Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Week 56 February 13, 2012


Have any of you wondered what the Gospel of Jesus Christ does for us? In case you have, I invite you to put into practice the Gospel of Jesus Christ and see the changes that it makes in your life. And if you believe that you are already living the gospel perfectly and there is not much left to do, think again:) If we are not changing the way that we live, we are not following Christ, because to follow Jesus Christ is to CHANGE:)

I just had to start off by saying that because I meet too many people that tell me that they believe in Christ, but are not willing to follow him. I hope that is never the case with me, but I hope that I am always willing to humble myself and learn more and more and more. But what Christ does is he allows us to follow the ONLY system of spiritual growth, and he brings us repentance so that we can one day, be like he is, perfect. If we ever are confused or stumped as to what we should do next to come closer to our Lord and Savior, I advise that we start with the simple things, and focus on them. Aka, knowing and FEELING Faith in Christ, the importance repentance, the cleansing of baptism, the importance of the Holy Ghost, and renewing our covenants every week...... but not just renewing covenants to be clean again, renewing to GROW more the next week.

Haha I know that I am preaching to the choir here, but I just like to explain the things that I am feeling to someone, and I like doing it in English every once in a while:) Thank you for being patient with me and smiling for seeing that I am actually learning something on my mission haha. Joking with you fam:)

This week something AMAZING happened in my life. It's hard to explain, because it's all so personal, but yet it involves everyone that will read this. A new spark of hope, love, and light came into my life with the experiences that I had with my investigator, and good friend M. I talked a little bit about M for the last couple weeks. And to see her come unto Christ, and CHANGE her life to follow Christ, has really brought a new hope to me as well. She completely changed family! She put the teachings of Christ into practice and the very way she is thinking is different now. Against all the odds, against the ever so great wisdom of physiologist, the Gospel of Jesus Christ conquered. Her battle is not over, not close, but she has what she needs to win now:) Faith, Repentance, Baptism, and the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

This last Thursday I had the privilege to enter into the waters of Baptism with one of my best friends and help her make a giant step in her life:) It was an experience that I won't forget, I can't forget. One that I will use to help others in the future. To show that Gods plan really is perfect and that we are all sons and daughters of him. I wish I could send you a picture of the baptism, but I lost my backpack somewhere on Sunday, and I am looking for it now. Pray for me that I will find it, it's got EVERYTHING in it.

But ya, I feel like I have been really close to all the people that I have had the privilege of baptizing, but it's just different baptizing an 18 year old:) Its fire:) She is like a fire in the church now! I know that one day she will prepare herself to serve a mission:) What a blessing that will be for her in her life!!

Well, family, I just got to tell you all now..... You know I love you all, but I don't know if I can come home in October.... I am thinking more December..... I hope you understand:) It's not a for sure deal yet, so don't freak out, but let me just show you the way I am thinking right now. Right now, I have very little time to learn how to live the rest of my life, if you understand. I need every second of this mission to help me make the good habits that I will use for the rest of my life. That, .... and I cannot imagine ever denying the opportunity of serving the Lord Jesus Christ MORE TIME. Isn't it AWESOME?!!! I just don't think I can live my life thinking that the Lord gave me an opportunity to go into OVERTIME and I told him I was too tired, or that my life was more important. I can put it into my terms, this game is going into overtime here in Portugal, and I will have another 6 weeks to do my best and WIN the game. I gotta strap up and keep fighting, because I want that to be my mentality for the rest of my life, going into overtime for the Lord. I want him to know that I will ALWAYS be willing to go into overtime for him, because I know and FEEL he has gone into overtime for me.

With that being said, I will respect your desires by praying with my mission president towards the end of my mission, but like Bruce R. Moconkie (who didn't pray to know if his wife was the right one because he already knew and felt it), I know what my answer will be:):) I got a 99 percent surety of it. I really do hope you all understand:) Dad, if they don't, you explain it to them, I know you understand:)

So, its super far away (graças a Deus) but I should be comin home around early December.

Love you all!!! I will be working to baptize 4 this week, so keep me in your prayers!!

Elder Hatch

P.S I might send you another email later today because today is transfers, but plan on me staying here.

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