Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week 52 January 16, 2012

Well, this week was a good one. It could have been better, but then again it could always be better:) Let me tell you all about it:)
Just in case I forget, I gotta tell you this right now. Yesterday I am in church and I see a couple walk in, they looked English, ends out they are Americanos:) Ends out they are from Cedar City, Utah, and know my entire family hahaha. Yup, Doctor Olsen (a foot doctor that actually operated on Grandma) bumped into me in Portugal haha. It was so crazy seeing someone from my home and speaking in English again hahaha. So much to take in at the same time. He talked to me about the Adams family, because he knows Don, and Granny, and it was just so super funny! He was just here on vacation and just happened to run into me here. He gave me some good advice to keep working hard, and I am pretty sure we are going to keep in contact now. I told him to say hi to Granny from Butch haha. Such a small world! Oh ya, and he gave us Spitz, the sunflower seeds haha.
So this week we were not able to help our investigator get into the water, but she should get in this next weekend or the next. Some complicated problems came up during the week and she wasnt able to focus as much on preparing to be baptized, so we will continue to help her make that big step in her life. I am excited to keep working with her, and baptizing her soon:)
One of our other investigators, T, who is the good friend of R, has been awesome! If all works out well, she should be baptized this weekend, so we will worker harder for this one. We just gotta be obedient, and work hard:) But ya, T is a Golden Investigator! She is already taking us around to her other friends so that we can help them out too. She is going to be a great missionary and member! You know they are elect when they take you around to their other friends too! T has seen so many miracles with her friend R, now we just need to help her follow that example as well. She is so fun too haha I love that lady! Just a funny, outgoing lady to work with.
So, I need to tell you all about a HUGE miracle that has happened here. As Cody says, we always need to be the sharp tool in Gods hands. Aka, we always need to be ready and worthy to act with the power that we have. R, as you all know, was baptized a couple weeks ago and we have already seen so many miracles with her. But yesterday she shared one that I cannot forget. She came up to me after church with tears in her eyes and gave me a big hug and explained the miracles that have happened in her life. Before we met R, she had a tumor in her neck, and needed to be operated. This caused a LOT of stress because she honestly just cannot have that happen. She has to take care of her husband who had a heart attack, and if she got operated, she cant do that. But as she put her faith in the Lord, recieved a blessing that I will never forget giving, and followed the example of Jesus Christ being baptized, she has truly lived a miracle. She explained to me how she went to the Doctor on Saturday to get her tumor examned and looked at.... but it was not there:) The tumor had completely disappeared!!! The doctors could not explain it.
Does this story sound familiar or what?! This is the true church of God, with the true power and authority to cure the sick. There are so many stories across the world that sound just like this one, from people being blessed from worthy priesthood holders in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We just need to live our lives to be worthy to say the words, BE THOU HEALED.
Well, this email is a short one, but I just want to let you all know that I know without doubt that this is the Church of Jesus Christ, with his power. This is his work, of that I have no doubt! We are his glory!! We must never forget the miracles that we have seen, and NEVER give up the God that has blessed us. I hope with all of my heart that all of us will decided right now, that there is nothing in this world that will always us to fall away from his Church. Because as we deny his church, we deny HIM. We just gotta stay strong, help each other out, and hold fast to the iron rod.
I love you all!
Elder Hatch
Meet Nuno:)

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