Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Week 48 December 19, 2011

Hey family!
Well, this last week was a good one:) As always right? We had our ups and downs like usual, but it ended out turning out alright. One question that a lot of you have been asking me lately is, how is the weather? The weather is cold, but its not the cold that I can describe because its all new to me. I am used to the dry cold, or maybe even the snow cold, but this is the humid cold..... which goes to the bones! This kind of cold is a deep cold that gets you sick fast, and leaves you feeling super.... cold! Haha dont you just love life and all of its new experiences of being frozen in a foreign country? Nah, its nada bad. I just gotta get used to it, and I want to get used to it, cuz I hope that I will be living somewhere close to the ocean in a couple years:)
This Sunday R was confirmed a member of the church by Elder Guanuna, and we also marked her husband to be baptized on the 1 of January (is that how it is spelled?). Its been awesome getting to know them and helping them recieve the Gospel of Christ in their lives. We have seriously seen some HUGE miracles with them. Irmão J had a stroke a while ago and it has left him not being able to walk. So pretty much we gave him a blessing and we are seeing miracles now! I felt like I needed to tell him that he would WALK out of the baptismal font after he was baptized..... thats not easy to say, but I know it is exactly what will happen when that day arrives. So we are praying a lot, and we are helping him gain a lot of faith to be able to have a great miracle in his life. I think I am going to fast too:) It never hurts;) So ya, we are basically preparing him to start a completely new life with the new year. How cool is that? The Lord has such great things in store for us:) We prayed together and we both felt like it was the 1st, so that is what we will do:) It will take a lot of faith, and a lot of work, and just lots of prayers, but I know without doubt that the Lord will make a miracle with him.
So I guess I better tell you all the plans about the call before my time runs out. Yes, the CALL HOME plans!!!:):):):) Wow!!! Time has flown by!!! Remember the last time I called I was back in Covilhã! So much has gone by and so much has changed since then! I feel like my life has been making a 180. So, here is the details.
At 20h00 my time, which is 12 your time if your in Vegas (1 in Utah time, and the rest youre going to have to do your own time math;)) , I will call with skype at Gabigails house. She is a super cool jovem who has 2 computers so there will be no worries with one at a time calling. I will follow those plans that you guys made me, and ill keep in touch through facebook an hour or so before with you guys. So be prepared. Okay? No worries, I wont go apostate through facebook, I dont have interest in that stuff anyways....;) Sound good? D, stick it out on facebook a little before so that we can get it all good to go k? Thanks bro!
Well, I will be talking to you guys in no time, so I will keep this email short:) This week we are going to work hard to have a baptism and make it a true, WHITE CHRISTMAS. Full of White clothes and getting wet:) Thats the kind of Christmas that I am looking forward too. We still need to know who the Lord wants us to baptize this weekend, but we got some good potentials going for us, so it should work out good. We just gotta stay focused and keep true to the faith:)
Sorry for the short email, but you will see my face and hear my voice in like, 6 days, so tudo bem:) Have a great week! And a amazing Christmas!
Love Elder Hatch

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