Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week 46 December 5, 2011

Well, week two has officially come and gone in the beloved land of the angels.... Portimão. It was a good one too. Full of miracles:) So let me tell you all about it.
So pretty much, maybe I already told you all, the District of the Algarve is working on becoming a stake. So that means we are working hard to baptize a lot of people and bring in the numbers to become a stake and help the people recieve the blessings of being part of a stake. With that, and with the blessings of preparing this land for a temple, naturally comes the miracles. And that is exactly the thick of what I have found myself in here in the Algarve.... miracles. So its INCREDIBLE being able to be in the country that is making a big push for all of Europe, Portugal, and the area in Portugal that is making a big push too. We are coming out on the front lines, and when we are worthy, God leads us to the people that he has prepared. We just gotta follow the Spirit.
This next sunday we will have a baptism in our area of a sweet lady named R. She is such a golden. We went there and we gave her a blessing about a week ago and ever since that she has been preparing for her baptism. One of the only people that I have seen on my mission that has accepted the invatation of Baptism and a baptismal date on the same lesson. It was so awesome! The spirit was so strong! Through the power of God and the blessing that he left with her, her life is changing forever and she is preparing to make convenants! How cool is that!?! In two weeks of knowing us and the gospel, she is changing her life forever! Truly someone who was prepared by God. The blessing in itself was an incredible one! I love love love giving blessings because its different every single time. Its never the same because God always has something personal for us to transmit for the person in need. With R it was a blessing that I wont ever forget because the words just came so easy but it was so specific to her. I also love giving blessings because I get to somewhat feel the Love that God has for that person, and it is always like a fire burning!:)
So this week we will be preparing Irmã R to be baptized on the 11th of Dezembro, 2011 in Portimão, Portugal. It will be awesome, I will send pictures of it for sure! Such a blessing to be able to meet her and help her come closer to Christ. Isnt the Gospel amazing?!
We also found a family while we were doing contacts and its a family with a Dad that is actually already a member. We just knocked into their door and they let us in super easy hahaha. They let us know that they have been keeping in contact with the missionary that baptized the father for close to 15 years now and let us know that they would like to know more about our church and stuff. It was great! God truly led us to that family and I know that they should be baptized pretty soon here. The spirit has already touched their lives and now we will prepare them to enter into the temple one day. We are headed back to their house on Wednesday, so say a prayer if you have the time:)
So, this week should be a great one. We have a fresh new start and we are ready to find the elect of God. I know that he has them ready for us, we just got to be obedient and follow the Lord. He will do the rest. And thats the great part about this work. You think about it and the trick to it all is just to be obedient and willing to follow what the Lord wants you to do, and he will do the rest. He will guide you to the people and he will open the hearts. Its him that really does this work, not us hahaha. We just get to be lucky enough to be the tools in his hands to say the words that he would say. Its so good being a missionary:)
So, this week we have a goal to baptize 3 people, bring 7 people to church, and find 21 new investigators. Which means we got a lot of work to do this week. I already know its going to go by super fast. This saturday we have our branch Christmas party, sunday we have the baptisms, and next monday we have a MISSION CONFERENCE. Aka the entire mission is meeting in Lisboa!!! How cool is that? I am super excited to see all of my good friends and see the army of God that is leading Portugal in its greatest push! Its going to be amazing hahaha with our Presidente Moroni Torgan at our lead:) I have no idea what we are doing there, but hey, it should be cool.
So, thank you all for all of your emails! I love hearing from you guys so much! You have no idea how much it helps to work hard every single day, giving it your all, and then getting letters from your family and friends telling you to keep working hard and that they are behind me every step of the way. It really does help me work harder, so thank you all!
Well, I love you all:) I havent forgotten you. Far from it:) You all really are the best for me, and I am so lucky to have been blessed to grow up with you all and have you teach me every day with your actions.
I know that Christ lives and guides this church. He guides his missionaries every single day, to find, teach, and baptize the people that he has prepared to accept it. I know without a doubt that this really is the true church of Jesus Christ, and that his gospel was restored by Joseph Smith, the boy prophet. I am a living testimony of Angels, and I know they lift us up in our hard times. I know that God listens to each and every single one of us, and listens intently. He wants us to learn, to grow, to make a difference amongst his other children. He has given us a light, a light which is to be shared with all that we know, so that they too can enjoy the blessings of the restored gospel in their lives. We need to live every day like it is our last, love like we have never loved before, and enjoy every moment of life. My invatation for you all this week is to smile when it is hard to, laugh when you want to cry, and thank God for your trails:) If you do, I promise you will feel a new spirit enter into your week, and you will truly feel Gods love for you:)
Love Elder Daniel JOhn Hatch

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