Friday, October 7, 2011

Week 36 September 26, 2011

Querido Familia e Amigos,
Well..... I cant hide it, I am so so excited for General Conference this weekend! So its the first thing that I am going to talk about. This will be my 2 foriegn general conference experience for me here in Portugal and I am stoked for it. Hahaha if anyone wants to know if Butch Hatch has changed on his mission they can just look at the way that he sees General Conference. For example, in the near past when I was just a young tad in the pool, General Conference was the time when Dad would call me from the computer room to listen to the words of the Prophet. I would usually either fall asleep on the couch, or make up an excuse of being hungry and make a new food experimintation, and try to invent something good while taking as much time as possible. Pretty pathetic hahaha. Some funny experiences though, like taking a picture of my ENTIRE family asleep on the couch hahaha. As I have been on my mission I have began to CRAVE the words of the living Prophet. Now that I have a true testimony of him, my entire look at General Conference has completely flip flopped to such an excitement. I am 10x more excited for General Conference then I am my Birhday. Birthdays are fun and stuff (mine happens to land on PDay! How cool is that? And its the Pday we are allowed to go out of our area and stuff so.... good stuff.) but General Conference is so much better. I am lucky to have my birthday always around General Conference cuz that is like the only gift that I am going to want for the rest of my life. I am sure the wife, family and kids will not mind that at all;)
But as General Conference approaches us I would like to make a challenge for all of you. Maybe I already did this convite back in the last conference but it still applies and will always apply to us. 1 Nephi 10:17. Read and study that scripture before General Conference starts and ponder about how you will need to desire the same thing to be able to have an actual spiritual growth because of the words of the Prophet. If you want to have a spiritual "high" for just a good day or 2, watch General Conference like its nothin important and feel the spirit for a little bit, then go back to the normal life and dont change...... hahaha dont choose this option!!!! Or, if you would like to have a mighty change of heart and come closer to your Lord and Savior, show your desires by ACTING on the words of the Prophets. Anyone who takes up this challenge, please let me know your experience.
So here in Portugal things are a little bit different for Conference because of the time differences. They have delayed showings going on at the stake centers and ward buildings, but that doesnt really apply to us here in Viana do Castelo because we are a branch of about 20 people. We are going to try to watch most of the sessions live via internet with a projector here in the chapel, but we will see if we have permission to do that. Because if that doesnt work we will have to go to either Braga or Porto where they are showing it. Kinda a problem for investigators that we want to bring, but we will solve it all out. It will be in Portuguese, claro, but that is not really a problem anymore. Heck I have been here for almost a year now, I better know how to understand it hahaha.
Well, the baptism of Carla didnt really work out because of a couple problems with some commandments and insane boyfriends, but we will continue to work with her with a lot of love and paciencia. She is progressing though, so we will just keep fighting for her.
Yesterday we marked to of my best buds, J and S to be baptized on the 8th of October so I am so so so excited for that! Jeez all of these BIGGER things are going to make me forget my birthday. It will be the last weekend of the transfer so it will be a good hoorah for us! J and S are the cousins of a member here that is preparing to serve a mission so it has been a great experience for all of us here. They are 10 and 8 and its going to be great! They are honestly so so cute and so fun to teach. Heck, S taught ME the plan of salvation the other day! We told them we wanted another cousin J to baptize them and they told us no and they wanted Elder Park and I to baptize them. So Elder Park will baptize J and I will baptize S! Its going to be a great day! I am already so exicted for it!!!
So the work is going really good here in Viana. There is just so much potential here! They told us that the Elders in the past used to bring in a report to them weekly of about 1 investigator that they were working with, and now me and Elder Park are bringing them a report of two pages full of names of people and families. Lots of Potential and lots of work.... not near enough time haha. This place is growing on me sooooo much! I love the people here already so much and they are like becoming family to me! Hahaha the other day I taught them all how to do the jerk hahahaha it was hilarious. Its a dance move for those people who dont know. I took a video of all of us doing it together hahaha awesome! Tomorrow night we are going to do a noite familiar in the chapel, and I am going to do the same activity that I did in Covilha with the string and stuff. Its ganna be sick! So excited and so are they!
Well, I love you all! You know that I do! If you wonder if I forget about you guys..... think again! Youre my family!!! My friends!! Once a brother ALWAYS a brother, once a friend of mine ALWAYS a friend of mine! You guys are the best! Thank you all so much for helping me with your letters and emails! Your love helps me continue to work hard to help out the people of Portugal. Thank you for the prayers and the support! E Deus esteja convosco! Um Dia:)
Elder Daniel John Hatch

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