Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week 55 February 7, 2012

This work is incredible! This Gospel is Incredible!!! Why would anyone NOT want to serve a mission? Its like the best thing that you could ever do for you and others, and its an adventure in your life!
As you can see below with the picture, I am standing next to an Ecuadoriano (Ecuador) that has become one of my closest friends, a friend for life. J, is the friend of a member who lives here in Portimão. He is living up in Suiça but he came down to do some paper work and have a little holliday. Little did he know that the Lord had great plans for him:) This Holliday would be one that he will never forget for the rest of his life. We worked and worked with J this last week and helped him show great faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and follow his example, being baptized in his church:) J was baptized on Saturday, the 4th of Fevereiro, 2012 in Faro, Portugal:) We had a District (the Algarve is a district) Conference this last weekend, and right after the conference, we had the baptism. While we were there M had her baptismal interview with President Torgan, and now she will be baptized this week. Please keep her in your prayers, she needs help:) It all just worked out. Its been one of my favorite experiences being able to work with J and see him show so much faith in the Lord to be baptized this last week. He will be such a great example to all those people around him. I cant wait to just keep talkin with him for the rest of my life. Oh ya, he talks Spanish and Portuguese, but in the lessons it was like all spanish. Which was really cool, who ever thought that by learning Portuguese you could understand Spanish as well? I know that God helped us with the Gift of Tongues as well, but Spanish is very similiar to Portuguese and I understand just about all of it. Even when they are speakin super fast, haha which they do.
This week we have planned to baptize 3 people. M, S, and C. We will help S and C marry this week and then on Sunday we will baptize them. Its going to be a lot of work, but the Lord has revealed it, so we gotta do everything we can to make sure that it happens. Mari has been a special experience in my life. Its been such a journey working with her and helping her overcome some very difficult problems in her life. We will mark her today to be baptized during the week, so please keep her in your prayers.
So, I got to share with you some notes about the Zone Conference that we had yesterday in Faro. It was a conference that I dont think that I can ever forget. One that answered so many questions that I had, and helped me get ready to continue to fight in this battle for the rest of my time as a missionary. President Torgan is a amazing President. I couldnt have asked for a better leader to lead me and my fellow missionaries in this work, here in Portugal. He talked to us about some of the top colleges in the world, and what it takes to get into them, and the great knowledge that you can get from them. The great teachers that are there. Then he explained how the mission is the BEST COLLEGE IN THE WORLD, and the only college that leads us to eternal life. We have the best teacher in the world, the very God of the earth to teach us EVERY SINGLE DAY. How we have the best opportunity of our lives to fufill our life purpose here in the mission. We must learn how to become like Christ is, and this is the best place to do it. But as missionaries we must prepare ourselves to learn each and every day. We must be obedient to be able to show up to class and learn. Its something new every day, and a day missed in the mission is a lesson that we will never learn in the future. WOW!!!! Does that make any of you think like I am thinking now? What would it be like to wake up every morning and remember, The Lord Jesus Christ has a lesson to teach me today, will I go to class to learn from him? I think its a new attitude that I will take upon me for the rest of my life. Waking up and thinking, WHAT IS IT THAT THE LORD WANTS TO TEACH ME TODAY? and WHAT DO I HAVE TO GIVE UP OR DO TO COME TO HIS CLASS? There is nothing more important that we could possibly focus on or do then find out what lesson it is that the Lord wants us to learn today.
Makes you think, right? Remember our Purpose here? To become like God right? Well, we got a lot to do and a lot to learn, lets go to class:) Lets find out what the Lord wants to teach us today. One thing that I liked that Pres. Torgan talked about is our own personality and stuff like that. Because lots of people will always think, WELL, WHERE IS MY FREEDOM OF CHOICE AND INDIVIDUALITY IF I ALWAYS HAVE TO DO WHAT GOD WANTS ME TO DO? Well, we do have choice, we do have individuality.... we can choose to obey God, and become like he is one day, or we can choose to follow the path of man and have no choice in the end. Our life is to obey Gods will, if we do it well enough, one day we will have our choices haha.
Well, I love you all and I am super excited for a great week this week. Its going to be a good week of change for me, I am going to go to class every single day and find out what I need to do to become closer to the Lord. One thing that I have learned is that this mission is not all about baptizing, its about learning how to become like Christ. But as we learn how to become like Christ, we baptize, because that is what he did:) So in the end, baptisms show us whether or not we coming closer to Christ. Its not a numbers game here in Portugal, we are not just baptizing, we are learning how to become like Christ is, with a great leader teaching us. He helps us understand that its about coming unto Christ, and being like him.... how was he? He followed the Fathers will and not his own:)
I love you all!
Elder Hatch

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