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Week 38 October 10, 2011

Hey hey there Familia!
Well, what a great week it has been here in Viana do Castelo. Today is actually our transfer day, so as I write my heart beats hard to know what it is the Lord has in store for me for the next 6 weeks. I really do hope that it means staying here in Viana, because I am loving my time here! Its a beautiful town, with a beautiful people, and most important the Lords hand is here!!! So, I will write, save it as a draft, and then send it to you all when I find out where it is that I will be for the next little chunk of my mission life. Iºll try to get an adress and everything so that you all know where to send the sooooo many letters that I recieve...... that was a joke;)
Well, like the title says, 2 more souls have been saved here in Viana do Castelo:) Aka, J and S were baptized yesterday, in a baptismal fonte in Povoa de Varzim, a town like 30 minutes south of us. We are still working on trying to get a pia batismal here so that we dont always have to travel, but we will be patient. I think as we continue to baptize a ton of gente here, the church will want to build it, so that is my goal. We want to baptize another 13 people before the end of the year, so a baptismal fonte would be really helpful for that, figuring that it is winter(ish), and the ocean isnt toooo warm.
The baptism went really well though! I loved it! Elder Park baptized J and I baptized S:) To be honest I thought the coolest part of it all was the prayer that S gave to close the reunion. She wasnt on the program but she asked me if she could say the closing prayer.....:):):) As she said it she thanked God for the great experience of being baptized and for being able to see her brother get baptized too! She said she wished every day could be like this:) Thats when it all got REALLY worth it to me. All the stress that a baptism always brings for missionaries hahaha. Not really stress, we just realize it is a battle with Satan until the very second that they are dunked under the water.
Something kinda cool about the baptism. As missionaries we have learned that baptisms go so much better as we pray and ask God what the day is that the person needs to be baptized. We recieve the revelation needed to find out how it is that God wants to have his children baptized. For example, with the baptism of J and S, we prayed with a calender in front of us and asked God to help us know when it is that they should be baptized. We all felt the 8th and 9th of October for them. As we got closer to the day of the baptism a couple things popped up that would make the baptism be changed to another date. Good things with good intentions, but in the end they dropped and it happened exactly as God had revealed to us. In the end we see the importance of trusting the Lord with all of our heart that the answer that he gives us is exactly what we need to follow and for the better of all things. Because we found out soon that the mother of Junior and Sheilla was leaving the next weekend for Lisboa and would stay there for a while (months) and that those good intentions things had dropped for a reason. I know that there is a purpose for everything, and that the Lord has great blessings planned out for us as we choose to follow the promptings that he gives to us. I also testify that this work is lead by the Lord Jesus Cristo. I know this not because somewhen has told me, or because it seems like being a missionary is just simply doing good things for people, but I know this because I, Elder Daniel John Hatch, recieve revelation from him daily! Its not something that is fake, or something that I just create in my mind to think that I am cool, as a missionary and servant of the Lord Jesus Cristo, he leads me with revelation. This work is one of revelation and real guidance from a real heavenly being. I feel bad for those people who dont not even recognize that there is a God, when I am able to be guided by him every single day. Some people tell me God doesnt existe, I tell them that I am a 6 foot 200lb example that he does hahaha.
We also started working with a GREAT family named a familia C! They have soooooooo much potential! I love them so much! Its a mom (T) and Dad (J) and two sons (P and M) and they are so awesome. They are going to start coming to the activities that we do and want to learn more about the church. J has told us that every time that we come and talk with them he feels different, like there is something different about us. Hahaha he told us that we are the only 2 people in all of Viana that do what we do, lift people up. He told us that he was hangin out in a cafe and he saw the two of us walking over the bridge headed to Darque and his friend pointed at us and said, THOSE TWO PEOPLE GO AROUND AND LIFT PEOPLE UP FOR FREE! Hahahaha man, I cant wait to start working more and more with this family!!!
Couple random things:
I was told I have great teeth, and that I look like a vampire...... hahaha what?!
I was told I look like Michael Buble and I am blonde......
Our activities that we are doing once a week with the branch is becoming a big hit:) The goal is to let the teenagers know here in Viana that they can come Friday night and hang out here in the chapel and have activities instead of go get drunk and smoke (the usual friday night thing to do here.) (You can legally drink at the age of 16!)
We have a pet spider named Fernando and fed him a fly the other day.
1 Nephi is PACKED with good stuff. Truly the spiritual minefield of the book of Mormon.
I was told I look like I am 25..... catchin up to you D! ;)
English classes start this week!..... I think I will sit with the students to learn hahaha.
I am now an owner of the illuminator! I bought myself the illuminator ( a watch ) as a birthday present haha.
Mom, do you know your name means BEAUTIFUL in Portuguese?
I am still waiting for the call.......
Well, I am going to go eat a francizinha or something like that. I will be back in a second to finish up the email and tell you all whats up. Love you all! Enjoy lunch!
I am back and got to go. I am staying here with Elder Park for this next transfer so no big changes. I am super pumped to be able to continue to work here so... tudo bem:) Gotta go.
I love you all!
Elder Hatch

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