Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Week 35 September 19, 2011

Boa Tarde Familia!
Well, in Dads letter to me he let me know that time passes by pretty fast. Soak in it, he says, because soon it will all be a memory...... I thought that was pretty mean dad hahaha. But I guess its the truth. My time in Portugal has been going by super fast. I know some of you are thinking, YA RIGHT! hahaha but its the truth, time is flying by. Do you guys remember when I wrote that song on the Guitar about time? Hahaha it was my way of learning the C chord F chord and G chord, but talked about time:) Time:) Good magazine.

I gotta admit its really cool hearing about all those friends back home who are getting the mission call and going to college and starting a new life and stuff, although some of them seem sooooo young to me hahaha. I forget that time is passing by for them as well. Its unreal to me to think that I will be turning 20 years old in 14 days. 20.... dang, thats like a 5th of my life already..... I wonder how dad feels;) I kinda forget that I was turning 20 until yesterday when a member asked me how old I was and I told her 19..... woah.... I am almost 20! She was making fun of me for being so young when I am only like 2 months younger then her haha. I am sure Devin is probably thinkin WEAK SAUCE hahaha but hey I am breakin the teenager years now. As a missionary you kind of lose track of time too. Its hard to think of more then, OKAY THURSAY WE HAVE SO AND SO, FRIDAY WE HAVE THIS SATURDAY WE HAVE THIS, and then it goes by and then you think OKAY TUESDAY WE HAVE THIS, WEDNESDAY WE HAVE TIM, and it just repeats itself over and over and over, and you forget that those days and weeks and months are actually building up to a two year time period of my life that will be so dear to me FOREVER! Every second that ticks by is a second that I cant get back. Anyone who has served a mission would agree with me that mission time is a lot different then regular time. It feels like you dont have time to think about in 2 months I will be half way done with my mission or in 3 months this will happen. You only have time to think about what it is that needs to be done for the next 7 days. And then you PACK those 7 days with as much as you can. So now that you all know how I feel about time.....

Viana do Castelo has been awesome lately:) I am loving being here serving the Lord in this area of Portugal. Its a special area that needs a lot of help, and the Lord is ready to make this area explode. The people here need to see miracles, need to see that the Lord is there watching over them. They need saints, they need the Church:) Its been my privilege for the last couple of weeks to be able to share with them the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and the blessings that come because of that. There are so many people who are searching for the truth, some of which do not even know it, and there are many people who need this Gospel specifically today. The Lord has prepared so many people out there who are literally waiting for us to show up:) We have a woman named Carla that will be baptized this weekend and MANY others that are showing a lot of potential.

I have an invite for all of the people who read this letter. Read 1 Nephi 8 and think about yourself or your family. Think about the journey that we are in, and remember the path that leads to eternal life. Study this chapter carefully and invite the Holy Ghost touch your heart. Read it with an open heart and if necessary make the changes in your life to come closer to your heavenly father. There is a hidden message in that chapter for each and every one of you, a message that our Heavenly Father wants to say to YOU. Find out what it is, and make the change in your life:) Anyone who takes up the challenge, write me next week and let me know what happened.

Well, I dont have too much time today to write. I gotta get a haircut cuz I am getting kinda shaggy. I love you all! All of your prayers really do make a difference over here, so please keep the prayers coming!

Love Elder Hatch

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