Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 53 January 23, 2012

A week to Always Remember:
I dont even know how to start this letter, other than by saying, GOD IS GREAT!!! Yet another week has gone by in my missionary life, and yet another week full of miracles. I cant explain the work that God is doing here in Portugal, and here in the Algarve, because it is just so absolutely amazing! I dont know how I can keep writing you all and tell you that we didnt see miracles this week, because it is happening every single week now hahaha. The Lords hand is in this work, especially here in the Algarve. My heart is growing so much for the Lord and for his sons and daughters, and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity that I have to be a disciple of Christ during this time. Its changing me so much! How can I express the feeling of the Spirit of God in my life? Its impossible hahaha its PERFECT!!
Well, this week we marked and baptized someone who means so much to me, T, the good friend of R:) T is GOLDEN:) Hahaha she has SUCH a big heart! We taught her every single day this week:) Every single day she met up with us to feel the Spirit of God in her life:) God has done such an amazing work with her and will continue to bless her life so much for the faith that she has shown to us and to him. She pretty much took a HUGE step of faith in her life and is walking in her faith, hoping and praying that God helps her out in her situation, and I know he will. With the experience of baptizing Telma, I have felt something new in my life. Something that I have felt before I guess, but never so deeply in my life. Before the baptism, we had an obstacle to overcome with T, something that almost stopped the baptism from happening, a doubt that she had. It BROKE my heart like it has never been broken before haha. But seriously, it was bad. We walked away from her knowing that she would not be baptized the next day because of this problem. I got on my knees and prayed for literally an entire hour for her. We didnt know what to do for her, she would not accept a change she had to make in her life, and there was nothing that we could do about it. I felt lost. I could honestly feel the pain of hell inside of me to even think that someone who meant so much to me would not enjoy the blessings of God and not inherit his promised. I cried and cried and cried. I have never felt such a deep dispear in my life like I did at that moment. She needed Christ sooooo much in here life and she needed to recieve these blessings to be able to continue on with her life. I was talking with R who was just bawling on the phone about how sad she was that R couldnt be baptized because of this confusion. My heart couldnt handle it, I felt a deep and intense sorrow to even imagine that T would not be able to recieve the blessings she needed to much in her life. I prayed nonstop in my heart. There were moments were I wanted to just fall on my knees in the middle of the street and just start crying. I dont know how to describe it, I have never felt it so intense in my life like that before. It reminded me of the scripture in the Book of Mormon that talks about the missionaries feeling this same thing for EVERYONE. Then it made me think, is this what Christ felt? Is this the pain that he went through for every single person that has ever lived or will ever live? Did he feel this feeling for EVERYONE? I know he did. I know that the pain that he felt was physical, but also spiritual. Imagine how our best friend, our Lord and Savior felt as he knelt down and truly understood what it would be like for all of us to live out of the presence of God for the rest of our existance, truly something that NO ONE other than the Lord himself could bear.
This week I was brought closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I understood at least a little bit better, what it feels like to even think that GREAT IS THE WORTH OF MEN, IN THE EYES OF GOD. I know that he loves us soooo much! To even think that I would be outside of his love makes me lose all hope, by Christ, he brings it all back. He gives us the chance, the opportunity that we need to overcome this feeling. He is love. I feel that. I feel it with all of my heart. Its a fire within me. I cant imagine what it would be like to feel that dispear for every single person on this earth, but I will do everything that I can, for my entire like, to make sure that I help as many of my brothers and sisters feel the love of God, that I feel every single day in my life. Because GREAT is the worth of man.
I testify that we are his sons and daughters, princes and princessas to the throne of God. I have never felt so much dispear and love at the same time in my life. I am so gratefull for this experience that I have had here in Portugal, because it is one that I will never forget. It is now a testimony that burns like a fire inside of me. Glory to God in the highest, he is our Savior.
He gave me hope, and strength to return to talk with T just ONE MORE TIME. And as we did, with tears in our eyes, we testified just about CHRIST, and it changed everything. The Spirit testified strong to her, and she decided to follow Christ in faith, and do what it takes to become a follower of him:)
There are many other things that I could have written about this week to you all, but I felt like this is what I needed to say. A lot of other things happened, and we are working hard to baptize this weekend too, an elect girl named Mari. I am excited to share the experiences that we have already been having with her as well. I will send you picutures of the baptisms next week.
I love you all!
Elder Daniel John Hatch

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