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Week 40 October 24, 2011

Hey Family!
Dang its so good to hear from you all again. It was AN AMAZING week of emails that I have recieved from you all! Not because I got a ton of emails or anything, but because the emails I did get were just packed full of missionary work on your side of the map. PARA BEMS a voces! Serious, well done family! We all should know that it is our repsonsability to share the gospel to the entire world, we promised that with our Baptismal Covenant:) Its great to hear that my family is constantly praying for an oppurtunity to help someone come unto Christ and feel of his great curing power. You will find no greater joy then when you are helping your brother come unto Christ and witness his hand as you all have witnessed:) If you do not or have not felt the curing power of Jesus Christ in your life, I invite you to pray to our Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ to help you better understand what it is that the Lord has done for you. As you do you and follow the commandments of God, you will see miracles in your lives and you will rise above your challenges, whatever they may be. Thank you family and friends for showing your love to all and helping others come to the mature step in their lives, of accepting Jesus Chirst fully as our Lord and Savior. As you show your testimony, do so by acting and serving, and when necessary you can say a couple words too;)
A great verse that I can add to this subject is the very last verse in James. Read it, and then prayerfully discover what it is that the Lord wants you to do to be able to become clean of your sins and return to his presence.
Well, its been a great week for me here in Viana. One that I have learned a ton and grown a ton. A lot of that I can thank for one of the greatest men that I have ever met in my life, President Moroni Torgan. I dont know how to describe this man other than the modern day Moroni:) He is a man that inspires like I have never been inspired! A man that is truly concerned with the Salvation of men here in Portugal, and also with us, the missionaries. Mom, I can now see why one of your friends named their kid after him hahaha. He is the kind of guy that you just want to stick around the rest of your life because you know that he wants you to achieve your potential and be in the presence of God, in the end. Haha I dont know how I could ever possibly describe him, but I put him up there with the Prophet and apostles.
So tuesday night I got a call from a random number, but quickly recognized the voice behind it:) My very good friend M M:) M had a really tuff situation with a lot of complications but made a huge decision in her life:) Maybe some of you remember me talking about M when I was in Vila Nova de Gaia 2? She was the golden investigator that me and Elder Griffiths found and began to teach. We invited her to be baptized on our first visit and she accepted:) We had a great time teaching her and getting to know her:) Me with Griffiths and Imbuqui too. After she kept in touch with me as I moved to Covilha and she moved to Maia. Now in Maia, she called me and let me know that she had decided to be baptized!!!!! I was FREAKING OUT hahahaha! When I found out I almost started crying! She had decided to make some HUGE changes in her life and follow the example of Jesus Chirst:) She then told me that she wanted me to do it:) That I had been her light as she knew the church and that she wanted me to baptize her the next day in Porto..... which happened to be the day of our zone conference anyways, so it all worked out perfect!
We had a zone conference this week and we had our interviews. It went really well:) I wish I could have more encounters with President Torgan to just talk with him and learn more from him because hes amazing. But he did say something that I would like to invite all of you to do in your lives. An invitation that I think has moved my life and probably saved my soul:) As I was interviewed I expressed my want to know more about the Saviors atonement for us and me specifically. I want to feel it more so that I can work harder and open my mouth to all. He told me to pray to walk next to the Savior as he goes into the Gardin of Getsemani and watch as the Lord atones for me. I think its probably the best invation that I have ever recieved in my life and its one that I want all of you to do as well. I want this for you because it is making a change in my life and I am really feeling the atonement:) I want this happiness for you all. Please try it out, its an experience that you will never forget. You know that I would love to be there with you to experience this with you but that would mean you would lose a full year of the blessings that come, so I invite you now:)
After the conference we stayed there and we had M baptism:):) Probably one of the most spiritual baptisms that I have been to. Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven!
The work is going good here:) The Cunha family came to church and we had 2 other investigators there, but we can still do so much better. We should have had a baptism yesterday but she didnt feel quite ready yet and didnt want to make that step.... it was complicaded and stuff, but I learned a huge lesson from it all. One that I will never forget, about the freedom of choice. She will be baptized soon here, along with the C and C we just need to help them feel the Atonement of Jesus Christ in their lives and then they will want to change. The C family is probably one of my favorite families that I have ever met! I love them SO much! I cant wait to see miracles with them as they apply the Lords atonement in their lives as well.
I love you all! You guys are the best family and friends ever! You have helped me become the man that I need to be and I must thank you all for everything that you have done. All of you have a special place in my heart, and I look forward to being close with you all for the rest of our lives:) I hope you all know that whoever you are, and whatever your situation is, I Daniel John Butch Hatch, will always be there to help you:)
With Love
Elder Hatch

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