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Week 37 October 3, 2001

Well, there is only one way to start out this letter.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA HATCH!!!!!!!!!!! 92 years old and you could probably out run me in a race! I must admit, I am more then proud to be a part of the Hatch clan:) We are the few and the proud, we are the Hatchs:) And all of that because of Grandpa Dee Hatch. I take a lot of pride in wearing this name along with the name of Jesus Christ on my chest every single day. Those two names together... deadly combination if you ask me. Thats just askin for trouble;) Grandaddy Hatch, thank you for the amazing example that you have left for generations and generations to come! I know that EVERYONE you have come in contact with will always know you to be one of the nicest, honest, loving, truthfull, honorable, charitable people to ever walk this earth. I am proud to be your last grandson, and proud to share that name with you. Iºll do everything I can to make sure that the names continues to stay a name in which people can feel comfortable and loved. I hope you had the best birthday ever and know that your youngest grandson loves you so much and appreciates all of the sacrifices that you have made to bless his life, especially for staying firm in the Church of Jesus Christ and helping all gain the testimony that you have as well. Thank you Grandpa Hatch, I hope you know there are generations of sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, great and great great other people hahaha, just flat out tons of people who look up to you and Grandma and are so gratefull for the things that you have done:) Happy Birhday Grandpa, I love you!
Next thing I got to say is wow...... wow...... did you guys love that general conference or WHAT!? Hahaha shoot, I just kept getting smacked in the face with the Holy Ghost. I am a big guy but I am pretty small when Spirit touches me:) Sometimes I just lose it haha and a big guy cant help but cry. Some people used to call be a big teddy bear...... still does not apply so give it up alright;) But wow, who else has a countdown going untill the next genereal conference? 6 MONTHS UNTIL GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!! Who else is pumped?! Its like I just got off that one crazy japanese ride at 6 flags, the one that you are like flying and your feet are just dangling and youre doing all kinds of flips and crazy stuff, ya its like I just got off that and I am thinking WOAH....... LETS DO IT AGAIN!!!! I know Dad really liked that one too, but mom I hope you at least had your eyes open for this experience;) Cuz I know you sure as heck didnt have them open during those rides;)
So a little bit about my genereal conference experience here in Viana do Castelo. We set up a projector in our sacrament room and lit it up against a white board, which worked out really well. We are lucky that the place has decent internet because we were able to watch live feed from the internet:) So while you were watching the sessions at 10AM and 2 PM, on Saturday, I was watching it at 5PM and 9PM over here. Oh and in Portuguese of course. Sunday morning at 10AM I got to watch the Priesthood meeting which was AMAZING!!!!! holy cow Elder Holland way to wake up the world of Priesthood holders!! Then we watched the other sessions at the same times. So it was a really cool experience here. We bought some "Conference Snacks" (you all know you did the same) which included the best selection of Gummy Bears (poor guys never stand a chance to make it through the day) and candy necklaces. We didnt really have the biggest crowd, but it was still good. My good friend, Sister Karin, came and had SUCH a good experience. She recieved some great answers and is ready to flip her life around:) She is a miracle herself. Last night, at the final session it was just her, an Investigator Carla, and us two. Pretty epic.
I hope you all felt the Spirit like I did, because it was truly a moving experience. And now that we have all felt the spirit from that great conference we need to go out and ACT. Please, all the people that are still reading this letter, CHOOSE TO ACT. Act on the promptings that you recieved from a living GOD. The worst possible thing we could do now is return to our lives and change NOTHING in our lives! I dont care if you think there is nothing to change in your life, you should probably try to be more humble if that is the case. Make sure you do something to change in the way that the Holy Ghost helped you feel. Another thing, REPENT. My understanding of repentance has completely changed as I have been out here in the mission. Please, repent and do it with real intent to change. Repent and come closer to Christ, it is the best possible thing that you could ever do. Someone who doesnt help you or invite you to repent doesnt really love you hahaha and because I love you all, please repent and change. I am FAR FAR FAR from being perfect, and I too will take the invitation from the Prophet and repent with you:)
So this week we have 2 marked baptisms, J and S, for Saturday the 8th:) I am super excited and excited to work with them throughout the week as well. Its going to be a GREAT week! We have two people on the brink of baptism, K and C, who could also be baptized this next weekend if we do our part:) We got 4 Cabo Verdianos that we are working with and another 15 or so that have potential. Time to blow this area up!
Somethin cool real quick, I have been having Portuguese dreams..... spooky huh? Nah, haha, just its cool that I have been speaking and having conversations in my dreams in Portuguese. Its super confusing sometimes actually cuz I am in a point right now where when I am talking with my comp its like Engliguese, half English half Portuguese, cuz some words are just honestly easier to say in Portuguese. But ya its also confusing when you wake up from one of those dreams and youre tired ya know? So you think and you can understand if you are thinking in Portuguese or English. Maybe its because I am just NOT really a morning person anymore haha. Anyone who has seen me when I am super tired knows that I make no sense. Sometimes I would even accidently drive into a gas station without even meaning to;)
Well, everyone keeps telling me that I need to talk more about the area of Viano do Castelo. Hmmm... Its Portuguese. I think that it would be a lot easier for you all to just look it up on the internet and stuff. But its a BEAUTIFUL city. Probably one of the most beautiful that I have seen so far. Its very touristy for anyone who would like to know. Oh!!! They have the best Bolos de Berlin in Portugal here!!!! They are legitally famous for them:) Bonus Points for my area for sure. 80 Cents for Heaven on Earth. The members here are AWESOME!! I love em:) We are helping a girl named C prepare for her mission and she is SO SO SO excited! She is doing great and helping us out a ton! She is making a GREAT decision to serve a mission! Anyone who serves a mission knows that there is close to nothing else that you can do to have these experiences. Its a once in a lifetime opportunity that will change your life forever and even salvation. I am really really impressed with all of the girls here that all of them are planning to serve a mission! Its like something that is just as important for them in their lives as well. Things are a little bit different over here in Portugal with age of getting married and stuff but I am just VERY impressed with their desire to serve. Its an example to me.
Well, I wrote a ton. Tenham uma semana beleza e Deus esteja convosco!
Your Son, Brother, (in law), Grandsonny, Cousin, Uncle, Best Friend and More:)
Elder Hatch

Today is my birthday and P-day. I wanted to go walk on the beach. So we went up north to the border with Spain. That water is freezing! I wouldn't have wanted to swim even if it was ok to swim, it was that bad. Behind Elder Park and I, is Spain. We are standing on the closest point of the beach. So that's the closest I've been to Spain in my life! Wait. That's not true... That's the closest I've been to Spain without actually being in Spain! Wait. That's not true either. That's the closest I've been to Spain without actually entering Spain! Yeah. That's better.

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