Monday, March 19, 2012

Week 60 March 19, 2012

Well, I cannot believe how fast time has gone by for me here in the Algarve. I hate to say that I have any favorite area, but Portimão has been the best area of my mission. I LOVE this place, I want to LIVE here haha. Its been 3 transfers already here in the Algarve and it is likely that the Lord will call my name to go to another place and do work somewhere else, but we will see, I will let you know next week. But just the way that I am feeling is telling me that my time is coming to an end here in the blessed land. There is a time for everything, and I think my is coming to the end. Haha last transfer some of the members prayed that I would stay in the area and it happened, so maybe they can do it again for me. We will see.
This week is going to be the big boom. My last stand in the Algarve, in Portugal, doing my part and my pioneer work to help this place become a stake. What do I want to do to do it? Find 15 elects, bring 7 people into the Lords presence in his church, and help two of my earthly brothers enter into the waters of baptism. So remember how we baptized a Romanian family the other week? Well, another brother came down from Lisboa for vacation and now he is marked to be baptized this Saturday. What a blessing. Brings tears to my eyes right now as I think of the love of the Lord for this family, they will be sealed one day. His name is A. and he has 24 years. He came, he felt, and now he is preparing to follow the Spirit. Its going to be awesome, he wants to fast with us two times before the baptism so we are up for it, please keep him in your prayers, he will need it.
The other investigator that we are preparing for baptism, is called F. All I got to say is F. is probably one of the most elect people that I have ever worked with. We met him on this last Thursday, and since then he has met up with us every single day and just been eating up everything we have been teaching him. He loves it so much! I have never seen someone so hungry to know more! The guy is so elect. He has 22 years, he looks Brasilian but he is Portuguese, he is an Orphan, looking his whole life for the truth, already has one of the strongest relationships with God that I have ever seen and is pretty much just so cool. The first thing that I thought when I saw and talked to him was, um.... you need to serve a mission asap, we need people like you. He tells us that our meetings with him go by way to fast (at least an hour a day), and wants to start doing work with us. The guy has a ton of faith, and wants to be part of the army of God, which is AWESOME. So tonight we are going to mark him for this Sunday, please keep him in your prayers as well. This week is going to be an amazing one, just watch.
So, pretty much, I love this place. I love these members, I love my recent converts, I love my investigators, I love Portimão. I will live this week like its the last week in Paradise, because it might be. Dad, you say this place looks beautiful, just wait til you see it with your own eyes. You feel the heat of the sun beating on your face, the smell of the ocean close by, you can hear the ocean waves beating down. They say that the skies are the bluest in the Algarve, I believe it now. This place is so awesome. I think I might try to convice my future wife into moving here for a little bit. The only problem about the Algarve is struggling a ton right now. With the crisis, the Algarve is the worst off in all of Portugal. We are dealing with a lot of problems with that right now. Lots of members who are struggling a ton right now, its really hard.
Well, I love you all, get ready to hear about the Lords hand in this work next week, cuz this week we are seeing miracles!!!
Love you all,
Elder Hatch

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