Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week 41 October 31, 2011

Well, another 7 days have come and gone for the entire world. How did you all spend those 7 days? Would you take something back or do you live it the way you wanted? For all those who think they lived it the way they wanted...... humble yourself and do better hahaha. Joking, we all do our best:) I just like to give you all a good spin of the President Torgan side of things hahaha.
Well, this week has been a great one for us here in the beloved land of Viana do Castelo. I named the subject of this letter, GOD LOVES FAMILIES, because I know without doubt that he does and he is showing that to me through this work here in Portugal. With some help of refocusing from our mission president and leaders, we have started a new search for families:) Not just looking desperately for people to teach, but specifically asking the Lord to bless us with families. And as we have been asking, he has been showing us where to find them. Its been a blessing to be in the country at this very time because the truth is, the Lord is blessing Portugal so much right now! Who would have ever thought that Portugal, in the ever so dificult Europe, would be able to baptize over 100 people a month....? People told me that I would be lucky if I baptized hahaha. But no, that is not how it is, and not even close. The Lord has announced that he is building his house in Portugal and we are preparing the people to fill it:) With that comes many blessing of finding and teaching families that the Lord has prepared to make covenants. We just need to show our faith and prove to the Lord that we are prepared as missionaries to be able to help those families follow the example of Jesus Christ in their lives and make those ever so important convenants that we enjoy every day.
Here in Viana we have been teaching the C family and helping them prepare to make their first convenant with God. He has blessed them to recognize the Spirit whenever we go over to their house and has helped them to know that these things are true. They have accepted the baptismal invation and just need to work on a couple things. A great family that I love so much! We have been blessed to find 2 other families and have a couple families that are references and waiting to be contacted this week. The Lord is blessing this people:) We just need to prepare ourselves as missionaries to be able to bring in the flock.
An amazing experience that I wanna share with you all today is about M. M was contacting by EYES OF FAITH that Elder Park did a while ago when I was not here. He saw the building and contacting the people inside. One family in there agreed to let them come back to share the message. Well we have tried and tried to go back but it never really worked out until now. We marked a date and she told us, OKAY YOU CAN COME BUT YOU ONLY HAVE ONE CHANCE AND AFTER YOU NEED TO LEAVE US ALONE. Hahahaha. So we went over and they accepted us in and we taught them about the restuaration of the Gospel and about the Book of Mormon. Hahaha which changed everything. The ONE CHANCE changed into, NORMALLY I DONT FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH THINGS LIKE THIS, BUT I FELT DIFERENT WITH YOU GUYS, I FEEL THE WANT TO READ THE BOOK OF MORMON AND I WANT YOU TO COME BACK. Haha:) We then explained that this feeling that she felt was the Holy Ghost testifying to them that these things are true:) We are excited to continue teaching them as a family:) Of 4:)
Well, I hope that all of you have taken the challenge that I gave you last week and are pondering about it in your hearts. I know that as you strive to understand the atonement of Jesus Christ better in your lives you will become better followers of Christ, better to your spouse, better to your friends, a better member missionary, and feel of the Love that our Lord has for you! Christ should be the center of our lives, the center of everything that we do, and the fire within us that helps us grow closer and closer to our eternal destiny:) He loves you, and is waiting for you to come unto him, with your labors and struggles and allow his atonement to take upon those things and lighten your burden. So no matter who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing, if you feel down, stressed, and feel like your burden is heavy, look to Christ, learn of him, and follow his example, and he will take those things away from you and give you the peace that you are looking for.
Love you all!
Elder Hatch

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