Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 42 November 7, 2011

Who else will agree with me that serving a mission is one of the coolest things ever? With all of its heartbreaks, its rainy days, its door slamming, its sacrifices, ITS ALL SO WORTH IT. Through all of the sacrifices that we make, as a family, as best friends, as parents, as sons, and much more, all of the sacrifices help us really achieve the most important of things. Finding people that the Lord has prepared all of their lives, teaching them how to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and then helping them enter into covenants with God:) The work and the glory of our God:) What a lucky guy I am to have lefted my family, friends, home, country, favorite food, sports, and so much more, to help God with the greatest work to ever be done. Is it worth it for Daniel John Hatch...? ITS MORE THEN WORTH IT. Its impossible for me to explain the changes that I have made from serving a mission. This mission is not only helping me save other lives, but save my own soul. And what a blessing it has been for me!
About a year ago I was saying goodbye to my best friend trying to hold back the tears, giving my mom and my dad the last hug for two years, and leaving behind a life. I always knew that I wanted to serve a mission, I knew that it was the right thing to do, I knew that it would be a great opportunity to help others, and I knew that it would be hard. But I NEVER knew that I would feel and be literally in the presence of an angel, see lives change in front of my very eyes in seconds and moments of great faith, gain a true and burning fire of a testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith, gain an amazing CRAZE to hear the words of a Prophet and his counselors, save a life of a depressed daughter of God, gain a true testimony of the Spirit of the Book of Mormon, cry with some of the dearest of my Portuguese friends as we sing God be with you til we meet again, enter into the waters of baptism with so many people and feel of the spirit of God in a great abudance, meet some of the best of friends that I have ever had, learn to follow the commandments of God and enjoy the blessings of obedience, learn and feel of the spirit of the Moroni of our days, and most important to me, gain a true and living testimony of the atonement of Jesus Christ in my life. All in all, this mission has saved my soul and I am so grateful to the Lord that he has given this all to me because of the sacrifices that I have made to follow his example. I am a true witness that sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven. ISNT IT AWESOME?!!! The Lord has been blessing me so much, and I am so so so gratefull for that! He has helped me grow from a 19 year old, unmature, lazy, unfaithfull, slacker, boy, to a 20 year old missionary, Elder, hardworking, faithful, still unmature boy haha. But hey, I am working on it, so dont give up hope on me quite yet. I promise iºll be a little bit better when I get back hahaha.
Well, I gotta say thank you, mais uma vez, for helping me come out and serve a mission. This last year has been the best year FOR me. I say for me, because it has been a year of growth and spirituality in my life. Thank you all for doing a special part that you did, of helping me prepare for a mission and just get out on one. It wasnt easy, but then again if it were it wouldnt be a mission would it? The Lord truly does shape the back for the load that he puts upon it.
Well, in a year that will probably go by super fast, I will be there with you. Yup, YOU. I will be right there next to you and we will say, WOW THAT WAS FAST HAHAHA. So all of you,
com amor,
Elder Daniel John Hatch

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