bom dia a familia minha!

Well, I get to hurry and send out a letter to you to let you all know that ta tudo sauve and everything is going well here in the beautiful city of Viana do Castelo.

I am sure that you guys have probably already got to take a look at the city through the net, and youre probably seeing how beautiful this city really is. I gotta say, out of all the cities that I have seen in Portugal so far, this city is probably the most beautiful. I feel like I am walking through epic europe every single day here haha. Its true cobblestone streets that are about 6 feet wide hahaha and there are tons of old fashioned parties here. Like traditional parties that are always going on throughout the day and such. Its pretty much a good tourist town and there are a lot of foriegners here as well. Its always a good treat to see a man walking through the street wearing a New England Patriots shirt:):) Hahaha I saw the guy and I shouted across the street OI! WHERE DID YOU BUY THAT SHIRT!? hahaha good stuff. Even saw a boston redsox hat..... gotta love it nao e?

So the work here has been going really well:) I am loving being here and seeing the miracles happen here as well. The people here are really nice and lots of them are very religious. Yup, I was sent to serve in the most religious city of a catholic country..... let the miracles begin:) Its definitely different then being in Covilha, because there are tons of people walking through the streets and just tons of people to talk to. I can already tell that this is going to be one of those areas that help you grow a ton and bring you so much closer to the Lord, so I am super excited:)

Yesterday I was complaining a little bit about the zone conference that was called, but after I was stuck thinking.... WOW, I REALLY NEEDED THAT hahaha. Thats how it usually goes with me, but I am sure you all already know that. So it was great to head down to Braga and learn of some things that I needed to improve on and once again be born again with a new fire in me:) That same fire that I had when it was the week of Ernestos Baptism. So I am pretty much making some new goals and stuff like that to help me STAY the missionary that I need to be. The missionary that lives, drinks, thinks, dreams about baptism haha. It looks like I need to put the helmet back on and just stick in the game the whole time. I am cool with that, I have always liked game time so.

I am lovin serving with my new Companion Elder Park. He is a great Elder that is really helping keep me in line as well. I really appreciate all the people in my life that have helped me keep on the line aka all of the people that are now reading this email. I love serving with people that want to be obedient because of the effects that it has on the work. Obedience.... very important.

Sean, Kaitlyn, Jayden, Lydia, Mylee, Layla (lkasfdjoiguoiwejfrklsdfjiowguy :):)) (that is the secret language that Layla and I have going if any of you didnt know) and finally Devin.... you all need to be obedient to your parents:) Hahaha...... you too Marcie;) But seriously, obedience is such an important principle of the Gospel. I have learned a lot about it since I have been on my mission. My look at obediencia has changed from.... WELL YA ITS LOGICAL THAT WE SHOULDNT DRINK OR SMOKE BECAUSE IT DOES BAD TO THE BODY...... to..... I WONT DRINK AND SMOKE SIMPLY BECAUSE IT IS A COMMANDMENT FROM GOD THAT I DONT, AND I LOVE MY GOD. I hope that all of your testimonies of the commandments dont have anything to do with logic but everything to do with your love for our heavenly father as well. Lets not mix up the motives. Because we will find out quickly that our ways are not the ways of the Lord, and logic for us is not logic for God.

So I want to thank you all for all of the prayers that you say for me and the people of Portugal, because it really is making a difference. The Lord really is blessing the country of Portugal, and your prayers are being sanctified. Sean aka skiddles, thank you so so much for fasting for me!!!! I feel like your fast has specifically helped me through a good week:):) You mean a ton to me bud!

Well, I got a lesson in about 3 minutes here in the chapel, so I gotta go and start praying. I love you all and I hope you all have the best week ever!!! I know I will:):) Life is so good, God is so great:):) We should never really have any reason to frown through a whole day, or even a couple hours. There is always something out there that will help us feel the love that God has for us. Whether it be a friend, brother, son or daughter, loved one, roomate, or maybe just a chain of stars at night helping you hold on to a dream:) whatever it is, God wants to show his love for you every single day. We just gotta recognize it:):) Never ever forget that I love you:) Everyone who gets this letter is literally considered family to me:) I cant wait to be next to my family for the rest of my life:)

COM MUITO AMOR E GRATIDAO, Deus esteja convosco!

Elder Daniel John Hatch (Butch the 1st, and K.O.T.C)

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