Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 58 February 27, 2012

Como vai família?! I got a little bit more time to talk this week, so I give you some updates. I am about 6 feet now, 200lbs (unfortunately not all muscle... Iºll work on it after the mish), blue eyes, and ... still me:)
Well, it was cool talking with you guys, I will see you soon:)
Okay, for real, I am back at the computer once again. This computer screen sometimes gives me a headache, weird huh? I guess I just am not used to seeing the screen anymore, I cant imagine how I used to sit in front of one of these things for hours, what a waste of my life haha. One thing that I have realized as I have been on my mission is that there is so much that I want to do and so many talents I want to develope with the time that I will have. I wasted too much time working on my brain to thumb reaction time (playing the xbox and stuff). I got stuff to do when I get back haha. So much that I want to do with my life, too much to see, too much to do, its going to be a PARTY. ;) Dad..... I admit it, you were right, I did waste my time with the Xbox. Thanks for trying though.
Well, just some quick cool news. M, my golden, has always kept in good contact with me. She calls me every once in a while to talk and ask for advice. Its really cool having someone trust me so much like her, she turns to me with some hard situations and I sometimes think, M you probably know better then me, but the Lord always seems to help me know what to say. She called the other day and she talked to me about possibly serving a mission..... it was AWESOME!!! So pretty much now she is preparing to serve a mission:):) So cool!!! I am so blessed to even know her, she is a life long friend I have.
Elder McGAry, my MTC comp, is now in my district:) Its really cool seeing him and working with him now. I cant wait to see more miracles with the guy, another life long friend. Its going to be good serving him.
I B, probably one of my favorite members ever, is going to teach me how to make a special clam and pork plate. I am pumped to learn how to cook it all and stuff. I will share the benefits with you all after.
M, our recent convert, is now bringing many friends to the church. Its AWESOME!!! I love working with people my age! Its so much fun and so real to me. I know I will be friends with some of them for a while, so I am excited to start teaching a lot of them. Its going to be a blessing. See if I can baptize a Portuguese girls futesol team;) Haha fun stuff.
We are teaching a Romanian family and its been quite an experience. I wont forget the experiences that we have had with them. Its been a journey and a half. We are really working on getting them baptized, but got a couple things to work out with them. Some problems that I have never worked with on the mission yet. The Lord always gives us new experiences right?
Well, I love you all!
Elder Hatch

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