Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 54 January 30, 2012

Hey family!!
Its good to be back and hear from you all, as always. I feel like I got a good fan support right now haha. See how many fans stick it out to the fourth quarter of my missionary game:)
Time flies way to fast family. It hit my like a linebacker, when I was writing a letter to my first baptism back in Vila Nova de Gaia. I miss that guy, he is going to be a great kid. But ya, its been a full year since I had baptized him!! I cant believe that it has gone by so fast. There is nothing that we can do about it, time flies. I dont know what it is, I hope its not like a curse that I have in my life. We just got to make sure we use our time wisely. My comp. turned 20 this week, and we were talking about how has passed about one fourth of his life hahaha. That fourth will never come back. Funny stuff. Its even weirder having members here talking to me about my next step, getting hooked;) haha marriage. I told them to relax, I got time:)
This week unfortunately we didnt have a baptism, but this next week we should have 3. So we are working hard to baptise. We are working with this girl, M, that has became like a really good friend to me. She is from Angola, 18, and just super Golden. Hahaha my whole mission I have been wanting to teach more teenagers and now I finally got a golden one that we are getting ready to baptize. M has gone through so much in her life, and has SO MUCH FAITH in God. She is LOVING the church hahaha you guys should have seen her face. She wouldnt let me leave her side, and drug me into a young womens activity hahaha but it was fun, I learned how to sew.... yup, new skills every day. All the other young women were laughin at me the whole time for sewing hahaha funny stuff. I got to say though, I got skill with that stuff. M had to help me out a little but still. But ya, she is super cool, its a relief being able to teach a teenager and someone who is like pretty normal teenager to me. Tonight we are going to have a family night with her and her little brothers so it should be really fun. It is such a golden family that we found, I am so excited for them all. It feels like I am like teaching some of my old friends back home when we go to teach her, so its fun.
We are also teaching a man from Ecudor, which is SUPER cool as well. The guy is so humble and so fun. His name is X and pretty much he rocked my world on the guitar hahaha. He is the friend of a member here, and is just staying here for a little bit before he heads back over to Suiça ( I dont know how to say it in English sorry). So we are going to mark him to be baptized here before he leaves to go back to his home. Tonight we have a really important lesson with him, so keep him in your prayers.
Ya, sounds like you guys are starting to hear about the Torgan story huh? The guy is literally a big deal. Like you said, he is like 2nd to the President of Brasil.... one of the worlds most powerfull countries. Torgan has been such a big blessing in my life. He does a great job at just about anything that he does. I would love to get to know him better and be more by his side to learn from him, but serving under him has been a big enough blessing for me. He is an exciting guy to follow.
Love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Hatch
P.s me sewing:)
me with Brasilian money

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