Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 34 September 12, 2011

Familinha minha,
Well, isn't it great to be writing you all right now. Just so you all know, this very second it is 3PM, in the ever so beautiful city of Viana do Castelo, Portugal! Who on earth ever thought that I would be here a year ago?! Well, a year and a couple months ago, before I opened up my mission call?! Crazy stuff huh? Que Coisa locinha. Well, here I am though, and I am loving it!
It's really cool to hear about all of those friends meus gettin ready to come out to the battlefield and serve the Lord in the greatest work to be done! Like MC Hammer, got his call?! Ah man, I am so excited for him! It's always so cool to just think, wow, my best friends are out there battling it out too! Just different sides of the world, whether it be Germany, Boston, or Guacamoli, I know they are just doing work there. Makes me think of Ammon and his brothers going out to serve and then meeting back up after a while. The joy that they had together... hard to beat. For all those friends that get this email, or that my parents find to tell, DEUS ESTEJA CONVOSCO!!!! and Hooray por Israel! hahaha its so awesome to see my buds getting out into the mission field as well and just preaching the word of God to ALL people. We need all the people we can get, so keep em comin! Maybe you guys can send a couple more to Portugal too, K? hahaha:)
So like the subject of the letter says, ONE MORE SOUL SAVED, that is exactly what has happened. D S de S T:) wow, it was A BATTLE, to get him into the water. A serious battle hahaha but it is all worth it. He is the son of a member that has not been able to be baptized for about 4 years now because of the lack of a signature from the dads side, but we got his word and he accepted him to be baptized. The mom is super happy and so was he. It took a lot lot lot of faith hahaha but in the end, another soul has been saved, and yet another child of God is on the path:) After all of it, I was talking to I T on the phone hahaha and she was like WOW, THAT WAS A WEEK FULL OF BATTLE WASNT IT?! BUT YOU GUYS DID IT! YOU WON THE BATTLE! hahahahaha YOU GUYS HAD A WAR HUH? hahahaha I was just laughin over the phone as we celebrated:) She helped us out a lot with it all, because there were other complications that I will not talk about. But wow, it was quite the battle, thats for sure. But like the Lord had promised us from the beginning when he gave us the name of David, to baptize, he had prepared a way for us to fufill that which he had asked.
So, just like I T (wife of my mission president), said, WELL, LOOKS LIKE YOU GUYS NEED TO GO GET IN THE BATTLE AGAIN, FOR THE NEXT WEEK, AND THE NEXT WEEK AND THE NEXT WEEK, hahaha so that is exactly what we have planned to do. Ask the Lord who it is that he wants us to Baptize, then go and do, with full faith in the Lord, that he has prepared a way for us to fulfill his word.
So a little bit about this area. This is a branch here (I never realized the difference between a branch and a ward until I got on the mission...... there is a BIG difference haha), with about 20 people, so a lot like Covilha. But maybe even a little bit smaller, so it's good. Which is always fun working with the people here, but they also have soooooo much to learn about the church and how it runs haha. So along with finding, teaching, and baptizing people, I will also try to be teaching the branch members how it is that the church works. One thing that I have been seeing as I have been working with these smaller areas of the church, is that they need leaders, or people that know how the church runs. They need returned missionaries to help lead the branch, but that will come with time. The church is still pretty new here in Portugal with about 35 years now, but still, its doing really well. Obviously it is, it's the Church of Jesus Christ.
Well, I gotta go and finish up a couple things, but thank you for all of your emails and love and support. I know sometimes it's hard for me to show that back, they way that I want to, but I hope you all forgive me. I will for sure make up the lack of talking in about 14 months now. P.s is it weird or what to hear that Adam and Putter have already been out for a year?! Wow! Those guys are OLD! Love you all! Elder Hatch

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